Broken jade

The princess nodded and answered, so that's all for now. At this time, Mu Shaoqi

The princess nodded and answered, so that's all for now. At this time, Mu Shaoqi, the second son of Wang Ye, was staring at me. I saw that he looked ridiculous, so I stared back. I immediately stared at the three souls and seven souls of this son, but I didn't come to my senses for a long time. Wu and Yue came out and said to me, "Princess, please come in." I ignored the two brothers and walked into the room with my head held high, leaving them in a daze. As soon as I entered the room, I immediately smelled a very thick and heavy smell, which I later learned was the smell of medicine. A pale, bloodless old man of half a century lay in bed, dying in a coma. It is hard to believe that this dying and terminally ill old man is the once imposing and famous King of Pingyang. Chapter 10 hijacking A girl with a beautiful face was half lying in front of the old man's bed, with a sad face and two tears hanging in the corner of her eyes, still not dry, so she wanted to comfort her. When he saw me come in, he immediately got up and stepped aside, waiting for my treatment. I went to Wang Ye's bed and only took one look, then I knew the cause of his illness. It turned out that the root cause of his illness was different from that accumulated by others over the years. There was a very cold force lurking in the tendons and veins of his body. This force was implicated by other miscellaneous forces and could not spread to harm the patient's body. However, it also led to the loss of the patient's body function,65 inch touch screen, unable to move normally, and therefore lethargic. Over time, the patient may not wake up for a long time. Seeing this, I opened my mouth and said, "He's not sick, he's hurt." Everyone in the room immediately nodded yes, thinking that the little girl was really not simple, and that the cause of the disease could be seen without feeling the pulse. Wang Ye was not really ill,touch screen board classroom, but was injured by the cold internal force. The next thing I heard was what I said, but everyone was stunned. There's a lot of things inside him, and they're fighting. At this time, only Wu and Yue were bright in their hearts. After Wang Ye was injured, they tried to force out the evil but failed. Later, they used rare treasures such as Millennium Ginseng and Earth Fire Dan to suppress the evil. Come to think of it, what Duan Yu said was that the internal force left by the two of them in Wang Ye's body and the potency of those precious medicines were fighting with the evil. Just as they were thinking, Mu Yuwei first broke the silence and asked, "Is there any way to save my father, Miss?" As soon as I saw her, I had a good impression on her. When I heard her question, I nodded and said, "I can cure her." After that, I stretched out a finger and pointed it at the place where the Yin force lurked. A white light came out of my fingertips and penetrated into Wang Ye's body. Under the refining of my great energy, the Yin power immediately turned into a white fog and evaporated in an instant. By the way, 75 inch smart board ,interactive flat panel display, I removed the excess medicinal properties in Wang Ye's body, so as to avoid the excess Yang power and damage to the patient's body. They saw the white light at the same time, Wang Ye's body trembled, his body was covered with white light, his face gradually returned to ruddy, breathing began to be normal, people slightly moved, unexpectedly to wake up. Everyone was overjoyed. I had never thought that my healing was so magical, especially Wu and Yue. If I hadn't been too young and had no sign of martial arts, I would have thought that I was a hidden master. You should know that the martial arts of the person who hurt Wang Ye is really terrible. If you want to solve the evil of Wang Ye, unless your skill is above this person, not to mention that you can solve it so easily and carefree. After all, there are too few people in the world who can beat this person in martial arts. After nightfall, the palace of the Prince of Pingyang was decorated with lanterns and colored streamers. It was a joyful atmosphere. After all, it was too good news. The news that Wang Yeh was seriously ill was tightly blocked except for important people. At present, the internal and external troubles of the Celestial Kingdom were all controlled by Wang Yeh, which barely supported him. The importance of the king of Pingyang is much greater than what is said outside. If Wang Ye has something to do, I'm afraid the world will be in chaos. Mu Renzong, the elder brother of Pingyang King, was indecisive, disliked politics, and had no interest in the government. If it were not for the rule of the imperial Dynasties, he would rather give up the throne to his younger brother and become a leisurely prince. However, because of his indifference to the government, the government was corrupt, the officials were corrupt, and the governance of the previous Dynasty was not good, so the Celestial Kingdom was about to collapse. Had it not been for the King of Pingyang stepping forward and supporting the overall situation alone, the future of the Celestial Kingdom would have been worrying. After the king of Pingyang came out of the mountains, Mu Renzong was also happy to hand over the trouble to the emperor's younger brother and pushed him to the front of the stage. He stayed out of it and became a leisurely emperor. This is why countless slanderers in the side of advice, want to bring down the king of Pingyang but never succeeded. But the mess that the Celestial Kingdom had accumulated over the years was not so easy to solve. The king of Pingyang often stayed up all night to discuss with his ministers and deal with the affairs of various places. Unexpectedly, one day when he was hunting in Chengxiao Forest, he was attacked by a man who single-handedly entered no man's land. The king of Pingyang was still slapped by him when many bodyguards were desperate to protect him and two masters died in the line of duty. You should know that although Wu and Yue were not around, the two men who died in the line of duty were also first-class masters of the palace, second only to Wu and Yue and Yan Tiexin. Wu and Yue want to win them easily, but it is not easy. That person unexpectedly one person's strength kills two big masters, the strength is really too high to imagine, what's more, the guards around Wang Ye are not easy with the generation. As soon as the man succeeded, he retreated. It seemed that he was sure that Wang Ye would die, but he never thought that there would be a little doctor who broke the jade. Duan Yu had become a great benefactor of the palace, and even a thousand thanks were not enough to express his gratitude. Wu Yue and Yan Tiexin had a different feeling in their hearts. In fact, they had known Wang Ye when they were young, and Wang Ye was also very young at that time. He was handsome and handsome. Especially, he treated people sincerely, without the arrogance of the royal family. The two of them were young and vigorous at that time, and had not yet made a name for themselves in Jianghu. The three of them felt like old friends at first sight and made friends. Later, seeing that Wang Ye was wise and decisive,electronic board for classroom, calm and calm when things happened, the heroic momentum of the faction was secretly convinced in people's hearts. Since then, they have called each other brother and become close friends.


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