Big president, little wife!

Liu Fei nodded, walked into the room, turned on the computer, landed on Tianya Forum and other major mainstream forums, and carefully browsed all the news about himself. After reading it, Liu Fei could not help frowning more tightly.

What's the use of just apologizing! Do you know how we spent these days? Chai Xiyang raised his voice, still angry, "I can't find you, I cry every day, and I don't eat!"! I don't dare to sleep, I don't want to work, I just look for you everywhere every day! But what about you? How nice it is to be alone after leaving us. Jon, do you have a conscience? How can you be so cruel to us? As soon as he said this, Qiao Ning felt so guilty that tears fell down again. I'm sorry, it's all my fault. I'll never dare again! "Who knows if your words are true or false, or if you will take Yifan to the United States?" What I said is true, and I will not take Yifan to the United States! I swear, I do! Jonin said very firmly. Chai Xiyang still doesn't trust her. "Anyone can just say it." "What do you want me to do?" Jonning threw caution to the wind. "I'll do what you tell me to do." "All right, that's what you said!" Chai Xiyang's lips were almost imperceptible, and he was waiting for her words. Then Qiao Ning was taken directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau by Chai Xiyang. He wants her to marry him at once! In fact, they are not married yet, and Qiao Ning cheated Kong Minjuan that day. However, she did not expect Chai Xiyang to ask for marriage. Didn't we agree to wait for Chen Shuinan to wake up before getting married. Qiao Ning's hesitation was immediately killed by Chai Xiyang mercilessly! He was almost half forced to let her sign,Lamella Plate Settler, and then in this way, Qiao Ning got the certificate with him in a muddle. Holding the marriage certificate, Johnny hasn't come to his senses yet. Brother, are we really good like this? Director Chen hasn't woken up yet. Jonin said uneasily that he was afraid that God would punish them if he broke his promise. 、873. No Chapter 873 remember to invite me. "What's wrong with that?" Chai Xiyang doesn't take it seriously. "If I don't do this, how can I believe your promise?"? And if you don't get married early, aren't you afraid that Yifan will be taken away? Jonning was stunned. Yes, if they don't get married,Mechanical fine screen, if Yifan is taken away by his mother, they can't protect themselves by legal means. After all, her paternity is not simple. But when they get married, it's different. Yifan can only be raised by them, and no one can take it away. And sooner or later, don't you want to marry me? Chai Xiyang stared at her and asked gently. Yes, I have to marry him sooner or later. Who else can I marry besides him. Johnny laughed. "Well, they're all married anyway.". So be it. "What do you mean, that's it? Why do you marry me so reluctantly?" Chai Xiyang clenched her hand and asked deliberately discontentedly. Qiao Ning also intentionally nodded: "Yes.". You did not propose, no flowers and rings, so I married you, of course, Belt Filter Press ,Rotating sludge scraper, a little dissatisfied ah. "What is this little thing?" Chai Xiyang smiled, picked up her left hand, and then took out a ring and put it on her directly. Jon stared at the ring on his finger and froze! Do you like it? Chai Xiyang asked expectantly, this is his recently carefully selected proposal ring, just to wait for this moment. Jonin was a little dumbfounded. His ring is too big. It was bigger than a pigeon egg, and it felt like an upstart, but it really made her like it. Chai Xiyang saw that she liked it and took her to buy flowers. Just Qiao Ning is thinking about Yifan in the heart, must go back, Chai Xiyang has to take her home first. Jon Ning really thought that these days Yifan was crying and not eating, but when he saw the little guy, he found that he was very energetic in playing games. Seeing Qiao Ning, Yifan was really surprised. He threw away the game machine and rushed over, "Mommy, you're back from a business trip!" Go on a business travel? Qiao Ning looked at Chai Xiyang subconsciously, and the latter said confidently, "Don't you think it's good to talk to him like this?" "Very good!" Jonning nodded and smiled happily. "Thank you, Big Brother." Thank him for not telling the child the truth and not making Yifan really sad. Chai Xiyang rubbed her head in a funny way. "We're all married. Is it very strange for you to say thank you to me?" "Is Mommy and Daddy married?" Yifan suddenly asked in surprise that he knew what marriage meant, and that he had seen it several times on TV, where marriage was often played. Chai Xiyang nodded: "Yes, I'm married." "Yeah, Mommy and Daddy are married!" Yifan cheered happily, and then the next second he was confused. He stared at them unhappily. "Why didn't you invite me to the wedding?" Johnny laughed. "Baby, it's a wedding. Daddy and Mommy haven't had a wedding yet." " Yifan was immediately happy again. "When will you hold the wedding?" "I'm not sure yet. We have to think about it." Jon told the truth that they were going to have a wedding, and they really couldn't do it right away. Yifan nodded and solemnly told her, "Well, remember to invite me when the time comes." Johnny couldn't help laughing any more. "Well, I'll invite you!" Chai Xiyang also felt funny, they held a wedding, still need to invite him? He has to attend! And ask him to be a flower girl. Qiao Ning also thought of this, let his son do the flower girl, that picture must be very happy. 、874. No Chapter 874 Lin Xiner is pregnant! Qiao Ning found out and married Chai Xiyang, and soon everyone knew about it. Kong Minjuan knew that she had been cheated by Qiao Ning, but there was no way. Qiao Ning already did not want to recognize her this mother, Chai Xiyang guards against her strictly, even if she really wants to secretly take away Yifan is also impossible. In fact, there is no way to take it away. If you take it away, it is illegal. Although Kong Minjuan is unscrupulous for the sake of interests, she is not confused and knows what to do and what not to do. But she is not discouraged, anyway, Jonin's father's things, the future is definitely to let Jonin to inherit. Qiao Ning's things can only be inherited by Yifan. Yifan when the time comes to inherit two family property,lamella tube, is not more happy? What she can do now is to please Yifan, as long as the child has feelings for her, she will not have what she wants in the future.

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