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Lose a person just if let army Ye know she is so brainless still do not know how to laugh at oneself This is definitely her black history!

Lose a person just if let army Ye know she is so brainless still do not know how to laugh at oneself This is definitely her black history! "What are the benefits" Tianshi did not get the answer he saw the God and a small beast quarreling a talking beast although he did not understand but it does not mean that he will not look at the expression Sister and the audience! She was really afraid that the image of the God of Qian Mo would be ruined by her so she kindly reminded her This is really a day of jubilation originally intended to teach people but ended in disgrace Sent the heavenly teacher back to think she is lying in bed and Tata all kinds of trouble Where did you go Why didn't Cosmetics Materials you tell me Before he could let go of Tatamao's hand he was hugged by a gust of wind that rushed in After Shi Cheng and Tata discovered the appearance of Jun Ye they thought that because of them Qian Mo would take away zero and the two mythical beasts hid in the space of zero with a whoosh and dared not take their heads Ahem Let go first I'm suffocating! When Qian Mo patted Xuanyuan Zhan's arm this is murder! "I'm sorry I thought you left me again!" Is this a psychological shadow Is she so cruel to leave him alone in a different time and space and go back by herself "You think too much about that Master Jun Am I that kind of person" When Qian Mo carefully observed the face of Xuanyuan Zhan he was afraid that this one would suddenly get angry and that he really couldn't say it clearly Then sign the symbiosis contract again otherwise I am not at ease He was really scared but all he could think about was the contract which Tata could cancel but it was better than nothing As for That thing is of no use "Then find a contract that no one can get rid of In short I can't stand things that don't feel your breath" At this time Qian Mo has only one feeling Jun Ye is crazy! "Let the little hairball come out and I'll talk to him!" Zero has simply said the reason along the way but Xuanyuan Zhan still targeted Tata maybe this little thing left him too many bad memories Do we have to talk I feel that I don't want to accept the result of the talk so I have some resistance to it! Chapter 261 Renewing the Deed When Qian Mo in Tata and Xuanyuan war directly back and forth scanning in order to show formal she refused Xuanyuan request to hold her request I said are you two finished What the hell is this man and beast looking at each other If she hadn't been sure that the little hairball was a male she would have wondered if the two had seen each other but then again the male was not impossible Contract! Xuanyuan Zhan spit out these two words and looked at Tata GlobalChemMall No way It doesn't do such a thankless thing Is it stupid "Choose between leave and contract!" Let Qian Mo throw away the confidence of Tata Xuanyuan Zhan thinks there is still some Little Mo Mo Jun Ye bullied me! Serious but three seconds the little hairball jumped into the arms of Qianmo to act like a spoiled child who let it cute it What can I do You know I can't protect myself now It's not because you guys are unreliable She could have lived a natural and unrestrained life but because of a few unreliable pets she had no test behind her back but now she is crushed to death People are also for your sake who knows the army master so soon lifted the seal! Think of this incident Tata also looked at ten percent with a face of discomfort if you can see the expression from the face of Mao See what I'm doing You didn't say to seal the tyrant together! As for the problem of Dao Ling Batian it is true that they have neglected it but it is not only its problem it can not be aimed at itself Sister it's really not my problem! Ten percent of that pitiful expression Qian Mo wanted to roll her eyes when she looked at it Before she always thought that Tata was the only one who was unreliable At least ten percent of them were soft and cute But what happened today made her understand that none of the three was as good as they looked outside Still elder sister elder sister a ghost one does not know how many years of old guy pretending to be crazy is handy do not think you can cover up the vicissitudes of your heart No matter who wins I will listen to his explanation! It's better to be unhappy than to be alone so let's be together! "Say it quickly!" Xuanyuan Zhan felt that if he let this man and three beasts go on his Detergent Chemicals affairs would be forgotten and he also clearly found that the little girl was intentional Don't look at her she can't help you now! Xuanyuan war in the hands of the lightning crackle just experienced not long after the lightning strike Tata for thunder and lightning at this time still has a deep shadow a bitter look at Qian Mo that pretended to be invisible expression All right all right! But don't regret it! Tata said this to Shi Qianmo "If you do nothing to save me don't blame me for showing no mercy!"! Shi Qianmo could not see what Tata was drawing in the void but Shi Cheng and Zero knew each other This kind of contract is not a little bit stronger than the equal contract the symbiotic contract and the soul contract but the most overbearing and insoluble contract It is estimated that this kind of contract only exists in the memory of some ancient mythical beasts with inheritance Previously they only thought that the empty beast was a cub that had not grown up but now it seems that they have misjudged it Put your mental strength and your heart and soul into this contract Tata had never been so serious when Qian Mo felt something was wrong but when he thought about signing the contract it was all hard work and mental strength so there was no doubt Wait for two people to finish according to the steps the golden light flashes into two people's eyebrows and then two people actually have a kind of life after life will be tied by each other's feeling Tata on the other hand had already fainted and this time Qian Mo's bad feelings were confirmed Chapter 262 why do you like me (more for the warm-hearted baby) Tata who woke up not only did not get any comfort of concern but in addition to the expressionless face of Xuanyuan Zhan Qian Mo and the two mythical beasts wanted to strangle it Are you willing to wake up 。 globalchemmall.com


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