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The copy gate is still busy, although the proportion of dark camp players is small, but the dark main city is also small, so each main city of the dark camp players are also many, although the level 15 copy has not kept up with the needs of mainstream players, but before the new advanced c

yuan Zhi once said that Zhang Jin after unlocking the potential lock and before unlocking it were two people at all, and the gap before and after was the difference between children and adults. Now he finally understands what yuan Zhi means. Even if it's just a willow step against the wind, Zhang Jin perfectly combines this footwork with the potential lock. The potential lock and the exchange skills can only be combined into one to give full play to the strongest martial arts skills. Are you going to keep hiding? Are you looking down on me? Nice was so angry that Zhang Jin gave a "hum" to avoid Nice's head-on blow. His hands gently pulled Nice's hairy right arm. Nice screamed that his right arm had dislocated. Zhang Jin did the same, and in the blink of an eye, Nice's four limbs hung down and lay on the ground as soft as a pile of mud. As if nothing had happened, Zhang Jin looked up and said to the Lord God, "Lord God, repair the sofa for me." In the blink of an eye, the sofa in the space of the main God returned to its original state, and he was half lying down again, drinking wine, as if there had been no competition with Nice before. While the main God was treating the patient, Meng Xiang went over and asked carefully, "Brother Zhang, what's the name of that handsome move just now?" "The hand is divided into tendons and bones.". It's not easy to hold the joints properly in actual combat, but the big bear just exchanged this skill, did not understand the close combat skills at all, and did not unlock the potential lock, so I was easily subdued. Zhang Jin's words let Meng Xiang admire very much, I do not know what purpose Zhang Jin holds, but his words always have a mystery, intentionally or unintentionally, reveal the secret of becoming stronger. After his injury was cured, he was quite depressed. He sat aside and drank with a sad face, as if he were in a child's temper. Obviously, Zhang Jin's words hit him hard. The perfect combination of potential locks and skills, continuous cultivation of skills and domination of skills can truly exert the power of exchange skills. In addition to Meng Xiang's understanding, he is more determined to enter the plot world. Chapter 048 the road of cultivation (1). [] Updated: 20119318:21:00 Words in this Chapter: 5792 For the next three days, Meng Xiang hid in his room to practice crazily. The key point, of course,10g Ozone Generator, was to unlock the potential lock at will and to practice strength and speed when the potential lock was opened. Potential lock level 1, the body muscles are fully coordinated, the nerve response is keen, and the skill of attack and defense is instinctive, but if you want to improve, you must dominate the potential lock. If we want to achieve the perfect combination of potential locks and skills, or even create our own skills, it is the most fundamental premise to dominate the potential locks. After three days of penance, Meng Xiang took a short rest and decided to enter the plot world of Youyou White Book. He specifically looked at his physical strengthening attributes: strength 150, physique 150, agility 150, mental strength 110, nerve response 130, a full 40 points more than before he entered The Ring. Meng Xiang remembers his attributes so that he can compare them after practicing in the plot world. To enter the plot world, you must exchange the necessary items, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,ceramic bobbin heater core, such as gold. But the space bag is monitored by Ding Jie, the robot cat pocket worth 20000 points is too expensive for individuals to afford, Meng Xiang specially checked the relevant props, and found that one of the props called "Na Jie" is worth exchanging. Ring, that is, storage ring, high-tech products, can open the secondary space to store items, the volume of up to 1 cubic meter, the exchange needs 5000 points. Meng Xiang was salivating for the ring, but he couldn't afford 5000 points. He had no choice but to exchange it for a backpack, and spent 200 points on gold, small bore pistols, 30 bullets and two sets of clothes. Lord God, enter Youyou White Book. Time: 30 days. Place: Panyashiki Middle School. Meng Xiang immediately lost consciousness, as if he had entered the world of reincarnation. When he regained consciousness, he found himself standing on a humble street with few pedestrians. He looked around curiously, only to see a school standing not far away, with the words "Panyashiki Middle School" written on the gate. "Youyou White Book" tells the story of a delinquent boy, Pu Fan Youzhu, who died in order to save a child who suffered a traffic accident, but his rescue action was completely unexpected in the spirit world. After the test, the spirit world revived him and awakened his spiritual power. Then Pu Fan Youzhu became a detective in the spirit world, together with his classmate Kuwabara and Zhen, as well as two other monsters, demons, foxes, horses and thieves. And Manyashiki Middle School is the school where Youzhu and Kuwabara are studying. Meng Xiang knows the plot of this famous comic book like the palm of his hand, but the comic book does not reveal the address of Huan Hai's seclusion, only that the temple is in the remote mountains where people are extinct, several hours'drive from the nearest town. In order to find out the address of Huan Hai, he must find Uraiya Yousuke or Kuwabara Kazuma. Finally, when school was over, Meng Xiang planned to wait in front of the school gate. Suddenly, a name attracted him. "Yingzi, let's go to eat sushi together later. Yesterday, I found that the sushi in the new sushi shop in the adjacent street was very delicious." Meng Xiang looked around and saw a boy and a girl walking out of the school gate among the students after school. The girl, with short hair and a round face, had the purity of the little sister next door. Meng Xiang recognized that this was the heroine Xuecun Yingzi, who was also the key protected object when the last unknown team entered the comic book to carry out its mission. That man is indomitable, Yingzi said impatiently: "I have said many times, I do not go, I want to go home to do homework." Meng Xiang strode over and stood in front of them. He said politely, "Hello, are you Yingzi?"? Youzhu often mentions you, and you are really pure and lovely. Yingzi blushed, and the shy girl looked even more lovely. The man said ferociously, "Are you talking about Urai Yousuke?"? He hasn't been to school for more than two weeks. Maybe he died of something else. "Pow!" Yingzi gave the man a slap in the face with her backhand. "Youzhu is not dead,alumina c799," she shouted. "He's just going to practice. I forbid you to curse Youzhu." The man was slapped in the face and couldn't react for a while. He vented his anger on Meng Xiang. He cursed fiercely: "Who are you? Do you come to our school to look for trouble?"? "Aren't you afraid of my boss, Kazujin Kuwabara, the number one bad student at Manyashiki High School?" 。

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