Pickup 1997

Xie Yufen and Xu Wensi were stunned at the same time. The next second, Ruan Dongyang suddenly turned around and pushed

Xie Yufen and Xu Wensi were stunned at the same time. The next second, Ruan Dongyang suddenly turned around and pushed Yu Tang's door open, shouting, "Yu Tang!" Xie Yufen was startled by Ruan Dongyang's behavior. Congcong also looked at Ruan Dongyang with wide black eyes. Xiao Pang also wanted to know the whereabouts of Yu Tang, and his eyes followed Ruan Dongyang. Yu Tang! Ruan Dongyang entered the room and immediately opened Yu Tang's wardrobe, because Yu Tang liked to hide when things happened, so he thought Yu Tang must be hiding from him. Dongyang! Xu Wensi stepped forward and stopped Ruan Dongyang, saying, "Yu Tang is not at home." Ruan Dongyang stopped moving. She's really not at home. Xu Wensi said sincerely. Ruan Dongyang slowly turned to look at Xu Wensi, and Ruan Dongyang's impulsive mood ebbed. Xu Wensi lowered her head slightly, rolled her eyes and said, "She bought Congcong's clothes and sent them today." "Where did it come from?" Ruan Dongyang asked. Xu Wensi replied, "I don't know." Ruan Dongyang did not ask again, because he could not answer even if he asked Xu Wensi and Xie Yufen. He smoothed it for a while, then looked at Xu Wensi and said, "The clothes are very nice, and Congcong is very cute to wear." Xu Wensi did not speak. Ruan Dongyang sincerely apologized to Xie Yufen, who should not have opened the door and wardrobe of Yu Tang impulsively just now, and then closed the wardrobe and door of Yu Tang gently, and then left Yu Tang's house. Although there was a trace of loss in his heart,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, there was a trace of hope at the same time. Since Yu Tang bought clothes for Congcong, it showed that she was still as homesick as before. So soon will come back, Ruan Dongyang thought so, thoughts stopped on the word "homesick", she is so homesick, so long not to come back, must be homesick? The girl who only knows how to cry and she won't talk back when others scold her,Self-closing Shower Valve, how is it outside? Is there anyone bullying her? She is so cute that she doesn't have the heart to bully her, does she? Ruan Dongyang went out of the twenty-third building and looked up at the blue sky. His eyes were red again. After a moment, he blinked his eyes twice and returned to normal. When he got home, he sat down at his desk, spread out his books, and began to write and draw again. Then he turned on the computer at home and wrote something that others could not understand. When he started school again, he used the money he earned during the summer vacation to buy a computer and put it in his dormitory. In addition to attending his own professional classes, he also took it to his roommate's classes, or other big classes. When he returned to his dormitory, he posted some data on the Internet that even the computer department could not understand. In addition, Xiaopang often used Ruan Dongyang's computer to watch TV series, saying that he was a journalism department and needed to know more about current affairs. Soon it was National Day, and Ruan Dongyang thought that Yu Tang would come back. During the seven-day holiday, he went to Yu Tang's home once in the morning, push button toilet flush valve ,stainless steel squatting pan, noon and evening, for fear of missing Yu Tang. However, Yu Tang not only did not go back to the family courtyard of the cigarette factory during the National Day holiday, but also did not come back for the New Year. The snow in 2002 was so thick that it was knee-deep. At this time, Congcong would stagger and fall down from time to time. You can get up by yourself. Congcong, don't walk on the snow, be careful not to fall! As Xu Wensi spoke, Congcong still ran to the snow and fell into the snowdrift with a "snap", only to see two short legs kicking around and shouting: "Brother, help me, brother." Small fat laughs heartily: "Let you drill into snow, deserve!" Xu Wensi hurriedly took Congcong out of the thick snow, then patted the snow on Congcong Xiaopang's face and body, and went with Xiaopang to find Ruan Dongyang. Ruan Dongyang went abroad for two weeks and just came back. He brought gifts to Xu Wensi and Xiaopang. He brought a remote control plane to Congcong. At that moment, Congcong played in Ruan Dongyang's room. Xu Wensi looked at Ruan's desk. There was also a gift box, which should be for Yu Tang. Xu did not see it. How was your stay outside? Xiao Pang asked. Busy. Ruan Dongyang said with a smile. Ruan Dongyang was always childish before. No matter how the years changed, he always went his own way. Since Yu Tang left, Ruan Dongyang grew up like a motor, dozens of times ahead of others. Although his smile was still so handsome, he always felt that in Ruan Dong Yang's skull, his heart was filled with "things". This kind of "things" is simply the hormone of growth. Ruan Dongyang is no longer so face-saving, no longer so impulsive, more willing to use their brains, willing to change themselves, to make themselves better. Busy with what? Xiao Pang asked again. Making money Ruan Dongyang answered. What money do you make? As soon as Ruan Dongyang opened the computer, it was an interface with buttons everywhere and small labels flying freely. Xiaopang did not understand what this meant, nor did he know what was hidden under this simple procedure, so he said, "Dongyang, what is this? Aren't you a financial major?"? What's wrong with the computer? "Like it." "Since you like computers, why do you study finance? Just study computers." Ruan Dongyang looked at Xiao Pang as if he were mentally retarded and said, "Mao Chuanjin, any kind of knowledge in the world is not an absolutely independent subject. Learning more is a blessing and will not reduce scores." What do you mean by that? I can't see how high it is. "Forget it. You can't understand it anyway. Just watch me make money." Ruan Dongyang sat back in his chair. So will you play the stock market or the whole computer in the future? Xiao Pang asked again. Is there a conflict? Xiao Pang was speechless. At this time, Congcong's plane hit Xiao Pang's head. Xiao Pang cried out in pain and shouted, "Congcong!" Congcong first opened his eyes wide, then picked his little hand and said, "I'm sorry." Then see Xiaopang stand up to get angry, Congcong put away his pitiful face, holding the remote control to Ruan Dongyang under the bed, the action is very skilled and fast, Xiaopang big and fat can not get in, stamping in front of the bed. Congcong covered his mouth and laughed at Xiaopang under the bed. Ruan Dongyang and Xu Wensi both laughed. Soon, the new semester began in 2002. Not long after the beginning of the semester, Ruan Dongyang became famous in the North Campus of Beizhou University,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, because when senior graduates were looking for jobs, a famous enterprise booked Ruan Dongyang in advance, but Ruan was rejected. Even many students in the South Campus knew about this. cnkexin.com


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