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The copy gate is still busy, although the proportion of dark camp players is small, but the dark main city is also small, so each main city of the dark camp players are also many, although the level 15 copy has not kept up with the needs of mainstream players, but before the new advanced c

Tan Yizhen scolded with hostility on his face: "Let me see which one is in charge.." Just as he was about to turn around, the man kicked him on the waist. He kicked him without mercy and broke his lumbar vertebra. Tan Yizhen fell half a meter, and Jiang Min was so tired that he fell to the ground. It's a gray-haired boy with a knife in his eyes. Tan's friend, Ge Cheng, recognized the grey-haired boy and called out in disbelief, "Gu Ziwu, are you ***ing sick?!" Gu Wu only took him out of the corner of his eye, apparently ignoring him at all. He stepped forward to pick up Jiang Min, stuffed him into the crowd, moved his fingers a little, and asked Tan Yizhen, who was kicked down by him and never got up again: "Which finger did you break?" Tan Yizhen's eyes were full of poison, apparently trying to bite Gu Wu to death. He angrily waved his friend's hand trying to help him. He wanted to get up several times, but failed several times. Gu Wu looked down at him, without any provocative action or emphasis, but repeated patiently and calmly: "Which finger did you break?!" "What are you going to do, Gu Ziwu?" Said Ge Cheng warily in front of Tan Yizhen. Gu Wu repeatedly could not hear the answer, and then Ge Cheng kept buzzing like a fly, and suddenly he had an attack. He kicked Ge Cheng away,7g Ozone Generator, grabbed the mechanical keyboard beside him and smashed it on Tan's head. With a "click", the keyboard worth tens of thousands of yuan was neatly folded into two parts, and immediately tiny blood beads flowed down Tan's forehead. Gu Wu did not stop. He threw the keyboard in disgust, reached out and grabbed Tan's neck collar, and knocked his head on the steps-just under Tan, Jiang Min was a chicken, and now under Gu Wu,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, Tan was also a chicken. All the violence was in a flash of lightning, and no one could react. Fortunately, when his head was only two inches away from the steps, Tan Yizhen suddenly had the instinct to survive and struggled violently, giving his friends time to recover and punch Gu Wu. Zhang Zhanggang helped Jiang Min sit down. As soon as he looked back, he saw the situation of three against one. He cursed a dirty word and did not hesitate to return to join the battle. A minute later, a fat boy who did not know where to come out waved a baseball bat and joined the battle. In the end, before the police arrived, Gu Wu blocked the mouth of the owner of the e-sports hall with seventy thousand yuan on the spot, and then dragged Tan Yizhen and his party out and continued to fight in the empty alley at the corner of Qingtang Street until all three of the enemy could not stand up, and their own side was also hung up. Before leaving, Gu Wu gave Tan Yizhen a cruel sentence in the same format: "In the future, where I am, ceramic bobbin element ,Ceramic Bobbin, you consciously avoid it. The balance on my card is enough for me to call you twelve times.". Four people walked aimlessly on the street in the middle of the night, and no one took the initiative to speak for a long time. The current combination is so strange that no one knows what to say. After a while, the fat boy, Jiang Min's deskmate "Scaphium scaphigerum", who could only squeak and not fight, broke the silence. "Boat-fruited Sterculia": "Er, although should send a schoolgirl to go home by the boy by right, but before I arrived home. Gu Wu, Zhang Zhang, Jiang Min: ".." "Scaphium scaphigerum" looked at Jiang Min with a teasing look and praised him sincerely: "Jiang Min, I think you are very brave. You are brave to get through some bad things alone and face the fool alone. Force to be brave Live alone and be brave.. I dropped my baseball bat and you were brave when you picked it up and knocked people around. 。” When Jiang Min heard this, his eyes turned red and he suddenly lowered his head, but the corners of his mouth rose slightly. Scaphium scaphigerum "reached out and patted her on the elbow for comfort." "Scaphium scaphigerum" has always wanted to be a hero to save the world, but the more he grew up, the more he found that he did not add to the world, it is not his turn to save. Then on the first day of class in the second year of high school, Lao Du arranged Jiang Min, the man of the hour, to be his deskmate. Of course he knows Jiang Min. No one in Yigao doesn't know Jiang Min. He thought it would be good to be a hero for Jiang Min alone. But Jiang Min is better than him in everything. His grades are the first in the whole grade and the top ten in the running girls' group. His way of being a hero can only be to constantly show weakness. In front of Jiang Min, he plays the role of "coward" and lets her know the "absolute power" of bullshit. Most people are silver-like wax gun heads that are strong outside but weak inside. "Scaphium scaphigerum" stopped at the gate of an unremarkable community, switched back to the improper mode, and said: "If I can also be admitted to B University, I really want to chase you, but I can't pass the exam, this matter can only be yellow." The pursuit and abandonment of "boat-fruited Sterculia" was too hasty. Jiang Min wanted to laugh a little. She coughed uncomfortably and said, "Then you should also work hard. Don't go to class.." Gu Wu suddenly drove people away with a black face: "Hey, go home quickly." Confused "boat-fruited Sterculia" and confused Jiang Min: ".." Chapter 15 "Scaphium scaphigerum" spent most of his time waving his baseball stick, and the enemy could not get close to him, so he was hardly injured, but his elbow was scratched by a little oil. Gu Wu and Zhang Zhang's injuries are more serious. Gu Wu had a long slanting cut on his chin and bled a lot. Zhang Zhang blocked a stick for Gu Wu. The back of his head was swollen with a big bump. There were countless other bruises and bruises. There is a small clinic less than 30 meters away from the "boat-fruited Sterculia" residential area. It is not open 24 hours a day, but it happens that someone's intravenous drip has not been finished, so it has not been closed. At Zhang Zhang's insistence, the three men did simple disinfection and dressing in the small clinic, and then continued to come out to press the road. Zhang Zhang was once again forgiven by Gu Wu's compromise. He was a little moved and a little guilty. He was willing to accompany Gu Wu to press the road all night until he disappeared. Jiang Min is emotional agitation, agitation in Gu Wu, Zhang Zhang, "boat-fruited Sterculia", but also agitation in Tan Yizhen originally just so so, he in the hands of others, also can only be cleaned up, just like her, like a dog. Gu Wu is only willing to admit that he is just cooperating with Zhang Zhang and Jiang Min. Zhang Zhang is a friend who can only chat to comfort,Kamado bbq grill, Jiang Min is a girl who has accidentally killed people, whose grades are better than Gu Ziwu's, and who has given him milk tea and hot dogs for free. global-ceramics.com

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