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While he was thus passing, the young man disappeared. The Iron Ruler King immediately looked out of the window, and there

While he was thus passing, the young man disappeared. The Iron Ruler King immediately looked out of the window, and there was the figure of the young man in the bustling crowd. Iron ruler king is frightened greatly in the heart: "It is not easy to bump into by accident, be gone by him again however without a trace.". Alas! Turned to think: "If he is the real marigold, he must be for that'marigold ', in that case, he will never leave Tongcheng County.". As long as he doesn't leave, why worry about seeing his people? Then he thought, "Shall I go to the county government office and take the official documents of the Anqing government and ask them to send three or five good men with hooks and lassos to arrest me?" He sighed, "The Iron Ruler King is really old. I have handled more than hundreds of cases. I have seen too many ferocious criminals. I have never been so timid today!" He stood up to pay for the tea, went down to the teahouse, walked across the bridge, and headed for the Dongyue Temple. Dongyue Temple is not a big forest, but in Tongcheng County, it is already a very big temple. Entering the temple gate, there is a stage facing inside, on which the opera is sung. The stage is facing a three-entry hall, separated by a square, which can accommodate five or six hundred people. On both sides of the square, there are ancient cypresses, which are very fat and tall,plastic pallet price, indicating that the Dongyue Temple has a long history. At this moment, the stage is playing a lively drama, and hundreds of people in the square will be enjoying it with their necks up. More than ten rows of benches were placed near the stage, which must be the place where some rich and powerful people in Tongcheng County sat. I watched it with relish under the sun. The iron ruler king squeezed out again, felt relaxed, took a breath, prepared to take out the sweat towel from his body to wipe the sweat, and stretched out his hand,collapsible pallet bin, which was no small matter. Because he tied a waist belt around his waist, on which he inserted his special tobacco pouch and carried a package. There were a few taels of silver in the parcel, a few changes of clothes, and the official document of the sea capture. Now, the package is missing and lost! The Iron Ruler King was stunned. This is called a wild goose who has been fighting all his life, but in the end he is pecked blind by the wild goose. After a lifetime of crossing the ocean, the boat capsized in the gutter. It would be an unbelievable joke to say that the famous captor of Anqing Prefecture, the King of Iron Ruler, had been stolen from his body and did not know it. In fact, it was stolen, and stole the most important sea capture documents, this is called the iron ruler king how not anxious! The Iron Ruler King was stunned for a long time, and for a moment he really had no idea. Fortunately, he still had a few silver notes on him, which could be exchanged for dozens of taels of silver, collapsible pallet box ,secondary containment pallet, otherwise, there would be no money for dinner. The Iron Ruler King had never been so dejected and lazy as he walked back to the inn. Although Tongcheng County is said to be a place where literary styles gather together. But it is a small place and there is not even a decent inn. There are only a few small restaurants, with a few large shops to accommodate some passing businessmen. It is rare to have one or two single rooms, which are shabby, with only one table, one lamp and one bed, that's all. The Iron Ruler King returned to the inn where he lived. It was already dusk. With unspeakable depression, he sat in a corner, asked for a pot of white wine, cut one or two kinds of stew, and drank alone. He was thinking, "I have lost my official document. I can't come here to ask for help, nor can I return to Anqing Mansion. What should I do?" A person drinks, drinks and pours, and unconsciously spills a pot of wine. He shook the flagon and felt a little dizzy. Just as he was about to ask the young fellow to send another pot, he saw the young fellow smiling with both hands. Holding a big bowl with steaming steam on it. In front of the iron ruler king, it turned out to be a big bowl of three delicacies soup noodles. It's not easy to eat fresh shrimps in Tongcheng County. This bowl of three delicacies soup noodles looks like a lot of shrimps. The Iron Ruler King stretched out his hand to stop the little fellow and asked, "Little fellow, you haven't answered me yet.". Who asked you to send it? The young fellow grinned and said, "My guest, it hurts to drink alone.". You have already drunk a pot, which is half a catty of white wine, which can intoxicate people. "It's important for you to take care of yourself when you're alone." The King of Iron Ruler said. The young fellow grinned and said, "This bowl of noodles in soup with three delicacies is the specialty of the shop. It is for your old age.". This dish of small water cake is a famous dish in our place. Please have a taste. When you are drunk and full, please go to the back to rest. King Tie Chi had no interest in wine at this time. He nodded and said with a smile, "Do you always treat customers like this in your shop?" The young fellow shook his head and said, "When the guests come to drink a pot of wine, we will send a bowl of noodles with three delicacies and a plate of small water cake. We must sell our mother." The Iron Ruler King smiled and said, "Why should I be an exception?" The little fellow sat and refused to speak. "Is there any special reason for me?" Asked the Iron Ruler King with a smile. The boy hesitated and finally said shyly, "My guest, because you don't have any silver, someone gave it to you to eat." When the King of Iron Ruler heard this, he suddenly stood up, reached out his hand and grabbed the little fellow. "Who told you to send it?" He asked? What you said just now was taught by others, wasn't it? Who is this man? Where is it now? Say it! Unexpectedly, the young man's face turned white with fear, his lips trembled, and he could not speak. At this time, there were still three or five people drinking in the shop, and the boss was cutting meat on the table, not noticing the little fellow at all. But one of the guests stood up and said, "My friend, what are you scaring the children for?"? "Don't you think it's embarrassing for you to get so angry at such an old age?" The Iron Ruler King was laughed down and said that he was speechless, so he had to let the little fellow go and stare at the other side, and he had no way to get angry. Unable to eat the noodles for a while, he left several pairs of strange eyes behind him and went straight to his small guest room in the back. There was no light in the room, so it was too dark to see. He simply sat down in the dark and thought to himself,collapsible bulk containers, "This is clearly the work of that young man. If he is the marigold, why did he do this?"? Are you kidding me? Show that his ability is high? Just then, the little fellow brought the lamp.


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