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The Yellow Emperor also divided the territory into nine prefectures, with eight families as one well, three wells as one neighbor, three neighbors as one friend, three friends as one Li, five Li as one city, ten cities as the capital, ten cities as a division, and ten divisions as the pref

No wonder Zhan Mian thought of this. She had really encountered a few troubles along the way. She almost subconsciously thought about the conspiracy. The Flying Eagle Sect had been staring at He Daxia. How could they easily let go of the opportunity to make trouble when He Daxia left the college? This is the only way for them to go to Luyang, and the Flying Eagle Sect will place some people here waiting for them. It's just that Erhua probably didn't expect them to appear in such a way. Hualou is a good place to collect news. He Zhizhan has outstanding temperament, and the disciples of the college are obviously different from the people around him. Once they appear, they will be discussed, and the news will naturally spread to Nuanxiang Pavilion. It was a pity that Erhua, disguised as a little girl, went back and forth between Yongning Village and Nuanxiang Pavilion, but was spoiled by the warm-hearted Aunt Li, who was speechless in her heart. It was He Zhizhan who was the most unhappy now. It was rare to see him angry, but he pulled out the full moon sword to the two flowers. The tip of the sword pierced three points under the skin, and the blood dripped down the blade. He was angry between his eyes. "Last time you followed me, you killed the little beggar. This time, you want to move my students again?!" Erhua raised her head and suddenly laughed, regardless of the fact that her throat was still held by a sword, "Ha ha ha, I didn't expect to be discovered, He Zhizhan, you once slaughtered me all over the door, but do you remember?!" Everyone was startled. With a sudden look of hatred in her eyes,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, Erhua gave a sarcastic smile: "Daxia He destroyed the Tianxuan Sect with the strength of one man, which was praised by the people in the martial arts world. But do you know that among the people you killed were my parents and my sisters?!" The crowd frowned. Tianxuan Sect is the Demon Sect that invaded Dasong many years ago. The people in this religion do all kinds of evil, stirring up the big pine into a miasma, the people are in dire Straits, and there is no humanity at all. Even if Daxia He killed them, it was a matter of course. Tianxuanjiao violated Dasong first, with the meaning of Erhua, shouldn't they even resist? Zhan Mian stared at her and said,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, "I can understand your bereavement, but your parents are not good people, and what you said should not be a reason for you to harm others." "High-sounding!" Erhua gave a sniff. He Zhizhan closed his sword and stood with his hands on his back. "You haven't hurt my students for the time being. I won't take your life. But if I see you next time, I won't show mercy." "Ha ha ha ha, ridiculous!" Erhua took out a dagger to open her mother's bondage and jumped up to the second floor with her. "He Zhizhan," she said frantically, "if you let me go this time, you will regret it!" Sun Zhao did not know why: "Teacher He, why did you let her go?"? She is a member of the Demon Sect. She is so insolent at such a young age. Won't it be a great scourge in a few years? "Don't ask," Lu Xi whispered. Everyone can see that Daxia He doesn't look well at the moment. He Zhizhan is famous for his compassion, which can be seen from his help to the little beggar. Now that he knows that he has personally turned a girl into an orphan, how can there be no waves in his heart. Even though her parents were members of the Demon Sect and harmed countless people, the little girl was born innocent, brushed stainless steel sheet ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, perhaps she did not want to be born in the Demon Sect, perhaps for her, nothing else was important, the important thing was to lose her parents. There was a silence. The'mother 'and the'procuress' of the Warm Fragrance Pavilion ran away. The remaining girls looked at each other and didn't know what to do. Wang Cheng took the opportunity to say, "You girls have no place to go from now on. It's better to go to the county magistrate's office. I won't treat you badly!" “……” What time is it? The man is still thinking about the girl. Zhan Mian blocked Wang Cheng's view and said with a straight face, "If you want a girl to go home with you, you can marry her. It doesn't matter if she is a wife or a concubine. As long as she is willing, no one can control you.". But if you make a'harem 'again like before, don't blame us for not being able to keep our mouths shut. Tell the Lord of Luyang that you, a small county magistrate, have used Yuefengquan to buy a girl. Is this official position still stable? As soon as Wang Cheng heard that his official position was in danger, he immediately withdrew his eyes and said, "My aunt is absolutely right. I dare not do it any more." Returning to Yongning Village, Aunt Li and Ah Gang looked around at the entrance of the village. They thought about the wording and told them the cause and effect. Of course, they concealed the fact that Erhua was a member of the Demon Sect. They only said that she was from other places and had opened a flower house, not that she had been captured. Aunt Li didn't believe it at all at first, thinking that they had mistaken her for someone else. It wasn't until Zhan Mian described Erhua's appearance that Aunt Li was surprised and said, "Really?!" A Gang is also muddled apparently: "Two flowers younger sister, give county Lord unexpectedly..." The latter words are hard to say. After all, the villagers who cared about Erhua accepted the fact. Although some absurd, the reaction of a Gang or packed food to the disciples, but also secretly to Li Jing'e stuffed rou Jia Mo, was found by Wen Mingfu, is a joke. Aunt Li also brought her own good things and said, "I didn't expect it to be a mistake. Please." They came out of Yongning village, went to the county town, rented two carriages and continued to Luyang. On the carriage, He Zhizhan opened his mouth: "Erhua is still young, so Zhou Lan sent her to carry out the task. I don't know how many people of her age are controlled by the Flying Eagle Sect." Li Jing'e said, "Duan Lin, the leader of the Flying Eagle Sect, is a ruthless man. I'm afraid he can order a three-year-old child to do it." Hearing the word'Duan Lin ', Fang Cizhou raised his eyebrows slightly and leaned against the corner, with a smile of unknown meaning at the corners of his mouth. Wen Mingfu looked at him silently, but said nothing after all. "When we get to Luyang," said He Zhizhan, "we'll go to the temple first." When the words fell, he rubbed his temples and looked a little tired. At the beginning, there were thousands of people in the Tianxuan Sect. Without the help of the people of the right path, He Zhizhan could not destroy them. The flesh/body was not a God coming down to earth. How could he destroy the whole sect with his own strength? Such a rumor does not come from the mouth of a righteous person. On the one hand, the Flying Eagle Sect publicized how powerful He Zhizhan was, and on the other hand, it found the descendants left behind by the followers of the Tianxuan Sect and aroused their hatred, so that they all stood on the opposite side of the right path. The immature children were also taught by them to be demons who did not distinguish between right and wrong. From then on,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, they were willing to kill and set fire to the Flying Eagle Sect. He Zhizhan looked at the steep mountain path outside the window, the endless horizon, and sighed in his heart. It's time for Dasong's youth to stand up and make a difference. sxthsteel.com

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