The Strongest Team in the End of the World

As we walked in silence, he slowed his pace to catch my beat. I had so many questions I wanted to ask, but most of them had to wait, because those were the questions I wanted to ask Alice: How is Jasper this morning?

These brown boobies are no more than two orders high, and as long as he is deliberately restrained, they can not feel his pressure at all. Ye Li reached out and took out a palm-sized video terminal with a very dim screen from the belt on his left leg. The camera of the terminal was on the plane. He and Feihuo had experimented with such a flashing display screen. After the light it emitted was distorted by the gravitational field, it made people feel that there was a dim light group in the distance at most. Their goal this time was to catch as many water brown boobies as possible, so when he caught each brown boobie, he had to do his best not to disturb the other birds. Therefore, he needs precise positioning, and with perception and exploration alone, he can not accurately identify the target from those dense flocks of birds. So, even if the light emitted by the screen of the handheld video terminal may cause some abnormalities, he still has to take the risk. There was a flutter of wings in the air, and a flock of about twenty brown boobies entered his exploratory range, and in his perception, at least two second-order brown boobies were among them. Night Li stood in the harsh sunlight, but it was absolutely dark in front of him. The faint light on the monitor lit up. He glanced quickly and quickly recognized two of the brown boobies he had identified on the plane. Each brown booby is different, or the shape of its feathers, or a slight difference in color, and with his mental strength, he can easily distinguish them. Turning off the display, he slowly approached the target. The flock of brown boobies stood on the rock, preening their feathers comfortably with their long, pointed, conical beaks. They walked to their nest and fed the fish in their mouths to the young boobies in the nest, completely unaware of the sudden disappearance of two companions. As the brown boobies continue to land in the sky, Ye Li has found two water crystal nuclei in the seven previously identified second orders. The harvest is actually very good,cattle weight tape, but there are still some shortcomings for the next action of the Jiangnan team. Ye Li turned his attention to the surface of the sea. There must be more at the bottom of the sea. Unfortunately, perhaps they were diving too deep, and the biological detector did not show it. If we continue to wait here, of course, there will be gains, but the people in the undersea transport ship may not be able to wait any longer. The longer the time, the greater the chance that they will get the crystal nucleus of water attribute, but the greater the probability that the transport ship will have variables, since it is a probability event, there will always be a balance point. Ye Li did not intend to wait any longer. He showed his figure in the same place and waved to the top. Soon, Chinook descended, and in the startled birds flying all over the sky, fish measuring tape ,tape measure clip, Ye Li suddenly bent his knees and jumped into the cabin about ten meters above the ground with a spin of his body in midair. Previously, in order to save time, they got the positioning data of the transport ship directly from Tongfangbo. Ye Li had already input the data into Jiangnan Team's own navigator. On the screen, the shining point of light stopped at the bottom of a sea called Xialuo Bay. It is nearly 100 kilometers away from here, and it is almost out of the signal range of the navigator. The Jiangnan team did not delay and rushed to Xialuo Bay immediately. There are only two water crystal nuclei, which allow two people in the Jiangnan team to temporarily have the second order water system power. Night Li's ability is less affected by water, but not Dongdong can deal with emergencies, plus the fourth order of Nangong Jade, if it is on land, the target is only a fourth order creature, such a line-ups is luxurious enough. But for the first time in the sea battle of the Jiangnan team, everyone's heart is a little perturbed. Along the way, according to Ye Li's request, Fei Dongdong remade a batch of weapons suitable for underwater use, all of which were made of materials as close as possible to sea water, thus making them easier to control. Octopuses have unusually sensitive senses, of which vision is the most sensitive. They move very fast in the sea. The common weakness of octopuses is the cartilage between their eyes. However, no one can be sure about this mutant octopus. ××× At the bottom of Xialuo Bay, there is a large rock landform. The giant octopus, about five stories high, is rolling up a huge stone with one tentacle and smashing hard at the transport ship stuck in the crevice of the seabed. There are not many people in the transport ship who can still keep awake. Most of them have been injured or unconscious in the previous violent shaking and overturning. Only a few young people can still keep awake and calm. However, at this point, even the most optimistic and calm people are beginning to despair. The strong hull allowed them to survive the strangulation of the giant octopus, and even once escaped the entanglement of the tentacle for a moment. Unfortunately, a moment later, the hull was hit hard by a tentacle of the giant octopus and stuck in the crevice of the stone. Every time the tentacled boulder fell, the ceiling fell down a few minutes, and even if the ship was made of fine steel, it was impossible to hold on indefinitely. The only people still awake were a woman and three men, including a long-haired woman in a blue dress and a young man with light brown skin, who were still trying to get the ship back to power and find the starting switch for the backup power supply. If we can't find a manual switch for the backup power supply, they won't be able to support the lack of air for long before the ship breaks. The other two men stared at the huge ugly monster outside the porthole, slumped down on the seat near the window, and closed their eyes in despair. "Changfeng, come quickly," the young man with light brown skin suddenly shouted in surprise, "I found it, but the door is stuck. Come and help me." A man sitting on the chair opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling that had begun to drip. He said feebly, "Night Feather, don't be busy. It's too late." Ye Yu picked up a steel chair and shoved one leg of the chair into the handle of the deformed metal door. While trying to pry it, he snapped angrily: "Changfeng,Walking tape measure, I only know that we are not dead yet, bastard. Hurry up and help. Don't be worse than a woman." Under the bridge that the long-haired woman was opening, a deformed iron plate was lifted from the circuit board of the console to repair the broken wires.

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