Pouring imperial concubine

Hua Xi took the order and stepped forward, giving Yan Guiren a slap in the face.

Hua Xi took the order and stepped forward, giving Yan Guiren a slap in the face. Accompanied by the sound of a crisp slap, Yan Guiren body-lean, hard to the right, hit the vermilion stone pillar, muffled sound spread all around. Immediately after that, Yang Xirong screamed and echoed everywhere. I frowned and watched Yan Guiren's forehead hit the stone pillar. Blood poured on it and slowly fell down. The snow-white ground was dyed red. I was shocked. Yan Guiren was carried back to the bedroom under the slave's seven hands and eight feet. I didn't follow her, and I didn't worry about her injuries, because she brought it on herself and wanted to slander me for having an affair with Mutian. Yes, my heart has already become so cold and hard, and there is nothing for me to worry about. Maybe there is, my brother Mu Tian. When Wan Cai heard that Yan Guiren was plotting to spread the news that I had an affair with Mutian, my heart immediately missed several beats. I couldn't imagine what would happen to me and him if this thing was really spread out. Although the pure from the pure, but who can block the mouth of this faint? Pass too much Naturally,PET blow moulding machine, some people will believe it. I have already experienced the darkness and struggle for power in this palace. If you want to survive in this place, you can only let others not survive. Mutian has just returned with meritorious military service. If it causes any trouble at this moment, I am very worried about what will happen to you. In the middle of the night, a message came from Hua Xi, saying that Yan Guiren's injury was not serious, and the emperor went to visit Yan Guiren in person? Then Yan Guiren will add oil and vinegar to slander me in front of him. If I am not wrong,PET bottle Mold, he will come to Zhaofeng Palace right away. Sure enough, the sound of the emperor's arrival confirmed my accurate measurement. I stood up to greet him. Before I could stand still and see the person in front of me, I heard his voice and asked, "What did Yan Guiren do to make you so forgiving? He dragged her to the stone pillar?" The faint anger still could not decorate his anger at this time. I knew that he had been forgiving me all the time. I'm looking forward to when he is his limit. I'm waiting, when, he can't charter me anymore. Drag her against a stone pillar? I chuckled. She can really make the dead come alive. In terms of verbal skills, I really can't compare with her. With a faint smile, I was thinking about how to answer him. Do you recognize the crime of Yujia of Yan Guiren, or directly tell Yan Guiren that I have an affair with Mutian? It should be the latter. In this way, no one dares to make a big fuss about it. When I was about to open my mouth, Beverage packing machine ,water bottling line, his face was covered with a layer of frost. He gazed at me indifferently and said complicatedly, "Fuya, don't use my kindness to you as your capital to bully the harem." My slightly open lips gradually closed because of his words, and my hands and feet were a little cold. Is this a warning to me? His eyes locked on my face, lingered for a moment, and turned to leave in silence. I stopped him in a faint voice, "bless, is this the last limit of your tolerance for me?" His pace froze in place, did not look back, I carefully looked at his back, waiting for him to speak. And he was silent for a long time before he sighed, "It's not tolerance." I have been loving you with my heart. I love you as the most important person in my life. Then, without stopping, he stepped out. I immediately chased a few steps, but stopped in front of the threshold. Leaning against the palace gate feebly, looking at his resolute and proud figure gradually away from me, the incense disappeared, the wind gradually, the sky was dark and the clouds were high. My heart is full of misconceptions, and it is very desolate. Bless, your words are still so beautiful. What is left of our love now? I want It was only the last debt and the last hatred. Ten days later, the minister of war, Zhan Mutian, was granted the title of prime minister of the court, with the power to extend to the government and the public. After many days of argument and the emperor's insistence, today's conferment of the imperial edict and the golden seal and purple ribbon have been sent to the Zhaofeng Palace. As soon as the slaves in the palace saw the arrival of the imperial edict, they all rushed into the bedroom with a smile and asked me to go out to receive it. Hearing the news, I was not as happy as I had imagined, nor did I pay attention to the slaves who had knelt down behind me and asked me to receive the decree. I just leaned on the bronze mirror dressing table alone and combed my hair lazily. Feng Ling Xia Pi, Linglong Jade, Jinhuang Hairpin. Looking at the elegant grace in the mirror, the long face of the evil stick, suddenly threw the jade comb clenched in his hand on the ground. Behind the slaves are trembling on the ground,water filling machine, the flower opened his mouth, "Madam, the thorn heart is waiting for you to go out to receive the decree." gzxilinear.com


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