Thriller Paradise

Turn around slowly like rain, raise one hand, and push back the hair in front of the forehead at will, so as not to be blocked by the wet hair.

Turn around slowly like rain, raise one hand, and push back the hair in front of the forehead at will, so as not to be blocked by the wet hair. Perhaps it was the influence of light and mist that made her face look particularly white and hazy. "This kind of like rain is really something I have never seen before." Don't you run away? She asked. You'll find out soon after you turn on the light. Feng said unconsciously, "Besides, I didn't intend to run." He also stroked his hair back, and with the help of water, he made it look like Fage with a big back. "Am I the stronger one?"? You see, I could have attacked you from behind, but I said hello to you first. "Humph." The rain smiled, and the smile seemed to be a smile and a sneer. It's rare to see you smile at me. Feng didn't know it. I don't smile much at anyone. Return like rain. Wasn't it aimed at me. Feng didn't know it. Can this kind of thing be discussed later? Like rain trying to change the subject. Anyway, everyone is already drenched like a drowned rat. It doesn't matter. Feng didn't know it. If you want to chat, you can chat offline another day. Rain raised his sword and said, "If you stand with your bare hands again, you will bear the consequences." "Offline.." Make a phone call? The seal still seemed relaxed and brought the topic back. You want to meet with me. Like a rain path. No,precision welded tubes, no, no, no. Feng unconsciously shook his head. Look at each other in silence like rain. Uh. Yes Brother Chueh was defeated by his eyes and told the truth. So.. Do you already know that I also live in S city? Asked the rain. Ah ~ that is ah.. With my investigative skills.. Feng just wanted to show off a few words. If you lose this game to me. Like rain interrupted, "please be aware of being arrested as a stalker as soon as possible." "Hello!"! Suddenly it turned into a threat. Feng was surprised, but then he froze for a moment and asked, "Well.." Then if I win. (To be continued). If you like this work,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, you are welcome to come to () to vote for recommendation and monthly ticket. Your support is my greatest motivation. Mobile phone users please go to m. Read 。) Volume 1 Chapter 365 Toy War (18) Relying on the title skill to fly the nightmare to leave the mark, the small sigh runs all the way up along the shelf edge, rushes toward the place of the sad spirit. (Literature Museum R/ He is well aware of the weakness of the sad spirit-close combat is too poor. Please note that it is "too bad", not "relatively bad" or "average". Therefore, close combat is very advantageous for Xiao Tan, and it is also the only way for him to win. However, things are not as simple as imagined. The main reason for Sadness's close combat difference is that she is generally strong in other aspects, so that most enemies are killed without even a chance to get close to her. Excellent long-range combat ability and extraordinary wisdom, such a player is undoubtedly a very difficult type, in the process of approaching the opponent, impact beam tubes ,Precision steel tubes, she can come up with n ways to stop. It's so stupid that if it were a game, people wouldn't be so kind to aim at your legs. As the sad spirit murmured, he shot Xiao Tan in the leg. She is undoubtedly a merciful move, even the bullets in the sniper rifle have been deliberately replaced by ordinary sniper bullets, without special ammunition. Boom The gun was fired, and at the moment when the bullet was fired, Xiao Tan changed the track of running with a reaction of nearly zero time difference, and used the wind to stop the dust and the fragrant flowers. The bullet passed through the afterimage that lasted for three seconds, and Xiao Tan himself was unharmed. Oh The sad spirit was stupefied for a moment, and the result of the miss was really beyond her expectation. "Interesting, I dodged it myself." She immediately took aim and prepared to fire a second shot. Unexpectedly, from the scope, she saw an incredible scene. Small sigh began to travel in a zigzag route, and every one to two seconds, it released a residual image. Not bad. The sad spirit really looked at him with new eyes this time. Using the visual misleading caused by the residual image, combined with the irregular movement of repeated changes of direction.. Even the speed of running and the frequency of releasing skills are constantly changing. She laughed. "A sniper's nightmare.". ” After a few words in a relaxed tone, the sad spirit took out two submachine guns from his bag. One of them is the MP5 she has been using, and the other is the Uzi (Uzi submachine gun) she recently bought. Name: Uzi Type: Weapon Quality: Average Attack Power: Medium Attribute: None Special effects: none Equip Condition: Fire Specialization f Remarks: Reliable, portable, easy to operate, and low cost. Players of level 30 have already surpassed normal people in real life in strength. Even women can use the Desert Eagle with one hand like the governor. Therefore, it is easy for today's sad spirits to fight with two miniature submachine guns. Da-da-da. Two "micro-charges" with extremely fast firing rate poured out a large number of bullets in a few seconds. Xiao Tan's position at this time, Zhu Xian, read the full text. It was not too far from the top of the container, and it was really helpless in the face of the barrage that enveloped it from a short distance. In an instant, it was hit by more than ten bullets. Being attached to the bleeding effect, needless to say, is more troublesome. His movement was affected by the injury, and the change of direction sprint like that just now was unsustainable, so it was meaningless to make the afterimage again. Seeing that the spirit of grief was close at hand, he could not go any further. If you stop now, you will fall down and all your previous efforts will be wasted. In this fleeting moment, most people have no time to think about countermeasures. But in Wang Sizhi's blood, there seemed to be something instinctive that told him. What to do now. Take a bet. At this moment, his expression was suddenly cold. The usual gentle eyes disappeared,side impact door beams, and there was an indescribable hostility between the eyebrows. With the help of the army thorn in his hand, he sighed on the edge of the vertical container and used the reverse blade to chop. The success rate of 75% of C level specialization is not low. The launch of skills is not a problem. Using the movement derived from the skill, he held the military thorn in his backhand. He waded through the wall and whirled straight up.


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