Do you think these are OK?

It happened that our group had just approved some fabrics, and I bought the extra ones. Do you think these are OK? Other things are also OK, you say it.

Sure enough, the next second she said to Yang Peimin, "Hello, Comrade Yang. I am Qiao Ying from the art troupe in the city. I admire your makeup skills very much. I want to ask you about it." Qiao Ying's face was smiling and her expression was kind and sincere, from which we can see that she really came to consult sincerely. Yang Peimin nodded, but it didn't matter. He said with a smile, "I dare not say that I want to ask for advice. If Colonel Qiao doesn't mind, we can discuss it." Qiao Ying invited her to one side and said, "Don't call me Colonel Qiao. Seeing that you are younger than me, you can call me Qiao Ying or Qiao Jie." Chapter 115 letters. Qiao Ying asked her to go to the vacant place on one side, where Shen Yiyue could see them. Our art troupe also put out a program today, for which it was prepared three months earlier. I thought I could come out on top as in previous years, but after all, there are people outside the mountains. "We didn't know until later that the three characters were made up. It was really surprising. How did you do that?"? At this point, it has already added a lot of points. "Since I joined the art troupe at the age of 16, I have performed no less than 200 performances, large and small. From the General Military Region to the rural production team,heavy duty metal racking, I have never seen such craftsmanship as yours. It seems that I have a superb feeling." Yang Peimin shook his head and laughed. "I'm flattered, Colonel Qiao. It's not as good as you said." "Comrade Yang doesn't know if we can ask you for advice. It should be said that we can teach me and worship the teacher." Qiao Ying looked at Yang Peimin with a sincere face and a bright tone. Makeup is too important for actors on stage. You know, they usually have their own face fat, even if they put on some face fat, almost all of them are plain face. Yang Peimin's appearance is like opening the door to a new world. Yang Peimin waved her hand, for this technology she is not stingy to teach people, is a popular thing,industrial racking systems, even without her people will soon. If we spread it now, we can spread the demand earlier. Don't say anything about apprenticeship. You can come to me if you have any problems on your face. Qiao Ying asked about her residence, knowing that she lived in the countryside seventy or eighty kilometers away, some regret, "but some regret, can not often go to you." Yang Peimin did not think so much, directly took cosmetics to demonstrate to her again, "when the time comes I will write a step down for you." Qiao Ying looked at her brisk appearance and was very happy. She read it herself, asked several more questions, and simply wrote down some steps. How can I contact you later? Depending on your age, are you working or in school? Qiao Ying asked, she was curious about Yang Peimin, push back racking system ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, and did not know where she learned this craft? But also rural people. Yang Peimin raised his eyebrows and often contacted him by writing a letter. "Just send it to the brigade. Now I'll try to do it again for you." Standing at Yang Peimin's side, Qiao Ying saw a girl who had come to experience the foundation. She quickly adjusted her skin color to a bright and comfortable color. Her eyes were also looking at her movements. She asked, "Where did you buy these things?"? I didn't see these things outside in the mall. In fact, there are, although very few, but there are also foundation lipstick and so on, but that is in the Huiqiao store, imported things. I didn't think the girl in front of me also had it. And it was a whole set, several of which she had never heard of. When Yang Peimin said it was her own tune, she was even more shocked. Looking at Yang Peimin's eyes is also slightly different. Qiao Ying looked at the tool in her hand and opened her mouth and asked, "can I change it for you?"? It happened that our group had just approved some fabrics, and I bought the extra ones. Do you think these are OK? Other things are also OK, you say it. Yang Peimin shook his head. "No, I'll give you a set. It's not a rare thing. I can make another set when I go back." Qiao Ying is very surprised, but also can not take in vain, "thank you very much for Comrade Yang's generosity, but we can not take in vain, so I will invite you to dinner later, and then let someone send you back." Yang Peimin promised the help of the back, did not promise the front, which has the nerve to trouble others. Qiao Ying looked at her with some helplessness, but also appreciated her attitude, neither humble nor arrogant. After demonstrating to Qiao Ying, the performance here is also near the end. After Yang Peimin wrote down her address and some tips for making up to Qiao Ying, she also wanted to go back. Qiao Ying was reluctant to send them to the car. Shen Yiyue came to Yang Peimin's side. "Is sister-in-law Qiao's deputy head still kind?"? He doesn't seem to be a very serious person. Yang Peimin nodded. Shen Yiyue is more interested, "sister-in-law did not expect these leaders to ask us about makeup.". Did she ask us how we got these things? Did you say anything else? Yang Peimin gave her a simple solution. Shen Yiyue nodded and asked, "Will they come and ask us after that?" Yang Peimin shook his head, this oneself also say not good, she thought should be able to. The classmate on the side sees the voice of their sister-in-law, cannot help saying: "The feeling of your sister-in-law is really good." Yang Peimin chuckled. No month is more with a proud look, slightly raised his chin. Although that expression overlaps with Shen Yixiang, it looks much more lovely than Shen Yixiang. When she returned to the village, the sunspot in the team shouted to her, "Sister-in-law Yiguang, you have a package." When Yang Peimin heard this, he followed him to fetch it. Shen, Yiyiyue also came to help. The package was heavy. My sister-in-law sent something back from my brother. I don't know what it is. It's very heavy. Yang Peimin thought that there was some food in it. Last time she said in her letter that everything was good here, but there was some fruit missing. I don't know if there was such a surprise. Shen Yiguang has been back in the army for nearly a month, and they keep writing letters once a half month. Every time some trivial things can be written on three pages. Back home, she couldn't wait to take out the letter,pallet rack shelving, there are two, one is the two old, one is their own.


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