Imagine the eternal night

Liu Fei nodded, walked into the room, turned on the computer, landed on Tianya Forum and other major mainstream forums, and carefully browsed all the news about himself. After reading it, Liu Fei could not help frowning more tightly.

"Simple, there are a total of three BOSS, Qingxue there to solve one, the wind here is responsible for one, the slayer Xiang Xiang you are also responsible for one, all use the main force group, others are blocking the entrance, do not give the myth guild a chance!" To everyone's surprise, the speaker turned out to be Yuelang thin shadow! Others also just, purgatory mercenary regiment of everyone is also very surprised, in front of this person in the end is what person ah? Look at the heads of the presidents who are ready to act according to the instructions of Yuelang Shuying, Polav is a little silly. BOBO, what are you thinking? Let's go! We have the least people here, and the task is heavy! Qingxue looked back, slightly frowning her slender eyebrows and urging everyone at a loss. Qingxue, that man is.. "Let's talk about it later. We'll finish the task first, and I'll explain it to you later." With a gentle sigh, Qingxue shook her head slightly and said. Oh, right! By the words of Qingxue, everyone's confused thoughts instantly returned to normal, indeed, now the big thing is not as good as the completion of the group to join the Zandara camp task, everything has to be put back! Really speaking, today's Stranglethorn Valley operation is very good and meticulous, plus enough preparatory work has been done in advance, so although there seems to be some problems on the way,fine bubble diffuser, but we are still confident about the completion of the task. However, there is such a saying in the world, although it has always been man-made, but more is to rely on God's help, and now, the current situation, it is completely beyond the expectations of both Qingxue and others. The players of the three guilds of Sin, Holy Land and Wind Limit form an arc of half a large angle, and collectively stare at the shameless bastard in front of them with fierce eyes! And the shameless betrayers! Not to mention that the shameless bastard is still there triumphantly, swaggering and shaking endlessly: "How is it?"? Qingxue! It's better for all of us,multi disc screw press, isn't it? Our Myth Guild is the largest guild in Youmei City, and so many of your guilds are not short of our guild! Besides, we also killed a BOSS, didn't we? Shit! I've seen a shameless one, but I've never seen such a shameless one! Unexpectedly, dare to be so shameless! Everyone, including the slayer of the head of evil, the head of the Holy Land, the head of the Wind Limit, and the leader of the Purgatory Mercenary Regiment, Lord Polaf, were almost angry to death! Just now, after we successfully killed two BOSS in the ruins of Sharibaman, at the critical moment of attacking the last BOSS, those players who had the right to kill actually broke away from the original guild and joined the mythological guild that came at the last moment. As a result, the killing power of the last BOSS in the ruins of Sharibaman fell into the hands of the Myth Guild, which made everyone dumbfounded on the spot and caught all the leaders by surprise. At this time, the myth of the son of heaven actually ran over, wall penstocks ,filter nozzle, shamelessly proposed to form an alliance with them, so as to complete the task, which made all the people almost mad. Shit! Never seen a thief in the theft of things do not run, even dare to run to discuss with the master, which makes everyone can not help but tremble with anger, but there is no other way. "Qingxue, you are the player who received this task, you should know that this task must get all the BOSS right to kill, and now even if you kill those players also can not play the task, how about our alliance?"? It's good for everyone! Myth of the son of heaven said proud, so he did not find standing behind the wind and clouds of the moon Lang thin shadow eyes suddenly burst out of the cold light, slightly down the eyelashes, hide the eyes of the killing, it seems that his hands really seem to have a lot of problems ah! Unlike everyone's anger, Qingxue calmed down in an instant after the initial anger, gently lowered her eyelashes, pondered silently, considered the solution to the current situation, glanced back around everyone, and saw that although everyone was angry, she still tried to restrain her look, and her ruddy lips gently raised a touch of radian without a smile. Beautiful eyes showing a trace of cold anger, staring at the eyes of the triumphant myth of the son of heaven, gently said: "The myth of the son of heaven, you are interested in this task, or is this semi-hidden camp?" "Qingxue, you are really smart, how about it?"? Our alliance is the best way, isn't it? Mythological Son of Heaven doesn't care about the anger in the depths of Qingxue's eyes. After all, he robbed Qingxue of their task reward. It's normal for people to be angry, isn't it? However, in this case, Qingxue even if they are angry again, they must form an alliance with themselves, otherwise, their task will be completely wasted! It has to be said that although the mythological emperor is arrogant, brain-damaged and shameless, what he sees is very clear. Qingxue looked back at everyone again. Her beautiful eyes closed gently. When she opened them again, she looked at the mythological emperor coldly and said, "mythological emperor, are you going to form an alliance with us?" "Yes!" Myth son of heaven listen to Qingxue said so, can not help but shine at the moment, after all, he does not have this task at hand, speaking of, he is really afraid of Qingxue will ignore the task, because if they rely on themselves he is simply can not find trigger Zandara camp to join the task, but now, look, Qingxue is ready to form an alliance with himself! However, the mythological emperor guessed one thing wrong. An alliance? Yes, but only for this mission, how about that? Mythological Son of Heaven! The voice of Qingxue's words is low, and the words are infected with endless anger. OK Qingxue's words were unexpected, but he still agreed, because in his opinion, it was just the anger of the little girl, it doesn't matter,rotary vacuum disc filters, his goal has been achieved, after all, it is enough to officially join the hidden camp of Zandara.

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