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But to this day, a full five days, Bai Su still did not come out of here, the dark sky, the endless river. Originally, the information introduced how big the spirit world was, but Bai Su could not imagine it, but now Bai Su feels it.

But to this day, a full five days, Bai Su still did not come out of here, the dark sky, the endless river. Originally, the information introduced how big the spirit world was, but Bai Su could not imagine it, but now Bai Su feels it. If on the earth, five days can be enough for Bai Su to circle the earth thousands of times.. Bai Su picked up a stone and threw it toward the peaceful river. Just listen to the sound of'sniff ', the stone the size of a ping-pong ball was dissolved in an instant when it touched the river. After these days of walking by the river, Bai Su also figured out that he was afraid of bad luck and had been transported to a forbidden place in the spirit world. Just look at the river where even stones can erode and dissolve in an instant. It would be strange if there were people downstream. After a few days of groping, Bai Su showed that this was not the only dangerous thing in the river. Once when Bai Su flew to the river again, at the moment when Bai Su did not react, a huge white bone arm suddenly grabbed Bai Su's leg. And the white bone arm strength is huge, the white element which flies in the void was caught at once a big section. Had it not been for the timely reaction that summoned a wind to break the white bone arm, perhaps Bai Su would have gone to the river to bathe.. Bai Su couldn't help shivering at the thought of being caught bathing in the river. The dark weather in the past few days has made Bai Su feel very bad, and the gloomy atmosphere of this place always makes people feel uncomfortable. Even Bai Su, who has stayed here for five days, feels cold all over.. "Bang.." Just as Bai Su was moving forward in boredom,tile profile factory, a faint voice came from a very distant place. Bai Su heard the voice, the spirit of a steep shock, the movement suddenly listened down, hurriedly pricked up his ears, listening attentively and carefully. After a while, there was no more sound coming. Disappointed, Bai Su stretched out her fingers and pulled out her ears. She frowned and said to herself, "Is it possible that I have auditory hallucinations here?" "Bang.." Just as Bai Su wondered if he was hearing voices,stainless steel tile edging, a distant voice came over again. This time the sound seemed to be closer to Bai Su, listening to the sound, it seemed to be the sound of the collision of weapons. Is someone really here? Hearing this voice, a trace of joy suddenly appeared on Bai Su's face. Having wasted five days in this forbidden place, Bai Su was already a little anxious.. At this time, I heard the sound of weapon collision. Suddenly, I got excited. The body left the ground along the foot, toward the place where the sound came, flying and jumping in space, quickly approaching the past. At the same time, the spiritual consciousness in the sea of knowledge is also centered on Bai Su, which covers the whole world. Younger Martial Sister, you'd better hand over the golden propolis you have collected. Elder Martial Sister doesn't want to kill you here.. "a charming voice came into Bai Su's ears, aluminium tile trim profiles ,metal trim manufacturers, and two beautiful images, one black and one green, moving and fighting in the air, also came into Bai Su's mind through spiritual consciousness." This is obviously collected by me. Why should I give it to you? If I can't hand it over when Shifu wants it, I still can't live today.. As long as I delay it until the master comes. When the time comes, you will die. The woman in green looked slightly aggrieved, but her left hand tightened a porcelain bottle in her hand, and the rapier in the other hand waved, blocking the sword of the woman in black. .。 Volume IV Cave Heaven Coming Chapter 183 Way Out Updated: 2012-02-24 5:26:22 Words in this Chapter: 8009 Chapter 183 way out. After a few days, I finally saw someone. Bai Su's heart was hot, and his mood suddenly became clear as if he had seen the sun and the moon through the dark clouds. Under the full strength flight, but in a short time they came to the sky above the two men. Watching the two beauties, one black and one green, fight each other happily. Especially the girl in black, that is a deadly move, the tip of the sword toward the vital point stab ah! And the little green girl, who looked seventeen or eighteen years old, could only resist the blow of the girl in black. Every time she blocked the sword of the girl in black, she would be beaten back several steps. In Bai Su's eyes, the fight between the two girls, although dangerous, is very aesthetic.. "Elder Martial Sister, I have passed the news that I have found the golden propolis to Shifu. It is useless for you to snatch it now.." the girl in green said with hard support. If I kill you, the golden propolis is mine. If I give the golden propolis to Shifu, will Shifu care who dies? The girl in black sneered, and the sword in her hand attacked more and more quickly. Bai Su stopped over the two of them, eavesdropping for a little while, and finally figured out what was going on. To put it simply, this pair of beauties are disciples of an old ghost named'Wan Gui Lao Zu ', whose name is very evil. Listening to the name'Wan Gui Lao Zu ', I knew that this old ghost was not a good thing. I knew that there were golden bees in the forbidden area of the Fei River. I knew it was dangerous. I didn't want to come, so I beat my two stupid and cheap disciples to look for it here. You should know that although this forbidden place is not a big challenge for Bai Su's cultivation, it is just that he can't find a way out after getting lost. In the past few days, I met some small ghosts and beasts, spirit beasts and so on in the realm of Jiedan and Shentong. If I poked my finger, I would be killed.. But for these two chicks, At most, it's the strength of Jiedanjing. It's quite dangerous to come here.. Not to mention anything else, take the golden bee that gave birth to this golden propolis for example, it is not these two chicks who can afford it. Also do not know the strength of these two girls, in this forbidden place is how to mix to the present, a green girl more do not know is to take what shit luck actually found this thing. In the spirit world, when the spirit body wants to ascend from the realm of supernatural power to the realm of Lord, it is different from the mortal world. If they want to reach the realm of Lord,stainless steel edging strip, they must go through a layer of thunder plunder. Through this thunder plunder, the pure Yin spirit body is separated from the form of this spirit body. After passing the test of thunder plunder, they become ghosts and immortals. jecatrims.com

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