The story of floating life

I hope so. Hey, why does Diu Diu call you uncle but me sister?! I'm a generation shorter than you!

I hope so. Hey, why does Diu Diu call you uncle but me sister?! I'm a generation shorter than you! "I'm more mature than you." "Older than me!" Haha, I was born in the year of dragon, and I'm only 28 years old. Go to eat hot pot in the evening? "Hot pot?"? Yeah, yeah, I haven't eaten for a long time. "Would you like to call your grandmother and Zhong Qing to come together? They have never been invited to dinner." "Don't!"! If the two dangerous elements, the old and the young, come, they can throw you and me into the hot pot together. The two men walked along the familiar gravel path of the hospital and chatted. As he spoke, Zhong Xu looked back at the hospital building farther and farther behind him, and immediately remembered a person, needless to say, of course, Xu Fei. Just now she took the opportunity to go to the bathroom to catch a nurse to inquire about it. The man said that Xu Fei had not come to work for several days in a row. The hospital leaders were very angry about this. No one in the hospital knew where he was. As expected, the bystander may never appear again,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, at least not in her life. Is it all over?! But why hasn't the insecurity of being peeped completely subsided! Behind the white building, every window is dark eyes, watching Zhong Xu and they go away. Many shops are hung with glittering red lanterns, and the glass is pasted upside down with big lucky characters. The Spring Festival is coming, and the whole city is jubilant. Street,ultrasonic handheld welder, lively! Businessmen shout loudly and jump up and down in order to attract business, customers rush to bargain one after another, and groups of young boys and girls laugh, scold and fight. The most ordinary and real life. Sometimes Zhong Xu would think that if he was not a member of the Zhong family, he would not catch ghosts at all, or even think that ghosts were just roles made up in fairy tales to deceive children, so that his life would be much calmer and more comfortable? After fighting with ghosts for so many years, especially after Xu Fei, she was really a little tired. Szeto Yuebo turned to look at Zhong Xu beside him, smiled indifferently, and slowed down the car. All kinds of cars sped past, Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,ultrasonic molten metal, leaving a string of long colored light bands. Zhong Xu slept soundly on Szeto Yuebo's shoulder. A week later, Zhong Xu suddenly received an invitation from Situ Yuebo, inviting her family to attend the dinner of the Tang Dynasty Group. All right! It's a dinner party! There must be a lot of delicious food! Zhong Qing grabbed the invitation and kept smacking her lips. Whoo! This dinner party has a lot of background. It was reported in the newspaper the day before yesterday that all the people invited were leading figures in the business and political circles. Old Mrs. Zhong grabbed the invitation from Zhong Qing again, her eyes shining. What a big scene. Shall we go? Zhong Xu was not as excited as the grandparents and grandchildren, and she did not think she was fit to appear on that kind of occasion with bejeweled clothes and fragrant sideburns. Go "Of course I will!" The other two invitees immediately voted in favor, not allowing Zhong Xu to say no. The invitation was accompanied by a large gift box. Zhong Xu opened the purple ribbon and opened the lid of the box to see a black waist suede hunting suit and a pair of high boots of the same color. Wow, handsome! The sharp-eyed Zhong Qing took the first step to pick up the clothes and try them on herself. Give it back! Zhong Xu pinched his ear and snatched the clothes back. "This is women's clothing," he scolded. "When did you get transsexualism?"? Boring To tell you the truth, the clothes are really not bad, but, like this kind of dinner is not what to wear a floor-length dress evening dress and so on, this Situ Yuebo what the hell, send a hunting suit?! Confused, the cell phone rang. Szeto Yuebo said in a smiling voice, "Have you received it?" "I got it!"! But why did you give me such a dress? "Oh, because you are different.". I'll send a car to pick you up at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. That's it. See you tomorrow. "Hello!"! Hello Zhong Xu hung up the phone resentfully, and this Szeto Yuebo did not know what SURPRISE was doing. Looking back, Mrs. Zhong and Zhong Qing had rushed out of the door and threw her a sentence: "We went to do our hair!" Zhong Xu is speechless. Putting the hunting suit aside, she picked up the same pair of eye-catching boots! The heel seems a little high? Find a ruler to measure, no more, no less, just ten centimeters. Zhong Xu raised her eyebrows. She was 168 tall and had never worn shoes of more than 4 centimeters. This Situ Yuebo wanted to kill her?! Looking at this unique gift, Zhong Xu was worried. The appointed time soon arrived. After three or four hours of bumping on the BENZ sent by Szeto Yuebo, we finally arrived at our destination. Excuse me, where is this place? Through the car window, Zhong Xu only saw a mountain range, which was green and lush. She couldn't help asking the driver. Oh, this is the Stu family's private ranch. However, it is seldom used to entertain guests. The driver answered honestly. Private ranch? Tut-tut, style! Zhong Qing opened the car door and jumped out excitedly. Old Mrs. Zhong and Zhong Xu followed closely and got out of the car. The place where they got off was a parking lot built on the top of the hill. In addition to the Benz, the opposite row of parking spaces was headed by Situ Yuebo's familiar BMW, followed by dozens of famous cars like beauty pageants. So many people came? Zhong Xu looked at the big venue, and from this pile of cars alone, he could easily guess that his owner must be worth a lot of money. Old Mrs. Zhong took out the invitation card and looked at it carefully. "It says it won't start until two o'clock in the afternoon. It's not one o'clock yet. Those big shots are really early." "I thought this kind of dinner would definitely be held in a five-star or six-star hotel,sonicator homogenizer, but it was in the suburbs.". I said why there was no place on the invitation! I don't know what these rich people think, pretending to be mysterious. Zhong Qing grabbed the invitation and read it again from beginning to end. He thought there would be a large number of PLMMs lining the streets to welcome the distinguished guests invited by the host himself, but he didn't expect any of them. He was somewhat disappointed. The driver who had parked his car quickly stepped forward and politely bent over: "Please come with me." 。


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