Think of the ways how can you avoid fraudsters

Think of the ways how can you avoid fraudsters

There are no 100% working ways how can you avoid fraudsters, unless you are not planning to trade and invest, then yes. 

But if you are dealing and familiar with trading, you really have to avoid scam brokers, and it is better for you to notice all possible commonly known criterias and red flags of scammers. 

Spotting forex trading scams is not an easy feat, as evidenced by the staggering number of scams and victims out there. There is a lot of information available to foreign currency traders and it is difficult to decipher what is fake and what is legit.

If your forex broker is very pushy, for example keeps calling, emailing, etc. - that's definetely a huge red flag. Double check how you can withdraw your funds from the broker. Withdrawal restrictions or excessive extra costs are suspicious. Deposit and withdraw a small amount as a test. 

You really should consider about ways how to protect yourself, and here is the detailed review about Kiplar scam , which will help you to identify some red flags. 

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