The man is a dog.

When the banquet officially began, Gu Yuzhou counted the number of guests for the last time, and a total of 37 people came.

Laobai and Gu Yuzhou laughed very happily when they were gossiping about their husband and wife. He also sighed with emotion: "I am not the same as you, the younger generation, when I accompany the old chief. You don't know that you take care of Jindong in the hospital these days. The old man laughs all day and is very happy.".  Later, the old man was afraid that he was too fat to get the disease of affluence, and asked him to run more and move more, and trained Dongzi strictly according to the standard of training small soldiers. Unfortunately, Dongzi's slim and fit figure never came back. He is a little fat,warehouse pallet racks, but he has not deteriorated in other aspects, and he still looks like a good dog. You've been staring at Dongzi for a week. Have you found anything? He stared for a week, and she held back for a week, and she didn't have the nerve to ask him about the specific situation. He Jindong still kept his eyes on Dongzi, pursed his lips and looked unfathomable. I think it's no problem for us to communicate, "He Jindong said with a wring of brows.". Gu Yuzhou is puzzled, "since communication is no problem, that proves that your ability has not all disappeared, do you think it is a good thing or a bad thing?" "I am also thinking about this problem," He Jindong is also somewhat confused. It's a good thing. What's the use of such a broken ability? He can't organize an army of dogs around him every day to listen to his command and help him do things. In that case, he still has to be regarded as a monster! It's not a good thing to say. After all, it's a skill that you have that others don't have. Maybe you can use it at any time. It's better than not having it all. Forget it. Don't worry about it. If you have time to stare at Dongzi here, shuttle rack system ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, you might as well help your father to arrange a banquet. You see how busy the second father has been running on both sides of the unit and at home these two days. "Gu Yuzhou found a job for him.". He Ye said before to do a wedding with yuan Wu is not a casual talk, this matter really started to do. It may be a bit tacky to say the wedding, but in fact, they want to invite their comrades who have fought together to have a drink and listen to their blessings in the name of husband and wife. A squadron of nearly fifty people, more than half of them retired a few years later there is no contact, also do not know what method he Ye is used, even in a short period of three days on almost all people. Why is it almost? Because some comrades in arms have passed away.  The original battle plan was carried out as usual, and finally the enemy was completely wiped out,asrs warehouse, and they won the final victory. Fortunately, he saved his life after being sent to the hospital, but he also lost the ability to stand.


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