Coward [wear quickly] by Fusu and Willow Leaf

"This is not before and you said it," Du Yun stopped a little gas, he showed two sharp small tiger teeth, sighing,

"This is not before and you said it," Du Yun stopped a little gas, he showed two sharp small tiger teeth, sighing, "how long has this been? You finally realized your dream, and I should try to realize my own. There is something wrong with Lu Youpin's words. It seems that he became a super first-line, all because his agent sacrificed his dream. "Brother Fei didn't tell me that," he said with a smile. Du Yun stopped raising his eyelids and looked a little helpless. "Why didn't I say that?"? Only you never listen. This is to accuse him of being selfish, even the staff around him do not know how to care. For the first time, Lu You frequently ran into rebuffs here in Feixuesong, which was both strange and an eyesore. For the first time, he felt that he was not as good as his former agent in speaking. At least there's no way to hide a knife like the other side. What a coincidence! We are auditioning for the same part. Du Yunting struck first and said with a smile, "When did Xiao Lu take a fancy to this role?"? Before you go to Xingyao? This time, even the stylist found something wrong. She stopped tidying up her eyelashes for Lu You and asked hesitantly, "Was the investment originally discussed by Gu Shi?" This is not wrong, before the script to Xingyao, really first in the company of Gu Jia. But at that time,Cold Drawn Tubes, Fei Xuesong did not want Lu You to take over such a role, so he refused, and the leftovers went round and round, and then they came into Lu You's mouth again. Just to say so, it seems that Lu You took a fancy to this role in his old employer, so he went to his new employer and deliberately instigated him to snatch the role. Abandoning the company is not a glorious thing. Lu You pursed his mouth tightly and kept silent. It was the makeup artist who had just had a good talk with him. Now he had the intention of venting his anger on him. He said to Fei Xuesong,beam impact tubes, "Please wait first. I'll finish Lu You's style first." Lu You loosened his lips slightly and finally showed a little smile. It's not far from the start of the audition, and it's an ancient drama. If Fei Xuesong has no time to change his clothes, the audition effect will certainly not be as good as his. Which thinks before agent a bit not urgent, ask instead: "What effect do you want to turn into?" The makeup artist's tone was impatient. "No effect can be painted now.". You wait first, wait for a while. After all, his hand movements are not urgent, when can we finish it. Du Yunting also asked him, "Can't I find someone else to draw for me?" The makeup artist sneered and said, "How many makeup artists do you expect to have here for an audition?"? If you can find it, you can find it. Du Yun stopped this sentence, then slowly leaned back in his chair, raised his voice, Precision Welded pipes ,side impact door beams, and shouted, "Come in." As soon as the sound came out, seven or eight people suddenly came in, carrying a full set of toiletries in their hands, methodically opening the box and beginning to smear his face. At first glance, the makeup artist was stunned-it was just an audition, how could someone bring their own styling team? Lu You's eyes became more and more gloomy. He stared at the mirror firmly. Du Yunting, who came late, was also pasted with a piece of hair on his head. His long black hair covered his white hair a little bit, and was pulled up loosely. The whole person was full of a fairy spirit. Surrounded by a huge crowd of people, he was more like a star than he was with only two assistants. Although he arrived late, there were many people with great strength, and Du Yunting finished his modeling earlier than he did. As soon as he raised his wide sleeve, he got down from his chair and said to Lu You with a smile, "Come on, I'm waiting for you in front." Lu moved his lips and reluctantly gave him a good face. "Brother Fei, come on, too." As soon as Du Yunting went out, his face darkened completely and he sat in his chair without saying a word. The makeup artist quickly finished the final work, leaving only him and two assistants in the room. "Brother Lu, do you want some water?" The assistant asked timidly. "No." Lu You pinched his cell phone tightly, "Why hasn't Brother Lei come yet?" A few minutes later, his new manager opened the door and came in with a shrill voice. It's really ridiculous-what kind of position is Lu You in our family? If you take a fancy to the role of their family, you will put gold on their faces. How can you change your mind now? Lu You's expression slowly sank. What I said before was that the role was confirmed to me. ” How come all of a sudden it's an audition? The new broker exploded a dirty word and scolded: "Don't keep your word!"! A bunch of people without eyes. Lu You doesn't want to hear him vent his useless temper. He only cares about the result. Have you discussed the following? "What else can there be?" Leige said, "People are coming with investment, this year, the crew all look at the capital!" Lu You couldn't believe it. "Aren't they afraid of liquidated damages?" Lei elder brother facial expression is a little embarrassed, still say haltingly eventually: "When we talk at the outset, that thing has not burst out.". Now that it's out, the crew says that you deliberately framed your former agent and damaged your reputation. We belong to the fault party. Lu You couldn't believe his ears. Right here? The company went to ask for an explanation, as long as it came to such humiliation? When he was under Fei Xuesong, Fei Xuesong tore resources for him, but he never lost once! He stared at his new agent, and now Lei had started another round of scolding, but no matter how fierce he was, it was useless. Lu leaned back heavily and realized for the first time that this was a ***ing waste team. Bunch of crap. The author has something to say: Mr. Gu: Come and kiss me. Coward: swoop-kiss! Mr. Gu: (being kissed) Chapter 103 drama in the circle (8). The new agent comforted him: "Nothing.". Fei Xuesong is not even a serious actor, and it's humiliating to audition with you-even with this procedure, the role must be ours. Lu You felt a little more comfortable and pursed his lips without saying a word. This sentence is reasonable. Fei Xuesong and he is not the same, neither is the class background,aluminium coated steel tube, there is no foundation. Acting is not something you can just say casually. He suddenly regained his confidence, reached out to adjust his hair, and stood up.


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