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Su Yufu said, "Oh, there is no sunshine in the morning. I really didn't find this.".

Su Yufu said, "Oh, there is no sunshine in the morning. I really didn't find this.". This circle of watermark is quite big, from the area, it does not look like a cup or a bowl, but like a flowerpot. Did they raise flowers in their dormitory? It may have been left after the water came out and dried when watering the flowers before. "But where are the flowers now?" Captain Xue said to himself, "And you see, this circle of watermarks is not like the print of muddy water, the color of the print of muddy water is not so light.". Xiao Wu, can you take some of this back and print it? Wu Liangrui took out a small shovel and scraped the powder of the mark bit by bit. Liao Jie turned around in the middle of the room and said with emotion, "I suddenly remembered that when we went to school, it was also this kind of dormitory. The layout was the same. Every night, the teacher would make rounds.". At that time, it was interesting for us to read novels, eat snacks, play computer games and fight guerrilla warfare with teachers. Captain Xue suddenly turned his head. Liao Jie thought he was going to blame her for being distracted and quickly stopped talking. Unexpectedly, Captain Xue asked her: "How did you escape the teacher's inspection at that time?" Liao Jie said, "What are you running away from?"? You can't escape. When the teacher comes,temperature screening kiosk, just hide your things quickly. "How to hide?" Liao Jie looked straight at the memory: "Either stuffed in the quilt, or thrown under the bed..." Before she had finished speaking, she was suddenly excited, then jumped to the edge of a bed, reached out to touch under the bed board, and quickly ordered us: "Touch the back of the bed board to see if there is anything hidden!" We immediately understood and quickly scattered under several beds, reaching for the bed board and touching it carefully. Su Yufu shouted at Liu Ke's bedside,touch screen kiosk, "There seems to be something here!" "Under the bed board?" "No, behind the edge of the bed!" We hurried over and found that the bed edge he said was the iron edge of five or six centimeters wide around the bed board; it can also be called the bed frame, which is used to support the bed board. Su Yu-fu pointed to the middle part of the edge of the bed and said, "There seems to be something protruding from the back." Wu Liangrui went over to touch it and said, "It seems that there is something." He took the flashlight, crawled under the bed and said, "It's a small bottle taped." "Take it down!" Wu Liangrui took it down and showed it to us, and found that it was a small bottle as big as a button. The bottle was round, short and thick, less than two centimeters thick, so it was hard to detect when it stuck to the back of the bed hole. The bottle also has a logo that says "byz", which is a very popular cosmetic brand in the market at present. Liao Jie looked at it and said, "This should be a bottle of byz brand face oil." "How can the bottle of face oil be so small?" It could be a gift. Gifts are usually given more than ten milliliters, temperature check kiosk ,touch screen digital signage, so they are often very small containers. Su Yufu unscrewed the bottle and found a small amount of powder inside. We were very excited, because from this point of view, the powder was probably poison. Captain Xue asked Wu Liangrui to take these things back to the team for testing. We met Su Yufu downstairs, who had just finished taking notes for the teachers. Su Yufu said that according to the current situation, Guan Jingmei absolutely did not commit suicide before her death. First of all, she has been diligent and progressive in her studies, and her grades are among the best, so she has no worries about finding a good job after graduation. And recently, she won an award in the city for a paper, and it is said that she will go to Beijing next month to participate in the academic exchange of the National Automation Association. It can be said that the wind and water are booming and the future is bright. This also proves from the side that Guan Jingmei should have died of homicide, and we can even infer that it was an acquaintance who committed the crime. Su Yufu concluded. I looked at Liao Jie: "Liao Jinghua, you can analyze the motive of the murderer as a woman.". After all, you used to live in this kind of dormitory, and you were young after all. Even though you're in your thirties. Liao Jie glared at me. "You want to die, don't you?" Everybody smiled, Song Qi said: "Sun Xiaosheng will not praise people.". In fact, as far as this case is concerned, you are really more inspired than us. Didn't you find the bottle of face oil according to your tips? Liao Jie cleared his throat and said, "Then I'll talk about the theory first.". In the past, the teacher at school said that there were only three kinds of murder: premeditated murder, passionate murder and abnormal murder. I think the investigation of this case so far, since we can analyze that the deceased is chronic poisoning, it should be able to rule out passion killing and abnormal killing. The motive of premeditated murder can be divided into three categories: for love, for money and for hatred. Several people in the 212 dormitory plus Fan Yingying, at present, there is no money relationship with Guan Jingmei, so it is very likely that it is for love or enmity. If it is for love, of course, the biggest suspect is Fan Yingying; if it is for revenge, it depends on who has the deepest enmity with Guan Jingmei in the 212 dormitory. After listening, everyone was thinking about it. I frowned and said, "What Liao Jie said is very reasonable, and the analysis is also very organized.". But It seems that these words can be said or not. Just as Liao Jie was about to slap me, Song Qi helped me block it and said, "In fact, it's not completely useless.". I probably understood what Liao Jie meant. She said that the suspect should be locked in Fan Yingying, Liu Ke and Deng Ya. Of course, if it can be determined that the bottle found in Liu Ke is filled with poison, then Liu Ke is of course the first suspect. This reminded Captain Xue. He quickly called Wu Liangrui. After a few words, he waved to us: "Now back to the team, the technical team said that the composition of tetramethylene disulfone tetramine was initially tested from the powder in that bottle!" After going back,face detection android, Captain Xue went straight to the technical team first. After coming out, he said that the analysis report would not come out for a while, but it was basically certain that the bottle contained toxic ingredients. Let's summon Liu Ke first. We took Liu Ke to the interrogation room and asked her to sign the summons.


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