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Sure enough, the award ceremony at the end of the year sent an invitation to Xie An.

Sure enough, the award ceremony at the end of the year sent an invitation to Xie An. Han Mu's eyes were red when he saw it in the company. "It's too scary!" Although it was expected, I was surprised when I saw it. Lin yuan and the four of them are working in the company. After several months of road shows and small concerts, their popularity and business ability have improved. Gradually, commercial performances in small places have begun to come to them. After consulting with Hsieh An and Chen Hsiao, Han Mu pushed those commercial performances, but he still had to slowly accumulate popularity, and when he made his debut, he was caught off guard to earn eyeballs, and then slowly rose. At present, he is not in a hurry to make money. After each roadshow and small concert, they will return to the company for two days. Wang Ganli smiled when he saw the invitation in Han Mu's hand. "Don't be happy too early. This thing is not necessarily a good thing." "With this, Teacher Xie's position in the circle should be a little higher!" Gao Xing's mind is not deep, only thinking about the things on the surface, Wang Ganli tilted his head and kissed him on his face, "Baby, you can't think too simply." As far as Xie An's current fame and the achievements of Feng Yu are concerned, it's better to win an award at the awards ceremony to satisfy everyone, but if not, some people will bad-mouth Xie An's fame, but only one year later, they can't even win an award. Everything still depends on the judges of the award ceremony,artificial banyan trees, but those judges are not completely impartial, with their company's current ability, can not keep Xie An's award. Wang Ganli gave them an analysis, and the final conclusion was: "So this award ceremony, no matter whether you win the prize or not, Teacher Xie had better not go." "Clever." Xie An just pushed the door and came in. He took the invitation from Han Mu and threw it into the trash can on one side. "The winner of the Newcomer Award is the new actor of Shenghe. Let me go. It's purely trampled on." "Why are you here?" Han Mu listened to Wang Ganli's analysis, not so excited about this matter, but asked about Xie An,large palm trees for sale, since they are busy, they rarely see in the company, the original plan to change the company has been temporarily shelved. Xie An glanced at Wang Ganli. "Some children don't go home at the end of the year. The adults in the family are looking for our family to have children. Of course I have to come and have a look." When I was free, I remembered that it was the end of the year. Xie An said who, we all know, have looked at Wang Ganli, and the parties have taken a look at Gao Xing. Chinese New Year is to go home, but he and Gao Xing things, the family can accept it? During the road show, Wang Zhengqing followed them for a period of time with a gentle attitude, but Wang Ganli knew that it was because his uncle had suffered when he was young. But at home, their uncle so powerful people did not survive things, they can do it? When he was struggling, Xie An said, "He can't go on because he has no reason to go on, faux grass wall ,outdoor ficus tree, but you have." Wang Zhengqing did not like anyone at that time, but knew his own sexual orientation and hobbies, so he could not go on. But Wang Ganli's side has Gao Xing and this combination, if he can't go on, even with this combination and their years of youth are over. Wang Ganli looked at Gao Xing again. The young man interlocked his fingers with great strength, as if he could pass on greater courage to the other side. Xie An finished his business and pulled Han Mu to discuss some trifles along the way. It's time for our company to change places. Xie An said that the debt owed had been paid off, and the people Zhou Cong found had filled all the vacancies in the company. Under such circumstances, they still stayed in this small place, which was a bit of a disgrace to their company's name. This is indeed in his plan, but did not find the right place, Han Mu asked: "Where do you see appropriate?" "It's good here." Xie An pointed to the foot, the location here is really good, in the center of the city, and in the gathering place of entertainment brokerage companies. Here Han Mu frowned, here is to rent someone else's place, because this building is too shabby, so no one bought it to let him pick up a bargain. Since Xie An joined their company, the landlord has been raising the rent, if they go to buy, then the landlord must be a big mouth, not cost-effective. But on second thought, since Xie An mentioned this matter, he had his own idea. Han Mu said, "The landlord is a little money-minded." "We don't have to worry about it if someone else does it, but the company still has to pay for it." "Well, of course." Professional things, to professionals to do, as long as they are not a sucker, the landlord can not get a few money from others. Award ceremony ing The poor communication between the organizers of the award ceremony and Xie An and ST Company did not affect the original plan of the award ceremony. But they did not expect that not only Xie An, but also several directors refused to attend, saying that they had already prepared arrangements for the day. Fortunately, these three directors did not have too outstanding works this year, Luo's "Feng Yu" did not appear because of Xie An's reasons and did not have much impact, the award-winning actors and directors arrived. But what they didn't expect was that Luo Ziyun's refusal of their so-called arrangement was actually a live broadcast on the same day, and it was a live broadcast of three top directors and a top traffic script! Until the start of the live broadcast, the responsible staff are still a little stunned, do not blame their business ability is not up to standard, after all, even the parties did not think of it. Such a bad idea, of course, was not thought up by Luo Ziyun alone. While tidying up, Xie An smiled at Lin Shan and Wu Mengyuan and answered their questions, "This kind of thing is very common." The awards ceremony in the film and television industry has no special significance for singers, so on this day they should do activities, do programs and do programs, completely unaffected. They know that, but they are serious film directors. Is it appropriate to do so? Isn't this a public face award ceremony? "What are you afraid of?" It's understandable that watching the scene of bustle is not too big, but Luo Ziyun, the party concerned,faux ficus tree, is not too big, which is somewhat puzzling. Director Luo lifted his hair, "I just want to let the old judges see whether the audience is watching their award ceremony or the people who appear at the award ceremony!" 。


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