Lu Yi thought for a moment

This summer is still a denial: "No, no!" "If it's about Miss Zhai, with the temperament of Chief Yang." Lu Yi thought for a moment, "I'm afraid it's more than just scolding, and I don't think you have the courage to tell him about it.&

This summer went on to say, "I suspected that there was a mole in the Wu'an Gang, so I told Lord Shangguan that Yang Yue and I had taken your name. In fact, you didn't know about it.". By the look of her, I believe it. If she mentions it to you, you just pretend you don't know. In this way, you will not be involved. With mixed emotions in his eyes, Lu Yi asked lightly, "So, were you hurt by her?" "No.." I, I and her a Rui exchanged a few moves. "Do you still compete with him in the kung fu of a three-legged cat?" Lu Yi did not have a good airway, "let him beat you directly faster." This summer hung his head and began to rub his toes against the floor tiles habitually. "I didn't expect him to be so good at kung fu," he said. Overreach yourself! "Your Excellency has taught you a lesson." She whispered. Her low eyebrows in the past are all put on, Lu Yi is not unaware, but today like this, just listening to the voice makes people feel weak. He stared at her for a long time and asked directly, "What's the matter with you?" It's all right, I'm all right. By the way, one more thing is that yesterday. I, I, I especially, especially have no sense of propriety, "she clearly hung her head, but still stammered,rapid sand filters," is to ask you to help me find my biological parents, I, I know it is over, now I know it is wrong, adults you do not have to put this matter, put, take it to heart.. I won't be so indiscreet in the future. Looking at her, Lu Yi hesitated for a moment and then deliberately said,filter nozzle, "Oh, it's because of this. I just asked casually yesterday, but I didn't promise to help you find it." As he spoke, he saw this summer look up at himself quickly, and for a moment, the water in her eyes crashed heavily into his heart. So, that, that.. That's just right. Retire from a humble position. She turned around silently this summer, but before she could take a step, she was grabbed and forced to turn around. It was Lu Yi who reached out of the window and caught her. Why do you say that when you're hoping I can help you? He said angrily, "are you going to cry?" As soon as his voice fell, two tears as big as beans fell from his eyes. You Lu Yi has no way to take her, sighed, "come in first, what words to say slowly." He shook his head and kept silent this summer. Come on in. That's an order. Lu Yi can only say. This summer hesitated, took a step forward, and began to climb the window with both hands and feet. This girl, Rotating sludge scraper ,Mechanical fine screen, is not the whole brain does not turn? Lu Yi said helplessly, ".." The door is open. Come in through the door. "Oh.." Only then did he go around to the door. When he pushed the door, he still hesitated. Then he pushed it open gently and stepped into the door. He asked cautiously, "What else do you want me to do?" Lu Yixing went to the table and poured himself a cup of tea. Then he looked at her again and again and said, "Tell me why your temperament has changed so much." "How can I have a big change in temperament?" This summer, thinking that this seemed not respectful enough, he changed it to, "There is no great change in temperament in a humble position." "When did you become …" So respectful to me? "I, no, I have always been very respectful to you in my heart, but because I was born in a vulgar street, I often misbehaved and offended you. Please forgive me. I will be cautious in my words and deeds in the future." Lu Yi took a sip of tea, looked at her for a moment, nodded and said, "Have you been taught a lesson?" Shaking his head warily this summer, he said, "No, I was humble enough to reflect on myself." "Lord Liu?"? No, you don't listen to him. So, it's Chief Yang. Have you been to the hospital today? This summer hemmed and hawed: "I have been to the hospital..." But, but this has nothing to do with the chief. As if unaware of her words, Lu Yi then said slowly, "You must have said something to Chief Yang, and then he scolded you heavily.". What did he say? About Miss Zhai or about finding her biological parents? This summer is still a denial: "No, no!" "If it's about Miss Zhai, with the temperament of Chief Yang." Lu Yi thought for a moment, "I'm afraid it's more than just scolding, and I don't think you have the courage to tell him about it." I can only keep silent this summer. So, it's about finding your biological parents. How did he scold you for getting too close to me and bothering me with such a private matter? He looked at her brightly. His analysis was so well-founded that it was as if he had seen it with his own eyes. This summer, he could not refute it any more. He had to say, "The boss has taught me the right lesson. He has already known his mistake. Fortunately.." Fortunately, your excellency had not taken the matter to heart. Lu Yi snorted coldly, "You look like you're afraid to avoid me. Do you want me to curry favor with you?" This summer did not understand his words, only along the way: "I dare not humble position." "Chief Yang said that you were afraid to avoid me." Lu Yi got up and walked to the north window with a deep sigh. "I saved you in the Peach Blossom Forest and helped you several times.." Hearing what he said, I felt that I was really not a person inside and outside, so I could only comfort him first: "My Lord, I didn't.." "You go out." He said lightly. My Lord, I.. "Go out, I want to be alone." He said. This summer had no choice but to retreat to the door and say, "That's all right.." I really think you are very nice, my Lord, don't be annoyed. And don't be sad. Hearing the sound of her closing the door, Lu Yi turned around and shook his head angrily and laughingly. It seems that it is time to find out the injuries of Chief Yang. As soon as it was dark, Yang Yue lit the lamp for his father and retreated, sitting on the stone steps in a silent daze. The moss between the stone steps was dark green and stained his clothes. Nearby, a few dogtail grasses swayed gently in the evening breeze. He couldn't help wondering if he and this summer were just like this dog's tail grass, trying their best to live, trying their best to make themselves happy, but no matter how hard they tried, they were still weeds after all, and when the wind passed, they had to bow and scrape to people. Just as he was thinking about it,fine bubble diffuser, he appeared straight in front of his eyes, dressed in a dark moire of bamboo green. As soon as he raised his eyes, he quickly stood up and saluted: "See Lord Lu." 。


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