Red Earth, black blood

The copy gate is still busy, although the proportion of dark camp players is small, but the dark main city is also small, so each main city of the dark camp players are also many, although the level 15 copy has not kept up with the needs of mainstream players, but before the new advanced c

After the first group of planes, the planes behind them flew so low that they could almost see the enemy sitting in the plane. The enemy grinned grimly in the sky, and then dropped a black bomb like an egg. The blast of the bomb filled the whole valley. Some of the baggage that had not been hidden in time was blown to pieces. Several Red Army soldiers, hiding behind stones, fired in vain at enemy planes. The enemy plane unhurriedly made a circle, then turned around and fired and bombed at them for the second time. Yu Ying was dragged by the man to a cave, which was very small, just enough for two people to sit and lie. As soon as Yu Ying got into the cave, he was panting, and so was the man. Yu Ying wanted to say something like thank you, but she didn't want to look up and recognize the man in front of her. She had dealt with this man a few days ago and did not want to meet him here. Yu Ying was afraid, and she knew that he had brought her here without any good intentions. She wanted to shout, but the man seemed to see what she was thinking. He smiled at her lewdly and said, "It's no use shouting. Who cares about you at this time?". Only then did Yu Ying realize that hiding here at this time was even more terrible than walking under the plane. The whole valley was in chaos, with gunfire and explosions, and people running in disorder, dodging bombs. The man said, "If you go any further, you will die. Let's run for our lives before we reach the Xiangjiang River.". Yu Ying did not speak, nor did she want to speak. She began to regret her carelessness a few days ago. It was a moonlit night,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, and the trench troops were staying in a small village called Laojuntang. All the people in the village fled, leaving an empty village. There is a pond in front of the village, and the water in the pond is very cool. The team stayed here after dinner. Yu Ying was in a good mood that night. She went to a patch of grass beside the pond to urinate alone. Then she saw the clear pond water, and she thought it was time to wash herself. She had been away from home for almost two months, and she had never washed herself seriously. Yu Ying looked around and saw no one, then untied the cloth wrapped around his head and plunged his head into the water. Although the water was a little cold, she still felt so comfortable. After washing her hair,ceramic welding tape, she washed her face again. She wanted to wait until her hair was a little dry before wrapping it in a cloth handkerchief. She had taken a place for herself in a cowshed and was going to have a good sleep tonight. The more the team went forward, the better her mood was. She knew that she was getting closer and closer to Wang Tie. If she went on like this, one day she would catch up with the army. If she caught up with the army, she would not worry about finding Wang Tie. When she thought of Wang Tie, her heart was filled with endless thirst and impulse, and her cheeks could not help but have a fever. She suddenly appeared in front of Wang Tie and pulled off the cloth handkerchief on his head. How surprised would Wang Tie be. When she thought of this, her heart was filled with joy and sweetness. The moonlight shone brightly on her shadow in the pond. She could have tied up her long hair and went back to her good position in the cowshed to have a good sleep. When she saw herself in the water, she couldn't bear it. She saw Yu Ying in the water. Her eyes were big and bright. Although she was darker and thinner than before, she still had the charm of a handsome girl. She was looking at herself in a trance when suddenly she was startled by a man. The man crouched behind her, I do not know how long, and finally could not help saying: "Hey, so you are a woman.". This sound is no small matter, along the way Yu Ying is afraid of others to see through her dress, it will bring her a lot of inconvenience. She was busy wrapping her head with a cloth handkerchief and trying to get out of here. The man grabbed her hand and said, Ceramic Band Heater ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, "Why are you pretending to be a man?"? When Yu Ying saw that the man in front of him was over 40 years old and had yellow teeth in his mouth, he said: Uncle, please, don't tell anyone I'm a woman. That man smiles: "How can, if I say you are a woman, that still does not mess up.". Yu Ying smiled gratefully at the man and tried to walk away. Unexpectedly, the man held her hand even harder. Afraid, Yu Ying called out, "Uncle, please, let me go.". I had no choice but to disguise myself as a man. I wanted to find my husband. The man leaned closer, looked at Yu Ying seriously, and exclaimed, "Hey, I recognize you. You are Yu Ying, a woman cadre, or a model of expanding the Red Army.". Yu Ying thought, in this case, it is better to simply show their identity, then said: "I am Yu Ying, you let go.". The man smiled again: "Because a lot of people know you, you to expand red, still let a man touch your tit, let me also touch.". The man's hand reached out to her. Yu Ying raised his other hand angrily and slapped him in the face. The man was stunned and released his grip on her hand. Yu Ying took the opportunity to run away. The next day, when the team set out, she saw the man again, who was also carrying a burden and following her. The man accosted her from time to time, saying that there was a 60-year-old woman in his family. He didn't want to come out to be a porter for the Red Army, but almost all the men in the village came, so he couldn't come. After walking for a few days, he regretted it and wanted to run away, but he couldn't find his way home twice. He was afraid of starving to death alone, so he came back. He said he was almost at the front of the line at first, and now he's almost at the back. Yu Ying listened to him without saying a word. Later, he said that he had known Yu Ying for a long time. Yu Ying had been to their village, where he had mobilized two young people to join the army, one of whom was Liu Erwa. He said that when Liu Erwa reached out to touch Yu Ying's breasts, he saw it. At that time, he wished he could sign up for the army and touch her breasts. Later, he did not sign up. Yu Ying listened to the man's words and was so angry that she didn't know what to say for a moment. Every night when she was resting, the man never left her side, took the opportunity to touch her and chattered. Yu Ying felt sick and frightened. She was so frightened that she didn't dare to sleep all night, and sometimes she had to hide in several places all night. But he always found her. The fatigue of the day made Yu Ying lie on the ground and fall asleep quickly. He took the opportunity to touch her and pinch her. Yu Ying hates to kill this man. One day, he said to her,Alumina Ceramic C795, "If we go on like this, we will die sooner or later. As long as you follow me, we will escape together. It doesn't matter if we can't go home. We will find a place where there are people and we will live together.".

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