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In the end, with twenty thousand elite of the military intelligence agency as the vanguard, nearly five hundred thousand

In the end, with twenty thousand elite of the military intelligence agency as the vanguard, nearly five hundred thousand of the original God religion army formed an attack surface with a width of twenty kilometers and a thickness of nearly one hundred kilometers. The United army was like a group of hungry and crazy wolfhounds, and they rushed to the main God base with a cry of "Ow". For the elite of the Military Intelligence Agency, after conquering the main God base, their immediate superiors have the same right to speak as the first big ruler. For the followers of the original God religion, they do not know the significance of conquering the base of the main God, but this is directly from the command of the main God, which is enough. The chief officers of the wind and the other three special forces entered the main God base first, and came to the huge hall where the main God was and worshipped the main God. After they worshipped the main God according to the etiquette set by Feng yuan, Feng Kui looked at the huge brains in front of him and asked subconsciously, "Is everything normal?" An old man in charge of the daily maintenance of the main God base said in a deep voice: "Twenty-four hours ago, the energy and nutrients absorbed by the main God were 3.735 times higher than the normal time. It seems that the main God is calculating some super-large-scale data.". Other than that, everything is normal. "Hm?"? Is it the data sent by the ruling party? The wind frowned,alloy die casting, and he instinctively sensed something was wrong. With the computing power of the main God, there are very few subjects that can make him consume such a large amount of energy and nutrition supply for computing. This kind of thing only made the main God consume such a large amount of energy in order to verify the safety when he started his first space voyage and the first wormhole jump. Have you asked the Lord what happened? Feng Lin Huo, a middle-aged man beside Feng Kui, the chief officer of the Heavenly Strike Force, and a disciple of Feng Men with the title of Heavenly Strike God, asked. The old man shook his head,die casting parts, frowned and said, "The Lord God refuses to answer our questions." The wind and the three people around him looked at each other and shook their heads helplessly at the same time. They also vaguely know a little about the origin of the main God, which is an untouchable existence. If the Lord does not cooperate with them, there is nothing they can do with the Lord. Fortunately, their task is only to protect the Lord God from possible attacks, but the rest has nothing to do with them. All right, you send a message greeting to the Lord God every once in a while, and we'll go outside and set up a defense line. "I don't know if anyone really dares to die," Feng said lightly. Feng Linhuo chuckled and said, "Even if someone comes, die cast light housing ,DIN screw plug, they may not be able to break through the defense of the main God base." He stamped hard on the floor of the hall and said with a sneer, "There are nearly kilometers of diamond iron alloy protective layers in all directions. Even if a meteorite hits directly, it can't open the main God base. Who can break in?" Talking and laughing, the four men left the hall of the main God, and several old men in white robes bowed respectfully to the main God and slowly withdrew from here. Immersed in the container, the main God's brain suddenly wriggled gently, eerily, and the folds on his huge cerebral cortex twisted to form a mysterious smiling face. When the United Army was less than five kilometers away from the only entrance to the main God base, it was finally discovered by the outer defense circle of the main God base. Along the way, the CIA's killers have cleaned out hundreds of hidden outposts and killed thousands of outlying sentries of the main God base. But they are human beings, and human beings make mistakes. A dying sentry sounded the alarm, and the entire defense line of the main God base was in operation in an instant. The ground near the entrance of the main God base suddenly cracked, hundreds of suspended batteries roared into the sky, nearly three thousand large and small firepower points like mushrooms after the rain covered the whole grassland, the entrance gate of the base was closed, the diamond ferroalloy gate as thick as 100 meters, even if it was bombarded continuously with heavy main guns, it would take at least three days and three nights to open a gap. When the allied forces saw that their tracks were exposed, they immediately attacked on the run. Twenty thousand elite members of the Military Intelligence Agency issued a large number of attack codes for the first time, and began to interfere with the normal operation of all kinds of equipment in the defense circle of the main God base. At the same time, the spies of the Military Intelligence Agency lurking inside the main God base also began to destroy the energy pipelines and energy centers in the base. The people of the Military Intelligence Agency were so efficient that in the blink of an eye, more than half of the suspended batteries outside the main base suddenly lost power and suddenly fell to the ground like dumplings. In the main control room of the base, Feng Kui and others, who were monitoring the movement outside, were in a big mess. Feng Kui shouted: "Catch all the people in the Military Intelligence Agency and kill them!" Feng Linhuo shouted, "Damn it, our people are still outside. We have to go out and command them." Just as they were about to rush out of the base and command their troops to launch a counterattack against the incoming army, the hall where the main God was suddenly burst into a dazzling silver light like a hundred thousand suns in the air at the same time. The silver light was so strong that the huge hall seemed to be filled with a solution of pure silver, and there was no room for anything else. The spiritual power in the auxiliary brain outside the container where the main God is located is swallowed by the whale of the main God and becomes part of the spiritual power possessed by the main God. The devouring process lasted only thirty seconds, and then a series of instructions to fake the unique attack code of the Military Intelligence Agency spread from the main God to the whole base. Ninety-nine percent of the energy supply in the base was cut off in an instant, all the defense facilities were locked up, and even the gate of the base, which had been closed, was opened with a welcome gesture. Tens of thousands of armed robots in the base suddenly went mad,Investment casting parts, waving all kinds of weapons at all the electronic facilities around them, destroying everything they could destroy. Everything happened in a very short minute, and then the intense silver light suddenly dissipated and turned into a huge spiritual wave that rushed out of the base of the main God and rushed towards a secret base in Europe.


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