Douro Continent 2 Peerless Tangmen

Huo Yuhao went up to close the window and clenched his fists. Look at Wang Dong, "if you are weak, you will be humiliated.".

Huo Yuhao went up to close the window and clenched his fists. Look at Wang Dong, "if you are weak, you will be humiliated.". This shame, I remember, one day, I will get it back. Wang Dong didn't say anything. "Wash up and let's go to dinner." "Mmm." Huo Yuhao promised and went into the bathroom. And until this time, in his mind, the previously silent Tianmeng Ice Silkworm and Bingbi Emperor Scorpion seemed to wake up. Human beings are really hidden dragons and crouching tigers. That day I just showed a trace of my own breath, but it would also be detected. It's really dangerous. However, this is only the weakest title of Douro. I didn't expect that one day the existence of this kind of cultivation would dare to show off in front of me. In the past, I instantly made him an ice sculpture forever. The voice of the ice emperor is also full of anger and unwillingness. Huo Yuhao sighed and said, "Ice Emperor, what do the Ten Fierce Beasts mean?" Knowing that he was in a bad mood, the Ice Emperor patiently explained, "The so-called top ten fierce beasts are just the top ten rankings of the strongest soul beasts on the mainland given by your humans.". It's just an evaluation of the part of the soul beast they already know. That was a fool just now. After our ferocious beast cultivation has broken through two hundred thousand years, it is impossible for us to turn into human beings to rebuild. The weakest of the ten fierce beasts also has three hundred thousand years of cultivation. How is it possible to become an adult? He didn't think it through himself. Huo Yuhao's bad mood was finally attracted by the topic of the top ten fierce beasts. "What are the top ten fierce beasts?"? It turns out that the number of super soul beasts is so large. "It doesn't make any sense for you to know exactly what it is," said the Ice Emperor. However, in fact,wire nail machine manufacturers, the top ten fierce beasts are not necessarily the strongest of the soul beasts. To put it simply, the higher the number of years of cultivation for the soul beast, the stronger the general strength. However, the top ten fierce beasts evaluated by your humans do not include the sea soul beast. Even the soul beasts on the mainland do not include some strong people like Tianmeng, who often practice through sleeping and have not been discovered by your human beings. Huo Yuhao was surprised and said, "Sea Soul Beast?"? Are they powerful? The ice emperor did not hesitate to say: "Of course,Nail machine supplier, but the mouth is strong.". The really powerful sea soul beasts are all in the deep sea. Moreover, your human beings have limited exploitation of the sea, so the sea soul beast is harassed much less than our land soul beast. Overall calculation, the overall strength of the sea soul beast should still be above the land soul beast. But the law of the jungle in the sea is also more cruel, and the population of soul beasts is larger than that on land. Therefore, no matter how powerful the sea soul beast is, it may be killed if it encounters a huge and horrible group of soul beasts. Therefore, I am not sure whether there is a sea soul beast that can compete with the strongest soul beast on land. Huo Yuhao nodded and said, "Who is the first of the ten fierce beasts now?"? How much is Xiu Wei? "I don't know who it is," said the Ice Emperor. "If you ask Tianmeng, maybe he will know. I just heard that the first of the so-called ten fierce beasts is in the Star Forest. But I don't think he can be stronger than the Snow Emperor. "Brother Tianmeng.". Right, how can I forget you, you have a million years of soul power, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Nail production machine, then you should also be regarded as a fierce beast! Right. Just it? Still a fierce beast? Without waiting for Tianmeng Ice Silkworm to open his mouth, the Ice Emperor was already very disdainful: "It's just a big insect that can eat. It's not a fierce beast at all.". Had it not been for the great tonic that went to the Star Forest, perhaps there would not have been so many strong souls in the Star Forest. Tianmeng Ice Silkworm said in an unconvinced tone, "Isn't it just that your blood is better?"? If you follow me gently, our husband and wife will be the best in the world! Ice emperor sneer, "still husband and wife?"? Do you deserve it? Let me eat you up. If you were honest enough to let me eat you, maybe I could really become the first in the mainland. Tianmeng Ice Silkworm's attitude towards the Ice Emperor is not as flattering as before, perhaps because he feels that there is little possibility between himself and the Ice Emperor, and now he is a little tough, "Eat, you know to eat, you are a scorpion or a pig." Do you want to die? Bingbi Emperor Scorpion said coldly. "Come on," said Tianmeng Ice Silkworm, a dead pig not afraid of boiling water! You bit me! Anyway, everyone is a leech on a rope. If you kill me, Xiao Yuhao will be finished. He will be finished, and so will you. Hum All right, don't argue. Let's all go to bed. Huo Yuhao knocked his head with a headache. "Yuhao," said Bingdi, "your physical condition is getting better and better. Practice hard as soon as possible, after breaking through level 30. You can use my ability more smoothly, at least the ability to protect yourself is much stronger. "Mmm." Huo Yuhao promised. Just then, Electrolux's old voice sounded, "Get that devouring knife as soon as possible. It means a lot to you, and to me.". With it, I will no longer risk the collapse of my divinity. "Good." Compared with Tianmeng and Bingdi, Yi Lao is undoubtedly more trusted by Huo Yuhao. Yi Lao is not only calm, at least he used to be human! After washing, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong went out for dinner. None of them told what had just happened. Although the opponent is the title of Douro, it is still a disgrace. Moreover, at present, Shrek Academy only has these players in Xingluo City, and the leader is only Wang Yan, the soul king. Who can protest on their behalf? He is the protector of the Xingluo Empire! Shame, in the heart. Chapter 96 the battle of the title of Douro. Huguo Dou Luocheng has just left the Star Emperor Hotel, so don't mention the depression. When he felt the breath of the fierce beast, he felt that the blood in his body was boiling. As the title of Douro, he certainly knows that the soul beast can choose to rebuild into an adult in a hundred thousand years, or to attack the extremely dangerous bottleneck. After two hundred thousand years of cultivation, you can no longer become an adult. However,Automatic nail machine, he did feel the breath of Huo Yuhao! Driven by greed, he could not help but think that human beings do not fully understand the soul beast after all, perhaps there are special circumstances? Can the fierce beast develop a special way to practice.


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