Eight precious jade food

If we do it separately, the output will be large, and it will certainly be no problem to supply these shops. But how to ensure the quality of pastries is a difficult problem.

"Lu Shifu that is urgent to come out of the disease, there is no big obstacle, but the doctor advised him to cultivate for a period of time.". If you're worried, you might as well go and see him first. Mother Xu said. Dong Xiangxiang nodded and said, "My God, I'll leave the work to you first.". I'll go and see my godfather. All right, you go. I'll do it myself. You must come back for lunch. Dong Xiangxiang nodded again, washed her hands, pushed the door and left the kitchen. At the same time, in the living room, Xie San, wearing a fat version of the sweater, is also with Uncle Ma Liaocheng West Pastry Factory. Daughter and son-in-law are not outsiders, and there is nothing to keep secret. Director Ma simply told Xie San one by one about the predicament that the factory was now facing. When Xie San heard this, he immediately moved in his heart and asked Ma Chang if the Great Wall West Pastry Factory could produce specific pastry for others. When Director Ma heard this, he nodded and said, "If there is a formula, after the adjustment of the process, it must be able to produce a specific crisp pastry.". What's more, now the output of melon seed cakes in our factory has been reduced a lot,China spa factory, and the equipment in the factory is often empty and there is no work to do. Speaking of this, Director Ma could not help sighing. Xie San thought about it and said to his father-in-law, "If that's the case, I'll let Xiang Xiang have a good chat with you after dinner.". You also know that Bazhenzhai has opened 10 shops now, and it is too busy to rely solely on manual work. Xiang Xiang has been selling shops these years and wants to expand her business. However, due to the lack of production, several shops have not yet opened up. If Uncle Ma can help her process some basic snacks in this factory. Isn't this the best of both worlds? Xiang Xiang doesn't have to think about opening a pastry processing factory anymore. As soon as Uncle Ma heard this,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, his eyes lit up and he patted his thigh and said. If this can really help you process snacks, it will be a good thing for our factory. It's just that Bazhen Zhai's snacks are exquisite and broken. If we make cakes here, can we be satisfied with Xiangxiang there? Xie San opened his mouth and said, "It depends on your cooperation."? If the people in the factory cooperate enough, Xiang Xiang will surely come up with a way. Uncle Ma nodded and said, "That's all right. You can talk to Xiang Xiang first and let her think about it.". This matter is not in a hurry for a while, wait for Xiang Xiang to think well, and then come back to discuss with me. As they spoke, Dong Xiangxiang came out of the kitchen. She goes up to say to Xie San: "Listen to mom to say, godfather is ill, I prepare to visit him in the past now." Xie San also stood up and said to her, "In that case, I'll drive with you.". Besides, I happen to have something to say to you. Dong Xiangxiang naturally nodded and agreed. Uncle Ma was very happy to see that they valued friendship so much and wanted to go to see Lao Lu. Let them go first. Dong Xiangxiang and Xie San quickly put on their coats and walked out of the door with the car keys. Lu Shifu's home is in the dormitory building of the pastry factory in the west of the city, endless swimming pool ,4 person jacuzzi, not too far from the courtyard that Xu Mu bought. It's less than ten minutes away by car. Basically, Xie San accompanies Dong Xiangxiang to visit Master Lu several times a year, which is also a familiar way. Along the way, he simply told his daughter-in-law what he had talked about with Uncle Ma. When Dong Xiangxiang heard this, she could not help looking at her own man with a smiling face and said. Third brother, we really want to go to the same place. I wanted to talk to Uncle Ma about it after seeing my godfather. But Xie San said, "These days, you are very anxious about this.". Don't I have to help you think about it all the time? If it is settled at that time, we can hand over some basic snacks to the pastry factory in the west of the city. Our pastry chef over there can concentrate on making some high-end snacks made by hand. If we do it separately, the output will be large, and it will certainly be no problem to supply these shops. But how to ensure the quality of pastries is a difficult problem. On the other hand, the recipe for the pastry should be kept secret. When Dong Xiangxiang heard the third brother's advice, she couldn't help laughing. I thought of a simple way in my heart. At that time, we can open a small pastry factory to provide fillings for the pastry factory in the west of the city. ” Xie San listened to her words, but also thought it was a good way. Soon, they arrived at the door of Lu's house, and there was no time to go on talking in detail. We have to give up for the time being. As soon as I entered the gate of the Lu family, I saw Master Lu looking like he was recovering from a serious illness. At this time, Master Lu's eyebrows and eyes were gray, and he was no longer young, but he was still open-minded and easy-going. When he saw Dong Xiangxiang and Xie San coming over, there was a little more joy on his face. He asked the children to take down the gifts brought by Dong Xiangxiang first. Soon, the cake and fruit plate were brought up and the tea was made. Master Lu began to chat with Dong Xiangxiang. He didn't want to talk about the troubles in the factory. Just pick some family gossip topics to say. While chatting, Dong Xiangxiang asked about Lu Hongwei, the grandson of Master Lu. Lu Hongwei, four years younger than Dong Xiangxiang, chose to join the army after graduating from high school. Originally, the development was also very good. The year before last, I had an accident and injured my leg. Last year, I went home. Lu Hongwei is a man with blood and uprightness. He doesn't treat himself as a disabled person. Therefore, he did not accept care, but chose to choose his own career. Originally last year, Dong Xiangxiang wanted Lu Hongwei to work with them. But Lu Hongwei himself did not want to, for one thing, he did not want to drag down his relatives, and for another, he also wanted to let go of his hands and go to the hall first. Dong Xiangxiang later asked, only to know that he also had the idea of starting his own business. Dong Xiangxiang was very supportive of this matter, and she even offered to help Lu Hongwei invest. Over the past year, Lu Hongwei stumbled and did not go smoothly. His body was disabled, and he was always frustrated when he went out to find a job. But in this way, he never lost confidence. A few months ago, I finally found a job in a private pastry factory. As soon as Master Lu heard Dong Xiangxiang asking about his grandson, he nodded and said with a smile,hot tub spa manufacturers, "Hongwei is fine now, but their factory is busy and they are still working overtime today.". Otherwise, you can talk about it. 。 monalisa.com


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