Game of death

Dan hundreds of meters away, a dragon fell from the sky, the sword flashed, the dragons were amputated in an instant, blood spilled all over the square

Soon, Jin Tian's voice stopped. Its eyes reveal a thick color of resentment, and the whole body of the dragon has been broken. The dense white bones make people palpitate. Ding! Kill Jin Tian, the Dragon Clan who moved mountains and toppled the sea! Get 3500000 experience points! Karma plus 7856! "Ding!"! You have been promoted to level 1, and your current level is 99! The sound of two system prompts did not stop the single fall. He was still eating the flesh and blood of Jintian by himself, and at the same time he could feel the warmth in his body, a kind of unspeakable satisfaction, and at the same time he felt that the muscles of his whole body were undergoing extreme changes. Ding! As you devour the dragons who have moved mountains and seas, unknown changes are taking place in your body at this time! With a long roar, he raised his head contentedly. Less than one fifth of his blood had been restored. The surging power in his body made him feel like a cloud. The next moment he looked down at the wheel Dan standing in front of the giant gate. The scarlet dragon's eyes were terrible. He began to walk towards her step by step, shaking the square with his huge body. And Lundan, like a stake, remained motionless, letting the single fall close to him. Boom! The more than three thousand remaining gods will break through the encirclement of the Demons and rush to Lundan. The long knives in their hands are flashing in the air. I don't know when the sky will begin to gather rolling thunderclouds. Ding! Your own fighting power breaks through five million, and you are promoted to move mountains and seas! "Ding!"! World Announcement: The Asian player has fallen to become the first player in the world to move mountains and seas. The system hereby announces that the event will be recorded in the player's big event! The announcement of the world suddenly sounded in the minds of all the players, and immediately everyone turned their heads and looked alone in horror. Jason,aluminium tile trim profiles, who was sitting in the studio, soon learned the news. Audience friends, the fall promotion has moved mountains and seas. It's incredible. Hell level is still a threshold that most players dare not cross. But the degeneration actually took the lead to advance the moving mountains and seas territory, once again refreshed the player's highest strength! Jason said excitedly. It made countless audiences crazy, and the degenerate fans were screaming in their own homes. Causing neighbors to scold again and again. The forum of the word era has been dominated by the word "moving mountains", and most players have never heard of "moving mountains". Only some top players have access to it,tile trim manufacturers, but now the fall has opened an unprecedented door for them. Above the hell level is moving mountains and seas! As he stepped alone, his dragon body began to shrink rapidly, and his dragon scales were scattered in the air. Under the shocked look of everyone, he began to transform into a human body. When the dragon body shrank to four meters long, he quickly took out a black suit from the ring space and quickly put it on under the cover of black dragon scales all over the sky. The red hair on his back like a flame quickly turned into thick black hair. Whew! The Great Sword suddenly flew out from the bottom of the sea and fell into his right hand alone. His eyes were red at the moment, and his face was still so handsome except for the change of hair color. Fallen white hair turned black, tut, hair dye maniac ah, hair color is always changing! Jason joked, but the audience focused their attention on the single person in the picture. Black dragon scales were flying all over the sky, while a single man in black was walking towards Lundan with a giant sword. His expression was indifferent and his eyes were red. Players noticed that he had two dragon horns on his forehead, aluminum tile trim ,stainless steel tile trim, and his hands with exposed sleeves were also dragon claws, like a half-dragon player, but his momentum was very different. Ding! Your black-dollar brontosaurus was transformed successfully! Listening to the system prompt sound in my mind, Shan Luo's face remained unchanged, his eyes were staring at the wheel Dan hundreds of meters away, a dragon fell from the sky, the sword flashed, the dragons were amputated in an instant, blood spilled all over the square, and everyone only saw Shan Luo's right hand trembling slightly. "Ding!"! Kill 134 blue dragons and gain 230000 experience points! "Ding!"! Kill 132 White Dragon and gain 213000 experience points! "Ding!"! Kill level 135 Red Dragon and gain 239000 experience points! A series of system prompts sounded one after another. At the moment, he was like a God of death. His body was full of threatening pressure. His black hair was dancing vigorously. The red light in his eyes gradually dissipated. At the moment, he had not yet removed the three state skills of the battle formula, the real body of the black element brontosaurus and the bloodthirsty madness. At this moment, his fighting power has reached an incredible 40 million! More than three thousand gods will wield a knife to cut alone, behind him is the figure of the gods, in this moment everyone is nervous, but alone suddenly turned to cut a sword, a blood sword gas wrapped around the thunder and lightning will sweep more than three thousand gods in an instant. Time seemed to stop at this moment, and Caesar in the air, Chengnan Chenghuang, Spirit, Lunqiu, Dusk Leader, Li Meng, Lingdang, Lengjian, Octagonal and so on all stared at it. "Boom-crackle-" More than three thousand gods will die suddenly in an instant, as if broken into black smoke, and even the space is faintly fluctuating, filled with thunder and lightning. Ding! Kill a God of unknown level and gain 100000 experience points! "Ding!"! Kill the God of unknown level and gain 110000 experience points! "Ding!"! Kill the God of unknown level and gain 99000 experience points! The system prompt sound sounds crazily, at the same time the level promotion prompt sound also mixes in it, the sound falls in the mind alone for a long time non-stop. (To be continued.) Chapter six hundred and eight beheaded God will "Ding!"! You're up one level, and your current level is 101! "Ding!"! Kill the God of unknown level and gain 110000 experience points! …… "Ding!"! You have been promoted to level 1, and your current level is 103! The sound of the system kept ringing in his mind, and all the players in the square could feel the depressing momentum coming from him, and Lunqiu and Lundan looked at him trembling all over. More than three thousand gods were killed by him! The black hair dances vigorously, the blood light in the single eye also all dissipates,stainless steel tile edge trim, is replaced by the cold and profound, before long the system prompt tone finally stopped, and his level has already soared to 112 levels! "Boom-".


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