The power of Lei Di

The power of Lei DiThe power of Lei DiThe power of Lei DiThe power of Lei Di

The black dragon broke through the strange attack of the God under the vine, and suddenly the sword gas in the air, moved again, together with the blue black dragon, there was nowhere to hide under the vine. The God under the vine sent out a roar that he dared not, like a man but not a man, like a beast but not a beast. Countless sword gas penetrated his body, Canglong's huge mouth tightly bit his body, under the fierce sword gas, the vine was dismembered. Wait! Ouyang Lingfeng's running body finally arrived, but he saw the dead eyes under the vine,Gear Reduction Motor, and Chen Zui followed. The sky was dark again. Hu Ming looked at Ouyang Lingfeng with fire in his eyes. He pointed at Ouyang Lingfeng: "Big Brother, that's him, that's the boy. He insulted us and said we were the scum of Qingcheng." Ouyang Lingfeng wanted to capture Fujita alive and get something useful out of Fujita's mouth. When Japan retaliated another day, this information was indispensable. However, regardless of the overall situation,micro gear motor, the cultivator insisted on killing Fujishita. It's you! Ouyang Lingfeng did not speak, but Chen Zui spoke! He stared at the five practitioners on top of his head, very familiar with the Qingcheng practitioners who had attempted to rape Zhou Qian. Don't you practitioners just get in the way? Ouyang Lingfeng walked up to a pile of minced meat to see if there were any clues to be found. Hum, you are Lei Di! Your little power can dominate in the earthly world, but in the realm of cultivation, it is not worth mentioning. Sima Lin said lightly. He wanted to see Lei Di early in the morning, but when he saw Ouyang Lingfeng today, he must also be a rubbish. Chen Zui, Small Dc Gear Motor ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, don't do it. These people are not worth it. Ouyang Lingfeng's face was cold, and the vines on the ground turned into a pool of minced meat, and he felt sick when he saw it. You will pay for your words! Hu Ming was furious, his body was full of blue light, with a whoosh, holding a flying sword, the momentum was like a rainbow, a wisp of blue sword gas accompanied by the body rushed to Ouyang Lingfeng. Hu Ming spent half a month in seclusion for revenge. In order to kill Ouyang Lingfeng, that day, not only insulted the Qingcheng faction, but also insulted him. Devoted to seeking revenge, Ouyang Lingfeng felt the murderous look in Hu Ming's eyes, which must have been the trouble he got into. As soon as Ouyang Lingfeng waved his hand, dozens of finger-sized thunder and lightning snapped, tearing the air, and with a bang, Hu Ming was knocked back. Shushan has all gone back. Don't you know how to restrain yourself? Ouyang Lingfeng looked at Sima Lin, with the feeling, he can be sure that Sima Lin is the leader of this time. Shushan is cowardly. Another disciple took a hard look at Ouyang Lingfeng and gnashed his teeth. Sima Lin did not speak, he is not good at speaking, his selfishness is very heavy. Although Qingcheng is a wise disciple, the speed of practice is very fast, but selfishness is heavy, because Hu Ming is his cousin! Hum When Sima Lin wanted to speak, he gave a heavy snort, but Chen Zui rushed to say, "Do you think you can support the whole realm of cultivation by relying on Qingcheng?" Chen Zui did not give Qingcheng faction face, a word,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, immediately let everyone speechless. Sima Lin's face was heavy, and the muscles on his face could clearly be seen twitching. He looked at Chen Zui with hatred. The flying sword in his hand turned over. He lifted the sword and shouted, "You want to die!" 。


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