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"We feel that the existing taxes of the Vyas Commercial Federation are very reasonable, and we absolutely do not allow anyone to

"We feel that the existing taxes of the Vyas Commercial Federation are very reasonable, and we absolutely do not allow anyone to increase the additional taxes by even one copper in any name.". Whatever the name, whatever the excuse, whatever the reason! Vyas is a free country of commerce, and the ruling government has received enough money from the people of Vyas! "The government already gets enough of the tax money, so they shouldn't get more!" "Whether it is collected from the nobles or from the people, it is unreasonable!" Linzi nodded to the people around him, and a tsunami of applause and cheers rang out from all sides. Ordinary people do not know what Linzi's words mean, they do not know what Linzi's words mean, they do not know that the ruling government is preparing to form a large standing army, and the salaries of this standing army will be paid by additional taxes. The nobles knew what Linzi meant by these words, so they supported Linzi with the greatest enthusiasm. The nobles are greedy, and the nobles of merchant origin are even more mercenary. They evade taxes too late. If you want to raise taxes on the nobles, then you are the enemy of all nobles! And Linzi said he wanted to maintain the current tax ratio, so he got the support of the nobles. Plus,beam impact tubes, Vyas needs a stronger leader! Linzi pressed his hands. There was silence. Linzi shouted, "Vyas needs a stronger leader!" "Vyas should have a greater say in the affairs of the mainland, and Vyas's army should contribute more to the mainland's resistance to the alien race!"! The navy of Vyas.. I must say that I am very disappointed with the current Vyas Navy! "My expectation is that in the future, in the near future, the navy of Vyas will run wild,side impact beams, our merchant ships will be unimpeded on the sea, whoever sees our flag will be on the lookout, and our merchant ships will, under the protection of our powerful navy, transport commodities from all continents to Vyas and dump our goods on all continents!" Linzi's words were very straightforward and naked. He glanced at all the nobles and businessmen present. "I hope you will think about my words carefully. What do you need?" Gold coins, almost everyone had the same idea in their hearts. If the people of Vyas didn't need gold coins, what else would they need? Gold coins, gold coins, golden gold coins, this is the only thought in the minds of all the people of the Commercial Federation of Vyas, whether nobles or civilians. Although Lin Qi is only a few simple words, cold drawn tubes ,stainless steel tube 304, but let everyone think of a lot. The naval fleet of Vyas ran amuck in every sea area. Wherever the naval flag of Vyas went, the pirates fled. The merchant's fleet could sail safely on the ocean. Without the harassment of pirates, the merchant's profits could soar at least several times! And Vyas can gain a greater voice on the mainland? The people of Vyas don't care about the right to talk, they just know that if Vyas can really become a country, then their goods can more easily enter the market of other countries. It's as simple as that. If Vyas can really become a powerful country alongside the Gallic Empire, then the merchants of Vyas will have a good business. The nobles looked at Linzi and nodded, their smiles almost seeping out of every pore. Although the people still do not know what Lin Qi's two strange words mean, they have a deep impression on the Longshan family! The people of Vyas are very good at grabbing the key points from the fragmentary information and grabbing the key points related to gold coins. Lin Qi's two paragraphs seem to be out of tune, and the key points are very clear! If the Longshan family holds the power of Vyas, then the Longshan family will not increase tax revenue! If the Longshan family holds the power of Vyas, then everyone's business will be easy to do and the income will be high! Good, with these two promises, if the Longshan family can really come true, these people of Vyas will be like a bastard eating a weight, dead set on following the Longshan family. For the sake of profit, for the sake of gold coins, the people of Vyas can kill and set fire to anything, and there is nothing they dare not do. Linzi jumped out of the carriage, and then a large group of nobles came up. They shook hands and hugged Linzi solemnly. Then, as they saluted, they approached Linzi's ear and whispered that Linzi's words were very much in line with their hearts. People applauded enthusiastically, except for a few smart businessmen, other ordinary people still did not see clearly what happened here. But this did not prevent them from joining in the fun, they loudly praised the dozens of dragons of the strong man is so mighty and magnificent, loudly lamented the sky of the dragon knight is so mighty and extraordinary. At that moment, the coquettish Arda strode over with a hundred warriors who had opened the aura of war stripes. All over the sky, the magic elements drive a large area of light to cover the four directions, suddenly becoming bizarre, magnificent and gorgeous, as if entering the legendary world of magic spirits for a time. "Wow!" Tens of thousands of exclamations rang out at the same time. Whether they knew the business or pretended to know the business, everyone looked at the one hundred soldiers who stepped on the halo of war stripes with diameters ranging from hundreds of meters to thousands of meters, and praised the strength of the Longshan family. Several nobles with powerful warrior guards around them asked the guards what the omen meant, and when they learned the terrible meaning of the aura from their trusted guards, the nobles became more respectful and even a little fearful of Linzi and Arda. One hundred strong men,stainless steel 304 pipes, who were probably demigods, were merely the close bodyguards of Count Longshan? The great goddess of wealth, how many gold coins does this guy have to throw out to hire so many powerful guards.


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