Assassin's wrath

Hu Xiaoli mentioned the eyes of the prince's wife, everyone's envy of Yueran, leisurely in the eyes, women in this era do not have any job opportunities, marriage is the only career.

"Don't go back with rheumatism this time." She muttered, looked around, and found that there was a full set of tables and chairs behind the place where Wanyan was standing, and there was a lantern that had been extinguished on it. It was obvious that she was not just standing and blowing, so she went to take out the candle in the lantern and lit it. She repeatedly confirmed the air quality at the entrance of the passage before she went in trembling. It was no better than winter swimming, which was purely cold and damp for a hundred years, and within two steps to the lake, it was a miracle of engineering that it was not flooded, and she completely ignored the moss around the passage. When she went to the secret room and looked around, she was startled. A room full of gold and silver! Full of TM rust! How many uneducated gods are hiding money here? Not only do I have no life to spend, but my descendants seem to have no life to spend! Only the light of the fire shone on that piece, and if she hadn't been well-informed, she would have thought it was all corroded bricks! At the beginning, Yin Xianxian's little black room plan had no chance to be carried out, but Zuo Yin used advanced technology to dig it out according to the agreement, just because she knew they wouldn't get any information, so she didn't ask what was in it at all. Now it seems that it's definitely a big discovery! But this time, as soon as she put down the message, she would dig here again after a thousand years, and the gold in the room would be less valuable than a piece of beeswax paper. Time is not much, according to the original idea, she put the message in an inconspicuous corner and went out. Sometimes the first person to enter the archaeological excavation site is not necessarily an archaeologist, but also some migrant workers or technicians, if placed in a conspicuous place, the exposure may be too great. Out of the chamber of secrets, she carefully looked around before going out, confirmed that there was no movement, then went out to re-press the bluestone slab, and carefully scattered the weeds and wet soil that had just been dug to one side, camouflaged that nothing could be seen, and then clapped her hands to confirm that it was done. Before jumping into the lake,metal racking systems, she took another look at Wanyan. Seeing that he had not calmed down, his face turned purple because of his constant stuffy cough, she was startled. She quickly pulled out the cloth in his mouth. Seeing that he was staring at himself and coughing crazily, she couldn't say anything. She couldn't help laughing and touching his hot face: "Bye-bye, Lang Jun." You! Cough! Cough! Stop! Somebody! His hands and feet were tied, and he craned his head as if he wanted to bite him. With an easy flash of his hand, the crane scratched his chin like a dog, walked to the lake to stretch his body in his angry roar, jumped into the lake without saying a word, and swam far away with a kick. As for the hubbub of voices behind her, it's none of her business. I don't know what happened to my little friend, but she was very happy in the lake. And one of the little friends she was missing, Zuo Yan, was carefully laying a straw mat in front of Huayou Hall and sitting quietly on it. A piece of white paper was pasted on a wooden board standing beside her. On the white paper, there were eight big blood-red characters: "Unscrupulous flower protection, heavy duty metal racking ,radio shuttle racking, return my old face!" Whether she could read or not, passers-by would stop by to look at her face and be startled. She was unusually calm, with a pig's face that her mother could not recognize. Chapter 121 the so-called three nothingness. A lively day. Zuo Yan's shock to Linan citizens on this day is enormous. Throughout the ages, there have been many cases of obstinate people making trouble, and there have been countless cases of medical trouble. The higher point is to directly beat the drum and cry out for injustice. But whenever such a thing happens to a young woman who is alone, looks decent, or even educated, and may once be a beautiful woman, it is often unusual. Don't you see that Dou E was wronged by the snow in June, Wang Baochuan rode a white horse, Qin Xianglian went to Beijing to look for her husband, and Hua Mulan joined the army on behalf of her father, all of which attracted so many audiences because of the interpretation of the story of single women. The analogy of feeling and influence is probably like watching Bosom Friends in the 1980s and 1990s and brushing the horizon of the new generation. The audience not only uses tragic stories to comfort themselves, but also hopes for the future because of the happy ending after the tragedy. Zuo Yan read history books, up and down five thousand years so many study history so many papers, regardless of the official history, unofficial history, fart big point of the story has been fished out by scholars over and over again inside and outside a study, the so-called history as a mirror, no one is more deeply touched than them. She knows what the audience wants to see here and now, how she should behave to satisfy the audience, and use them to help her achieve her goal. Under the surface of a simple "medical disturbance", she almost integrates the latest research results of human psychology and history in the 21st century, without any irrational elements. From the very beginning, neither humble nor pushy, to the clear explanation of how she ruled out a variety of possibilities to confirm that the skin cream of Hua Youtang had rotted her face, and then solemnly said that she had taken the skin cream to test out the ancient toxic formula in an old hospital in her hometown, and choked with tears that she had tried to treat it in vain. Finally, he said with righteous words that he wanted a statement if he didn't want compensation. Why do you borrow the name of Baicaotang, but there is no doctor of Baicaotang sitting here, only these boys to entertain, they can understand half of the medical theory, those cosmeceuticals, said to sell? Also, everyone knows that medicine is poisonous, if there is no prescription can not sell medicine at will, but you still dare to sell plaster with the name of cosmeceutical here, who gives the right? The skin of people in the world is different, and it is constantly changing with age. Why do you dare to sell the cosmeceuticals made by a prescription to everyone? If you do this, aren't you using a prescription to cure all kinds of diseases, but you have a little bit of medical ethics? ZuoYan top with a pig face, but not weak, but the more brave, step by step, is clearly with the pig Bajie interpretation of the canopy momentum, she threw out the three questions, see the steward of the flower you hall wipe sweat to the back of a wink, a boy turned to run in, immediately loudly drink a way: "I swear here today that as long as Hua Youtang gives me a satisfactory answer, I will leave immediately and never be entangled!"! As for compensation and other things,push back racking system, I don't want anything, if there is a violation, I will be struck by thunder! A terrible death! Never heal! 。

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