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But today, Ding Ning really saw that although he did not know how the world would be different, but from Meng

But today, Ding Ning really saw that although he did not know how the world would be different, but from Meng Chang's performance, Ding Ning was very sure that this was the goal he had always wanted to achieve. All along, he was walking on a road full of darkness, but today he saw a light at the end of the road, and the rapid change made him almost unable to control himself to cry. Meng Chang gently patted him on the shoulder: "You can, too. Maybe after a few decades, you can reach my present level. Anyway, you are still young now. You can wait for a few decades, and there will never be any danger. I will eradicate all the dangers before you break through." The fat man slowly came over again: "He can wait slowly, that's because he can live for decades, as long as there is no accident, you live much longer than ordinary people, but I can't, I'm not young, but also fat like this, I absolutely can't wait for decades, even more than ten years are a bit hanging." So I want to ask you if there is any simple and fast way for me to get to your present level, even if it costs anything. "I wonder if I misheard anything just now." Meng Chang looked at the fat man in disbelief, but he didn't see any joke on his face. He swallowed the joke that was about to come to his mouth and asked, "Are you sure you're talking about any price?"? Including your life for it? The fat man nodded earnestly and said with seriousness and certainty, "At any cost, at all costs." Then he looked up at the roof,titanium machining parts, sighed deeply and said with a sigh, "The ancients said," If you hear the way in the morning, you can die in the evening. ". If I can stand at your height, even if I can only live a stick of incense, I would like to. It's a pity. Just dreaming. The lament in his voice drifted into the air as his words came out of his mouth; The loss on his face had disappeared in the thick fat on his face when he raised his head and lowered it. The fat was squeezed into a ball on his face, forming an ugly smiling face. And the fat man pointed at Liu Yu and said, "You, a younger generation, have run to the front of me, so I have a little feeling, but this is just a feeling, nothing else." You'd better look at your friend first. He doesn't seem to have said a word so far. Glancing at the fat man, deep draw stamping ,Magnetic Drain Plug, Meng Chang moved his eyes to Liu Yu's face. The fat man's words let Meng Chang produce a little touch, he suddenly remembered at this time should be in Qingcheng Gu Ping, what happened to Gu Ping seems to have some of the same place, perhaps this method can meet the small needs of the fat man, with his temperament must be a useless person also has no effect. But so far this is only a guess, Meng Chang is not fully sure that it will be effective, and its consequences are obvious. So Meng Chang held back the words that were close to his mouth, but when he saw Liu Yu, the words that were held back almost came out in another form. Liu Yu stood there in a daze, his face did not have the brilliance of a living person, his godless eyes were staring ahead, his face showed a kind of extreme pain, and more importantly, there was saliva flowing out of the corners of his mouth, looking like a born fool. Meng Chang walked up to Liu Yu, and even in this case, Xiao Jiaohua did not leave his arms. He stretched out a hand on Liu Yu's shoulder and shook it back and forth a few times, but Liu Yu's face did not change at all. It's no use. Ding Ning came over: "His shoulder had been dislocated by me before, but he was still like this. It hasn't changed since I woke up. I just connected it to him, so this method is useless." "You didn't think of any other way?" Meng Chang asked. I thought about it. Ding Ning opened his hand helplessly and shook his head: "But I have no way. I have never met this situation before. I can't think of any way." What makes me more confused is that he is not unresponsive to the outside world. "Ding Ning paused for a moment and then suddenly shouted to Liu Yu's ear:" Fight. " The voice just fell, Liu Yu's face suddenly became ferocious and firm, the right fist suddenly hit forward, straight toward Meng Chang's chest. Small call at this time is still lying in the arms of Meng Chang, Liu Yu's fist has just appeared to the back of small call, this time Meng Chang gently stretched out a finger, point on Liu Yu's fist. Light fingers see the slightest force, in the fingers and fists at the moment of contact, Ding Ning and Fatty only feel a gust of wind blowing from the side, and then nothing can be felt, there is no change between the fingers and fists. Meng Chang slowly withdrew his finger, but Liu Yu held his fist flat all the time, and his face turned into the same dementia as before. Chapter 83 face In this case, Meng Chang's ability is beyond the normal range. Meng Chang put his hand on Liu Yu's shoulder again and closed his eyes. Soon after, he opened his eyes again. After thinking carefully for a moment, he looked at Ding Ning and said, "What happened to you before you came here?" With a hesitant look on his face, Ding Ning did not answer Meng Chang's question, but asked in reply: "What is his situation now?" "There is nothing wrong with his body." Meng Chang said with certainty: "There is no sign of damage in my mind. In short, he is normal now, much more normal than ever before." "But he doesn't look normal at all." Ding Ning retorted. This is not easy to explain. Meng Chang thought for a moment and then said,Stainless steel foundry, "He looks like he's dreaming now, and he can't wake up. So I want to know what happened to you before. Maybe we can find out the reason from what happened to you before." "We had a storm, that's all." Ding Ning simply said a word. It's too far. Meng Chang shook his head. "You can't say he was scared like this by the storm. Do you think this explanation is appropriate?" Ding Ning shook his head. autoparts-dx.com


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