Chu Yan ran pushed Yang Xiaoguang again

At this time, Chu Yan ran pushed Yang Xiaoguang again: "You go upstairs to sleep, I will take my aunt away later." "Okay." Yang Xiaoguang said nothing, then went upstairs and went back to his room.

All right. In a word, remember to lock the door, my boyfriend is very good-sex, if you are seen naked by him, I will not be responsible. Chu Yan ran said again. "Good-color," the woman smiled: "I like. Chu Yan ran with tears in her eyes: "Auntie, are you going to rob a man with your niece?"? My mother is so kind to you that she treats you as her own daughter. She has been shielding you and protecting you since she was a child. She is closer than her own daughter. Are you so worthy of your second aunt? Chapter 312 I'm angry, I'm angry, I'm really angry! "Well," the woman continued to lie on the edge of the bathtub, smiling at Chu Yan ran: "Yan ran, do you like that guy so much?" "Like, like very much, like to die can not live." Chu Yan ran hurriedly way. In her impression, her evil aunt liked to rob other people's things, but she seldom robbed her own things. It's rare to rob, but it's not not to rob. I will never forget when I was seven years old, this woman robbed her New Year's money to play video games! In a word,heavy duty rack manufacturers, Chu Yan ran can only hope that her aunt can see in her face, let Yang Xiaoguang go. Otherwise, this can't be explained to Xia He. What would you do if your boyfriend cheated on you? The woman said again. What do you mean? "If, I mean if, your boyfriend secretly finds a fortune teller behind your back, which day is an auspicious day.". What would you do? The woman said again. Yang Xiaoguang,heavy duty cantilever racks, who had been closing his eyes in the bathtub, heard this and suddenly opened his eyes. He remembered! At the beginning, he and Xia He once looked for a fortune-teller who wore a Taoist robe and had a big beard but no Adam's apple to have a divination to see which day was more suitable for wedding candles. At that time, Yang Xiaoguang suspected that the female Taoist priest was disguised as a man. So that's it! Now he finally understood why he had always felt that the woman looked familiar and had always felt that he had seen her somewhere. Because, this woman is the female Taoist priest who had done divination for herself and Xia He! “!” Dark scolded, Yang Xiaoguang then began to realize that he was hiding under the woman. And this woman, no clothes. Gollum ~ Swallowing saliva, Yang Xiaoguang's nostril capillaries burst instantly. I really have a nosebleed! Chu Yan ran naturally did not know the thing in the bathtub, she was so forced by the woman to ask, a little bit panic. It's impossible for my boyfriend to cheat on me. Chu Yan ran could only bite the bullet. Then let him say it himself. With that, the woman pulled Yang Xiaoguang out of the bathtub directly. Seeing Yang Xiaoguang come out of the bathtub and still have a nosebleed, the young woman's face turned black into carbon in an instant. Honey, let me explain! Yang Xiaoguang quickly covered his nose and said, medium duty racking ,asrs warehouse, "I thought you were taking a bath. I wanted to rub your back today, but I didn't expect it." The words did not finish, Yang Xiaoguang was Chu Yan ran to pull the ear to pull out. Yang Xiaoguang, what did my aunt mean by that? Away from the bathroom, Chu Yan ran let go of his hand and said. Hey. Yang Xiaoguang sighed and then talked about the matter of divination. He paused and said with burning eyes, "Dear, I didn't expect you to be so affectionate to me!" Words did not speak, Yang Xiaoguang was Chu Yan ran stepped on a foot. With a black face, the young woman Chu said, "Yang Xiaoguang, is your brain squeezed by the door?"? I did it to fool my aunt, to protect you, a playboy bastard, for Xia He. How could I be attracted to a bastard like you? Anyway, you guys are really spineless. I tell you that my aunt is the kind of woman who has a black belly, likes to play with men, and her heart is extremely distorted. You! You're hiding under her ass! You're hopeless! Are you men made of sperm? Yang Xiaoguang was a little wilting in an instant. The woman really had no love interest in herself. At this time, Chu Yan ran pushed Yang Xiaoguang again: "You go upstairs to sleep, I will take my aunt away later." "Okay." Yang Xiaoguang said nothing, then went upstairs and went back to his room. The water on the clothes has been pumped out by him. Standing on the balcony, Yang Xiaoguang looked at the moon and fell into meditation. "Speaking of, why can I understand the words on the ancient battlefield?" Yang Xiaoguang thought about it, the only possibility was the memory picture that came out of his mind before he died half a year ago. He rubbed his head. "What are those scrolls?"? Is it my sealed memory, or what? Yang Xiaoguang did not dare to think about the memory of his previous life. After all, this kind of thing is too ridiculous. Even though Nangong Kaixin once mentioned the matter of reincarnation, Yang Xiaoguang still felt that it was too absurd. Moments later, with nothing to gain, Yang Xiaoguang had to give up. Forget it. Let's think about another problem that needs to be solved. Yang Xiaoguang then frowned and pondered. Another problem he needs to solve is the problem of his own cultivation. I don't know if it's because of the mysterious beads, but now I don't have the breath of cultivation at all. That's a good thing. After all, you can scare people and pretend to be strong. Generally speaking, in the era of Reiki recovery, there is a lack of means to cover up the breath of cultivation, and people with high cultivation can easily sense the low level of cultivation. On the contrary, people with low cultivation can not sense the breath of cultivation with high cultivation realm. If you can't sense the other side's cultivation, you will generally think that the other side is better than yourself. Yang Xiaoguang can rely on his unique advantages to pretend to be a strong man. However, the problem is that once exposed, I am afraid I will become a fragrant prey, after all, the way to cover up the breath or treasure is still very tempting. I wonder if there is a way to forge the breath of cultivation? It's easier to cover up for yourself with four or five layers of congealing than not at all. Yang Xiaoguang then laughed at himself. This kind of method sounds to belong to that kind of very high-end technique, how can this kind of nimbus revive times can have? Sleep,Automated warehouse systems, sleep, think of the headache. Then Yang Xiaoguang lay down on the bed and went to sleep. As the saying goes, there are dreams in the day and in the night. Yang Xiaoguang dreamed again about the matter of cultivating breath that he had been entangled with before.


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