The blue sky of online games

The blue sky of online gamesThe blue sky of online gamesThe blue sky of online games

I also came forward to join in the fun and found that the humanoid monster was similar to the player's warrior, but his equipment was very good, so it attracted the attention of those players, otherwise who knew it was a humanoid monster? That guy's strength is also very strong, but also can use Fen Shen, a turn into five or six Fen Shen, all with physical attacks, and the body seems to be similar, and he uses Fen Shen's frequency is very high, Fen Sheng or himself is hit by negative magic, he immediately uses Fen Sheng, re-illusion of several Fen Zheng, and those negative effects are all gone. I lost a few snooping in a row, only to find the samurai itself, 450 ninja, the strength of the God beast level, no wonder it is so difficult to deal with, fortunately, this guy will not ninja invisibility, otherwise those players must be players, but if this goes on, there are many players who hang up, but the spirit of those Dongyang players who are not afraid of death is reflected here. The back is crowded up, and the players who are resurrected in situ are pushed outside. It was a pity that I didn't help them, because I knew that the life value of the hermit was still long. Whenever there was danger, the guy would use the separation technique to avoid it. It was still early for the players to kill him. I quietly withdrew from the battlefield and found an empty place to search for the explosive treasures of Jiro Oda and his men. While looking at Oda Jiro burst out of the baby,65 inch touch screen, I am happy, Oda Jiro must be crying to death, he burst out of the equipment is actually a set of day artifact suit, but also less one, less a pair of shoes, I do not know Oda Jirou that pair of shoes is not burst out ah, or he did not have, of course, I did not notice clearly,interactive digital whiteboard, there are many other treasures, artifacts can be many. There are five rings alone, which I can't use myself, so I take them back and give them to my wife. Many of the other artifacts should be exploded by Jiro Oda's men, because there are several weapons. Then there is Jiro Oda's sword, which is a precious sword. It belongs to the same level of treasure as the eight mirrors I have now. I really don't know where this guy got it. Tian Cong Yun Jian Weapon Sword, super artifact, unowned, cannot be exploded, stolen, traded, discarded, or destroyed + 500 Constitution, + 500 Strength, + 500 Spirit, + 500 Agility, Ignore Defense, Double Attack, interactive boards for classrooms ,interactive panel board, Double Skill Attack Again, 5% Temporarily Seal Opponent's Skill,?? Attached skills: Splitting Thunder Sword, Lightning Surround, Kill,?? It's another super artifact with an unopened sword. Anyway, keep it first. This sword is a weapon without God's defense. No wonder it can kill me so much life value when my Dragon God absorbs 50% damage before. Then look for other things, there is a bracelet, called the chain of the day of the bracelet and my greedy bracelet has the same effect, but less of an automatic pick-up function, but more of an explosion rate halved function, no wonder Oda Jiro that guy hung up so many times before exposure, this bracelet itself does not need to use, go back to the dragon less, anyway, I have a greedy bracelet. But I don't know if there is anything in the chain of this day. It's a pity that you have to recognize the Lord before you can open it. Fortunately, this artifact is just an ordinary artifact. It doesn't cost too much (in fact, it's a lot) to remove the Lord after you go back. After recognizing the Lord of the chains of heaven, I opened the infinite storage space inside and almost fainted. I had to say that Jiro Oda was a super idiot and a super donkey, plus a super idiot. Apart from anything else, there were more than 136850000 gold coins in it alone. What did this guy do with so much money? Although the items in the chain of heaven can't be exploded, and they are better than my greedy bracelet, they can't be stolen, but he seems to have forgotten that players in other continents, whether he is the artifact of the Lord or not, still have an explosion rate. Not to mention the gold coins in the chain of heaven, the items alone can be piled up into a small hill. Alas, I have to help him sort them out. There are too many items in it. Fortunately, I have a greedy bracelet. I throw all the materials into the greedy bracelet. Other equipment is divided according to the level. It turns out that there are at least tens of thousands of pieces of equipment in it. I don't know where this guy came from. But there is nothing to say about his high lucky value. Tens of thousands of pieces of equipment, not to mention below the gold level, there are 378 pieces of immortals, 08 pieces of artifacts (his family is an artifact shop, no way), six pieces of celestial artifacts (they do not use, can not be used by others, idle in storage, free time can also be taken out to see), super artifacts 0 pieces (no is no). Looking at so many pieces of equipment, I was so happy that I almost cried out loudly. Fortunately, I didn't cry out, otherwise I would certainly attract other people's attention. I'm going to send it. So many pieces of equipment don't want to send it. But I don't seem to be short of money. But I don't know if Jiro Oda is going to cry and hang himself, but it seems that the Japanese don't like hanging themselves, but like hara-kiri. Does that make me guilty of indirect homicide? And there's a robbery! Then look at other things, there are skill books, collate together a count, there are more than three hundred, but also each profession has, more importantly, the ultimate skill book he actually has five useless, is really a black sheep, but my ultimate skill book and more than five, unfortunately I do not use, but I found a samurai's basic skill book. In this way, I can learn one more samurai's ultimate skill, King Kong Body Protector. This King Kong Body Protector should be invincible in a short time, and it is said that Jiro Oda should also learn it,75 inch smart board, but how can he not use it? Do not understand, do not understand, can only be attributed to Jiro Oda is a super fool.


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