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"On the seventh day of the first lunar month, go down and do everything as usual!" Xia Zixuan eyes filled with a smile

"On the seventh day of the first lunar month, go down and do everything as usual!" Xia Zixuan eyes filled with a smile, she had not continued to hand, let the pseudo-woman fall again, is not to wait for today? The loyalty of Yao's father and daughter to Li Qianxun was originally built on Yao Jinse alone. If their father and son saw themselves fighting outside, Yao Jinse was left with only half a life by Li Qianxun. Xia Zixuan didn't have to think about the consequences. Historians of later generations commented on this incident and called it the "Bashu Defense War". They used a lot of words to eulogize the regent Princess Xia, and at the same time, they did not forget to mention that Li Qianxun, the deposed concubine Yao's daughter who had traveled thousands of miles to be rescued from the cold palace of the last emperor of the Apocalypse, was really unlucky. In short, the only thing that can be found in the history books is the description and evaluation of the people involved in this incident, but there are few specific descriptions of the events. The real situation is that Xia Zixuan ordered Wei Zhongqinggong's best command three times to pay attention to where Yao Jiabing arrived, and sent a handwritten letter from Yao Jinse less than half an hour away from Bashu. Dad, is my sister really in Bashu? General Yao's face was suspicious. In fact, during this period of time, their father and son were most worried about their sister who had been demoted to the cold palace. In particular, the Yao family's hidden villages in the harem were exposed one after another, and the father and son vaguely guessed that the emperor was not as easy to fool as he looked on the surface. For so many years,wire nail making machine, perhaps, their father and son were fooled by the emperor! "This is indeed the handwriting of the girl Jinse. You can't make a mistake." After confirming the authenticity of the letter, General Yao ordered his military forces to camp in situ. At the same time, General Yao Xiao personally went to Bashu City to negotiate with the people of the Regent's Palace. General Yao could not imagine that the person he saw was a beautiful young woman. Although in the past few months, he heard a lot of information about the Nangong Halberd Moon's counsellor Xia Shi, when he really saw it, he was still shocked. General Yao,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, please sit down! Xia Zixuan made a gesture of invitation, and the seventh day of the first lunar month immediately came forward and poured him tea. General Yao was eager to see his sister. He took a symbolic sip of tea and said, "Miss Xia, my father and I have been worried about my sister. Please ask Miss Xia to sympathize with our feelings. How about letting me meet my sister first?" When Xia Zixuan heard this, she looked embarrassed and said with a sigh, "It's not that I don't want the general to see Miss Yao. It's really that your sister has been stimulated and destroyed too badly before. Now-" "Hey, that's all, General Yao, please-" Xia Zixuan's face of regret and intolerance made General Yao feel a chill in his heart. Is it not that the girl Jinse is in a bad situation? When Xia Zixuan came to a courtyard, looking at the courtyard environment quiet, clean and tidy, General Yao had a trace of gratitude for Xia Zixuan. At least, they did not mistreat the Jinse girl. But when he saw Yao Jinse in the spacious and bright hall, nail manufacturing machine ,Nail Making Machine price, dressed in an apricot-yellow palace dress, with a hair bun on his head, and wearing a nine-tailed phoenix hairpin that only the queen of the main palace could wear, he was so frightened that he stumbled at his feet! "See the Empress!" Xia Zixuan several people seem to see strange, unexpectedly blessed body, to the front of Yao Jinse salute way. Touching the phoenix hairpin on his head, Yao Jinse said coldly, "Get up!"! This palace is tired today. Please pay your respects and go back to your palaces. "Empress, your elder brother, General Yao, has come to see you." Xia Zixuan straightened up. Yao small general in the heart is not the taste, this wench how thin into the pipa essence? There was also a thick layer of Rouge on her face, which could not hide her pale face and dull eyes. The palace dress on her body was too wide, which highlighted her thinness. Looking at her eyes like a stranger, General Yao wished he could March north and carry Li Qianxun's untrustworthy dog emperor's dragon nest! "Does this palace have a brother?" Yao Jinse glanced at General Yao like a stranger, then hung his head in surprise and muttered in a low voice. Younger sister- "General Yao's nose is sour and astringent. He has been galloping on the battlefield for many years. He is used to seeing his good brothers die one after another. He is holding back his tears into his stomach.". But unexpectedly saw by Li Qianxun entrapped sister, shed tears of regret. He should have stopped his father, stopped his sister, and not let her go to the palace to accompany him! "Bold!"! The palace is the queen, even if you are really the elder brother of the palace, the monarch and his subjects are different, but also to the palace gift! Yao Jinse suddenly frowned, staring coldly at General Yao, and scolded. System: "Host, the hidden plot has been expired for several months and has not been uncovered yet!" Chapter 129 of the main text: Dugong's food (29). Ai Jia forgot this stubble! Ah, didn't you say that Ai Jia would be punished for not revealing the plot within the deadline? Come on, a few months ago, what punishment did you give to the Ai family? The system stammered for a long time, with a dry cough, dropped a sentence: "The host has always been dedicated, this time forget it!" " There's something fishy! Will you be good to Ai Jia? The system explodes the hair: "The host really does not know what is good or bad, is good to you, you have the conspiracy theory!"! Be a little bad to you, and you're angry with me! Ai Jia can be 80% sure that you must be brewing some big conspiracy, or that you have done something wrong to Ai Jia? The system said with a guilty conscience, "I don't have time to chat with the host and rush to fix the bug!" You've been calling for fixing bugs for several worlds. Why haven't you done it yet? Is there something wrong with your own mastermind? Will the Ai family be dragged down by you and be attacked by the unknown program system? System General Yao left the city of Bashu in a complicated mood, and when he returned to the place where Yao Jiabing was stationed, he told General Yao what he had seen. Finally, the father and son, together with the veterans who followed them, thought that Li Qianxun was really too chilling, so ruthless,High Speed Nail Making Machine, not a wise king, so they decided to comply with God's will and help the former emperor to restore the country. When Li Qianxun learned the news, he was so angry that he smashed the memorials and inkstones on the imperial study. 3shardware.com


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