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Seeing that the gray shadow was about to disappear in the vast sea of people, Qingtian cried with a "wow". She is a girl who cries easily. She will cry when she sees stray cats and dogs covered with scars. She will take them to the pet hospital for examination and treatment.

But that night they went to the village to eat snacks, such as holding the burning pine firewood, the sedan chair set off again. I sit in the pocket Sedan chair in front, to a ridge, looking back and sedan chair separated by hundreds of steps, suddenly see the left side of the mountain lanterns and torches bright. Shaking also has a bridal sedan chair to carry, I do not know which village that family, two bridal sedan chairs crossed at the crossroads, I What if the two families carry the wrong thing. When I got married, I even teased Yufeng, saying that I was worried at that time. Yufeng said, There is no one who can make a mistake. Life is really so confusing that it makes people confused, but it is so precise and reliable that it is difficult to make a mistake. The bridal sedan chair arrived at Dieshi Village at daybreak, and Hu Village was just around the corner along the stream. The frost wind and the dawn moon felt cold. And supreme Tian Fan, put the blunderbuss, eight gongs sounded, a fine music lead, the sedan chair slowly into the village. And into the big stage door, put a hundred The firecrackers were like rain, and the bridal sedan chair rested in front of the hall, and everyone went to take a rest. About half an hour later, it was auspicious. At that time, dragon and phoenix candles were burned in the hall, and drums were played under the porch. The red sister of my uncle's family came forward to lift the curtain of the sedan chair and asked the bride to come out. Sedan chair, supported by Laodan, she and I both worshipped heaven and earth in front of the hall,asrs warehouse, and after that, Sister Hong taught me to hold the bride, and I followed. Have never done such a thing, just have no choice of mind a horizontal, slightly phase, immediately bent over to pick her up. Fortunately, the sisters gathered around and carried her up the stairs to the bridal chamber, for the bride was very well dressed. It's not easy to hug. All this is so strange to me. When sitting on the bed, the old man took off the crown of flowers for the bride and asked me to take it off. As soon as I saw that the bride's veil was wearing a half-worn blue cloth dress,industrial racking systems, and her face was not painted, I was startled. Do not like, and even this is not like a completely new feeling, are very unfamiliar with their own. Westerners often get To see God, but the earth-shaking thing in Chinese civilization is to see the plain face of human beings. Because I had not slept all night, I hurt my eyes. Then I went to rest on my mother's bed next door alone and heard the stairs. Up and down the voices of people, the hall in front of the corridor under the guests bubbling, and the next room in the bridal chamber are sisters to accompany the bride, but. Yeah, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with me. I am not excited or moved at all. I do not think about anything. I am not unhappy. It is not hard to say whether it is cool or what kind of feeling is good. Drums were playing again downstairs. I got up and went to the bridal chamber. At this time, the accompanying sisters all went downstairs to take care of something. Only Laodan was left to help the bride dress up, because he was about to go down to the front of the hall to worship Jiatang Bodhisattva. People see is the bride, I Look, it's just her. She's sitting at the dressing table next to the bed by the window. She's still wearing only red cotton trousers. There's a bowl on the table. There was also a bowl of noodles. She had only eaten a few chopsticks. She moved her chopsticks closer to me and said, "You eat a little bit of hunger." This is her Speak to me for the first time. Yufeng is one year older than me, and the names of husband and wife are more clearly borne by women than by men. I also think they are really husband and wife. But I didn't say anything, I just ate the bowl of noodles. The bride and groom are only Gu Xingli, especially the bride, shuttle rack system ,warehouse storage racks, does not eat at the formal banquet. In the evening, after all the guests went downstairs, Laodan sent the bride's wedding fruit to the front of the hall and went into the bridal chamber to lay it out. The quilt pillow and the red scarf bag that the bride carries in her arms when she gets on the bridal sedan chair are lychees and Hehe cakes, which are specially for the bridegroom. Yes, it is called the fruit in the bosom, put together a few dishes, put up two pairs of chopsticks and two wine cups, this is the wine. Here we go. The old woman was very young, and she herself was only one month old when she was newly married. She was very pretty, and her face and figure looked like Li Xianglan. Can sweet words, what words to her mouth are turned into auspicious, all the guests love to embrace her, at this time she went into the bridal chamber. Wine, however, is very quiet and pure. She set it up, poured out the wine, called out to her son-in-law, and said something auspicious. He turned around and dragged the door and went out. There were only two people left in the room. I didn't know what to do, so I had to raise my cup and say please. Both of them took a sip. Pour It was Yufeng who spoke first. She said, "This thing really makes people feel resentful. Uncle Mi Jiashan asked for a dowry." That makes no sense. Father has suffered enough for my daughter. I was taken aback. Daughters always believe in their fathers. Look at her, she is so righteous, and now she wants to show off to Ruisheng. She wants to calculate muddleheaded, bridal flower. Candle night for the first time, is it appropriate to say this? But at this time or only like me do not know how to speak, if open. Apart from saying such silly and ridiculous words, what else is more appropriate? Is it to say I love you? And I also Just Duanran answered, saying that my family was not arguing about the dowry, and that Uncle Kezhen's words were somewhat sissy and self-made. Clever. When Yufeng heard this, she stopped talking about it. She just wanted to say something to Ruisheng one day. When Yufeng saw that I had eaten a few lychees, she put some more lychees in her bag on the plate and poured me another one. Wine, only in these small actions, she trusted me as a relative, and I was grateful. But both of them Eat very little, with wine, is such a hasty cup plate, not a name. I think she undressed and went to sleep first. I went to sleep at the other end, and they both fell asleep at once. Heaven and earth were Pure Brightness, and there was not even a dream. [Wind, Flowers, Birds] The thoughts and deeds of my youth are all ridiculous and abominable. I'm not satisfied with Yufeng because she hasn't been to school. At that time, it was the atmosphere of the May 4th Movement. Female students wore white shirts and black dresses, which were completely new, and Yufeng could not compare with them. She's not Able to look at and flatter, like a young lady or a pretty servant girl in an old opera, she is not good at embroidery, nor can she sing. When I was a child Tuan Tou Tuan Nao, so she likes women with pointed faces. The jade phoenix is born like a Tang Dynasty woman in the murals of Stew Huang. Whenever I am angry, she will only be stunned, do not know how to say good words, I hate, several times said harsh words hurt her heart. The pillow embroidered by the jade phoenix was not good for me at first, but in fact, the flowers and leaves were tender. And I asked her to sing, and she couldn't. One has already been sung: "Little cabbages, tender and amiable. When my husband goes out to Shanghai, he brings in ten yuan of tin." I thought it was tacky, but. But this kind of folk song really has the clarity of the local alleys,heavy duty cantilever racks, and the world of the Republic of China is outside the countryside. The relatives at the dock are still so reliable. After my marriage, I taught in Hu Village Primary School, and I only got 35 yuan for half a year. Yufeng won my mother's heart.

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