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As we walked in silence, he slowed his pace to catch my beat. I had so many questions I wanted to ask, but most of them had to wait, because those were the questions I wanted to ask Alice: How is Jasper this morning?

At this time, Picasso to Carthas, Celeste to the ruble, the two sides have been fighting for a long time. Celeste's double cultivation of magic and martial arts, both martial arts and magic are above the ruble, so a tough warrior was stunned by Celeste's attack from far and near. He hit Celeste with a sword, but it was defused by Celeste's Stone Skin. Celeste could not perform such a terrible advanced magic as "Dissociation" in the dogfight, but it did not take much time to assist the small magic. Ruble was caught in her delay by accident, and his speed slowed down. When Celeste thrust the tip of her wand into his chest like lightning and then pulled it out to besiege Karthas, he fell on his back and blood flowed from his chest. As expected, both brother and sister hid their real talents and learning. Neither of them was under Karthas. Now, with a close attack and a spell, the fate of Karthas was doomed. "Retardation", "Curse", "Weakness", a magic halo fell on his head. When he was hit by several curse-like spells. A "petrification" completely fixed him there, and Picasso's sword passed through his throat at that moment. Karthas fell to the ground and blood shot out of his throat. The terrible thing is that the expression on his face has nothing to do with this scene, so it is very strange. He kept the look he had when he was petrified, his eyes wide open,Pi tape measure, his eyes sharp, his lips slightly open, and he seemed to be shouting out his sword. He was petrified, but in the moment when the petrifaction was fully effective, he was killed by a deadly sword. It is estimated that the time limit for the lifting of the petrifaction is up. He went straight into a rigid state. Jed learned some methods of controlling and using divine power from the goddess Daji, but he did not have much practical experience. It's not easy to find a sparring partner like Jacques, so he didn't do his best. Only with Jacques to deal with, experience the use of strength and skills gradually skilled,horse weight tape, and gradually have the experience. Members of Boiling Literature Play by Hand Jacques's chest wound was not serious, but because of the fierce fight with Jed, the wound began to expand and blood flowed more and more. He retreated hurriedly and cast a "divine blessing" to heal his wounds. Only then did he find time to look aside. Just in time to see Karthas fall from his sword. When Jacques saw that Ruble and Carthas were lying on the ground, he knew that the situation was over. Suddenly, he gave up the battle and ran to the forest on one side, which was extremely fast. Jed smiled faintly and took a step forward. It was like stepping on a transparent ladder in the air, and his whole body stagnated in the air for a moment, and then his right foot stepped heavily on the ground. The ground at Jed's feet immediately fluctuated like water lines, and a khaki shock wave shook away. Jacques jumped more than twenty feet away in one step, and just as his toes touched the ground, he suddenly fell forward with an "oops" sound. The ground was flat, but there was a deviation in his feeling. The naked eye clearly saw that his toes had fallen to the ground, and his body was instinctively ready to fall to the ground and touch his feet. Unexpectedly, Fiberglass tape measure ,Diameter tape measure, his feet were still in the air. Thanks to his quick reaction, the feet of others were also twisted. Jed's skill was exactly the same as that of Abraham, the Cardinal Archbishop of the Duchy of Norman, who forbade the Dark Mage Astimos Dina to use the "Great Law of Speech", but he did not prepare to praise and pray first like Abraham, and Jacques was shocked. Picasso had just finished the battle, and as soon as he saw this good opportunity to beat the underdog, he was not willing to let it go. He immediately jumped like a flying arrow, flying like an arrow from the bow, and the sword in his hand stabbed Jacques in the back without saying a word. Mean Jacques was furious, and this act of backstabbing was completely contrary to the demeanor of a knight. Now he lost his footing and fell down, but the other side suddenly attacked, not even a warning drink, how can people be so shameless? He would not have thought so if he had seen Celeste helping her brother against Carthas, who was only as strong as one of them. The brothers and sisters had no sense of being knights at all, and there was no chivalry to speak of. Their so-called demeanor had always been put on display to facilitate their lack of grace. "Storm whirl, chop!" Jacques clasped his palms together, turned around, and his powerful fighting spirit congealed into a three-foot sword, slanting over. "Oh, oh, oh." Picasso let out a series of exclamations, made a mistake at his feet, slid two feet to the left, then kicked on the ground, and the whole person flew back like a big bird. Jacques lost his sword and took the opportunity to glance at the situation behind him. As soon as his eyes flashed, he saw the position of the three men. Jed never came after him, standing in the distance with his hands on his back. Picasso hastened to retreat, his posture was fast and urgent, Celeste was rushing over with the law, Picasso's foothold was just in front of Celeste, this was an excellent opportunity, he did not want to think, and immediately retreated. But as soon as he turned around and took only one step, his eyes widened in astonishment. The blade, more than a foot long, came through his chest. The tip of the sword pointed slightly upward. The blade was bright and cold. The quality of the sword was excellent. Blood beads did not coagulate on the sword, but slipped gently like drops of water in oil. Jacques stared, unable to imagine where the sword came from and how it could be so fast. He saw the position of the three men very clearly. It was impossible to launch an attack. It should never be so fast. If it's a sword-throwing murder.. That's against the basic rules of a knight. Of course, this scoundrel with impeccable manners doesn't deserve to be called a knight at all, but at least. If you throw the sword, the tip of the sword is not in the right position. Jacques was so suspicious that he tried to turn around and see the man who had killed him, but the sword jerked back, and the blood shot out of his chest and back. He had just taken half a breath when the blood spurted out of his mouth and nose,Adhesive fish ruler, and all his strength seemed to be taken away at once. To his death, he could not see clearly, in the end. Who killed him. tapemeasure.net

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