King of the Star Dome

 The figure came from the rear camp of the beast barbarian army and floated into the void of Dixinzhou

 The figure came from the rear camp of the beast barbarian army and floated into the void of Dixinzhou, the defense line. Looking at yuanyuan standing on the Qinglong dragon head opposite, suddenly "ha ha" looked up and burst into laughter: "I'm not so bold, so it's you!"! It's really a sunny road. If you don't go, there's no way to hell. You just ran into it and destroyed tens of thousands of my soldiers. Zero-long-text-learning-net w-w-.-0-9-w-X-w-.-C-o-m. Novel 520 (xs520 (du)) (du) plus the old accounts of the past, today we calculate together! The bearer was a young barbarian dressed in an armor robe forged by black dragon scales, tall, thin and domineering. A pair of eyes, like eagles and owls, stared at the opposite yuanyuan, showing excitement and cruelty, as if they had met the beast of the enemy. Prince Kogan? yuan yuan's eyes narrowed. He was really very familiar with this barbarian. He said coldly, "It turns out that you are in charge of the right route army of the beast barbarian army. This is really a narrow road for enemies.". Hum. It seems that the last two teachings are not enough for you to have a long memory. This time, if you fall into my hands again, I will not let you go and ask for ransom. Last year, yuan yuan was in the First Noble College of Imperial Capital. He showed great success and defeated Prince Gaogen who went to the Academy to challenge him. Then Prince Gaogen set up a plot to send his beast soul warriors to intercept him halfway in an attempt to kill him in one fell swoop. Instead, he was beaten out of the tight encirclement by yuan yuan and killed all his beast soul warriors. Then yuan yuan went to the guesthouse, captured him personally, and humiliated him severely. Prince Rui, who accompanied him, recognized the identity of Gao Gen, severely knocked the beast empire, asked for a large ransom,Prison toilet for sale, and then released him who had been tortured to death. This experience undoubtedly left a serious psychological shadow on Prince Gaogen, who had been on a roll since childhood and no one dared to disobey him at all, thus raising his arrogant temperament, which made him furious at the thought of it. Crazy desire, the source of the disaster would like to cut to pieces, eat meat and sleep skin. Now, after hearing yuan yuan's sarcasm, the muscles on Prince Gaogen's cheeks were filled with anger, but his eyes showed a strange light of excitement. "I've been looking forward to it for a long time since I learned that your Excellency,Time Delay Tap, as the governor of the Platinum Legion, has come to invade our beast empire," he said sullenly. Therefore, I specially ask my father to serve as the leader of the right route army and wait for you to come. How about it? Is it hard to be blocked here by me? Today, I personally led the star division to raid my army camp. It seems that I can't endure it. I want to take the risk. Haha boy, whether you take risks or not, since you met me, the end waiting for you can only be one! yuan yuan's heart is like this: No wonder his platinum legion has been frustrated repeatedly. This fellow is the leader of his feelings, and he deliberately plans to make trouble for himself. He sincerely wants to drag himself to death here! Taking a deep breath and stabilizing his mind, yuan yuan sneered, "Do you still want to defeat me?"? I think you didn't wake up! Your army was I come and go, killed a routed army, in front of this line of defense, is the last line of defense? My army as long as the breakthrough, will thoroughly chisel through your camp, when the army behind me a pressure, Stainless Steel Shower Tray ,Time Delay Faucet, you two hundred thousand troops can not escape the Bureau of destruction. Immediately disaster does not spin heel, death is coming, unexpectedly still have the mind here boastful, you beast barbarian two hundred thousand troops stand on you such an idiot collar, also go to mildew. "Boy, you don't have to talk!"! Hum, yes, this line of defense is indeed the last line of defense of my army, but it is also your burial! First, I might as well show you the real strength of my beast barbarian army. With only twenty thousand people in front of you, you can break through? After hearing yuan yuan's abuse, Prince Gaogen was not angry but happy. Xs520 www. X Arm down. High root prince behind the beast pretty army camp, suddenly a powerful, majestic, boundless power fluctuations into the sky, and then like a flood spread out, tall and short, a total of more than one hundred dressed in animal skin robes, strong and powerful beast soul warrior, suddenly appeared behind him, at the source of a dry person glower, the hundred beast soul warrior, without exception, It's all high level. (Lingjiu Literature Network and dozens of high-level beast soul warriors, who had been suspended over the defense line and were ready for battle, also flew up and stood among them. In front of the camp of more than a hundred high-ranking beast soul warriors, and behind Prince Takane, there stood four old beast soul warriors with wrinkled faces and snow-white beards. (Xs520 (du)) (du) The four old beast soul warriors, dressed in spotless white silk robes, looked noble and arrogant, looking at yuan yuan and the hundred stars behind him. His eyes showed an undisguised and condescending indifference and contempt, as if the nobles of the Empire were looking at a group of pigs and dogs. yuan yuan's face sank. But he was enraged by the looks of the four old beast soul warriors, whom he had never met before, and who dared to look at him like that. Standing behind him are four high-ranking old star kings. Suddenly his face changed and he lost his voice and screamed, "It's the Sacrifice of the Beast Soul Temple!" Under the extreme fear, the intonation is distorted and distorted. yuan yuan was also taken aback when he heard this. After he served as the governor of the Platinum Legion, he knew that he was going to deal with the Beast Empire, so he worked hard on the national conditions and customs of the Beast Empire. The beast barbarian empire and the Han Feng empire are generally the same, and it is not the beast barbarian emperor who has the supreme position in the country. But the Great Sacrifice of the Beast Soul Temple! In addition to the Great Sacrifice, which is equivalent to that of the Lord of the Temple of Stars, the Hall of Beasts and Souls also has twelve Sacrifices, collectively known as the Twelve Sacrifices. In terms of status, status, power, and even personal strength, the Twelve Sacrifices are comparable to the Lord of the Nine Branches of the Temple of Stars in Hailao Mountain. Therefore, as soon as he saw the sudden appearance of four beast souls in the beast barbarian camp, the four hearts were just small and the old star gentleman, together with the source, would be so surprised. After all, the existence of the four equal dry alum fire "temple Lord",Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, appear together, plus behind there are more than a hundred strength is not weaker than the star king in the high beast soul warrior, this battle is clearly not in front of them just a hundred star king can contend.


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