The villain Demon always wants to strangle me by hanging stars.

Shi Xiaotian said, "Brother Guo and I have been looking outside the house for a long time, but we haven't found any movement. We were about to venture inside when we saw an old woman with more than a dozen young women.

"That's a good idea!" Lord Demon Zun leaned forward for a moment, and then almost untraceable, he said, "I need two of them..". Make a formation eye together Other pairs of scrap metal, if you want it, you can take it, if you don't, you can throw it away. Cloud smile nature is to want, Lou Zhiyue pick can be a top more than a hundred of the best wind stone. There is no wind intrusion in the hole. The first thing Yunxiao did when he left the underground river was to put away the wind stone that Lou Zhiyue disliked, so as not to be really lost by him. Lord Demon Zun bent the wind stone the size of a quail egg in his hand and let it stir up the wind whirling in the palm of his hand to struggle in vain, but the phoenix eyes faded on the girl with big almond eyes and a smile. When she looked over, he looked away again. Elder Martial Brother, I still want to collect the elixir. You.. "Yun smiled and hesitated to speak.". Just get the benefits, although Lou Zhiyue does not want, but she is not good to understand that he is all right to go, so as not to delay their own herbs. What's the matter The phoenix's eyes were lifted lazily, and she said clearly, "For the sake of you helping me find the wind stone, I should answer you about the matter of collecting herbs." "Thank you, Elder Martial Brother." Cloud smile subconsciously answer, then feel that there seems to be something wrong, she begged him? Yunxiao just wants to say don't bother. Lou Zhiyue did not know where to pick a wild grass: "Do you want this one?" To be natural is necessary, the cloud smiled and looked at the spirit grass. This must be two hundred years, converted into Lingshi is.. I'm rich anyway ! Herb picking duo officially formed. Had it not been for Gu Shijing's message with notes, Yunxiao would have been reluctant to leave. Looking at the small claws stretched out in front of him, Lord Demon looked at her with a smile and put the storage bag containing Lingcao in her palm. The cloud smiled happily, and when he saw that there was nearly twice as much Lingcao in the storage bag as he had picked,Chinese spa manufacturer, he immediately felt hot. Elder Martial Brother.. "Yun smiled and hesitated to speak." The spirit grass is all yours. Since you feel guilty, you might as well give me a gift. Lord Demon Zun flicked his fingers on the forehead of the little swindler and turned around calmly. Yunxiao got a blow on his forehead. It didn't hurt, but it was itchy. She could not help rubbing, not knowing that the young man walking in front of her looked down and smiled, light and gentle. At this time, it was almost dusk, and the cliff was bright and warm in the afterglow of the sun. From that bright warmth, Gu Jingshi saw the two swords coming out, bypassing the tacit understanding of Gangfeng and the control of Lingjian, which was simply amazing. This is.. "Gu Jingshi looked at the masked monk beside Yunxiao.". When I went there, I was alone, but when I came back, there were only two people, China spa factory ,american hot tub, and the extra one was the same as my own mid-stage cultivation, but it gave people an invisible sense of oppression. Xiong Xiangfeng felt that it was really an eye-opener. Hong Ying's complexion is a little ugly, not without jealousy looking at the male Xiu beside Yunxiao: the momentum of inversion is quite like that, but hide the head and tail, must have a very long face. Yun smiled and said, "This is my Elder Martial Brother. His surname is Lou." After a brief meeting, Lou Zhiyue did not like to meet strangers, so she only narrated her surname. Gu Jingfeng and Xiong Xiangfeng had already decided that the two brothers and sisters were not ordinary people. They had many friends and many roads. They said together, "So they are friends of the corridor. Nice to meet you." Lou Zhiyue nodded, "Nice to meet you." Cloud smiles a few people to greet, Hong Ying's cold face silence is very inopportune. Gu Jingfeng frowned. Hong Ying was better at communication than she was with Big Brother Xiong. It was not too much to say that she was good at dancing with long sleeves. Now she had got into a dead end? She could see that he had some thoughts about Yunxiao. But even if the Elder Martial Brother has covered his face, his posture and bearing are far from ordinary people. Maybe he is an elite disciple of Dazongmen. What good is it to offend him? "Brother Hong Ying, haven't you recovered from the danger of cutting the wind swallow just now?" Xiong Xiangfeng sent the road to relieve the siege. As soon as Hong Ying was called back to her senses by him, she pretended to smile heartily: "How could it be!"! Friends of the corridor, right? If you refuse to show your true face, it won't be.. If necessary I can get Zhuyan Dan, but the price.. "Hong Dao's hand is long and friendly. It's not your turn to gossip about my brother." The cloud smiled coldly. Hong Ying stood in the way. His original intention was to provoke the man surnamed Lou. Unexpectedly, the first one who was angry was Yunxiao, who seemed to have a very good temper. Lou Zhiyue shook the small swindler's hand, appeasing, but the heart is very happy, she is defending him. But while she was reacting to something else, he let go again. Feng looked at Hong Ying indifferently and said, "Maybe it's you who should use it." The voice fell, and the slender man took off his mask. Hemorrhage The man who took off the mask was handsome with his eyes full of frost, and even a hundred Hong Ying could not compare with him. Gu Jingshi gasped, Xiong Xiangfeng could not help but froze, Hong Ying's face was pale and embarrassed. Among them, Xiong Xiangfengxiu is the highest, and he has traveled all over the world with the deepest experience. But he asked himself that he had been to the north and south of the Yangtze River, and that he had seen many handsome and romantic people, but none of them could compare with the people in front of him in appearance and bearing. Under the influence of the brothers of Tianxuanzong, the aesthetic appreciation of Yunxiao has long been different. But she was also a little surprised at the moment. Lou Zhiyue's appearance should throw out one hundred and eighty streets of Hong Ying. But with his temperament, it seems that people like Hong Ying who speak evil words should teach him why flowers are so red. Take off the mask to compare beauty and so on, which is totally not in line with the public persona! Just.. Inexplicably showing some childish. 。 This time, she took over the task of capturing the clipper swallow funded by Yunxiao, which is an overview of Gu Jingshi, and Hong Ying is also the helper she found. In this way, Gu Jingshi naturally wants to speak out at this awkward moment. Of course, Hong Ying seems to be the only one who is embarrassed. Gu Jingshi first took the place of him to apologize to Yunxiao and Lou Zhiyue, and let Hong Ying make amends for herself. Hong Ying is naturally unwilling. However, whether it is the matchless appearance of the monk surnamed Lou, or the strength of the people who built the foundation in the middle period, or the sword repair,Whirlpool bathtub, he had to and dared not lower his head. Yun Xiao looked at the spirit animal bag handed over by Gu Jingshi. Of the thirteen clipper swallows, only the two largest were slightly injured, which was better than she had expected.

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