Dressed as a big brother's ex-girlfriend.

Seeing Shen Nian's doubts, Wei Lingxuan said with a smile, "There's no need to doubt life.

Seeing Shen Nian's doubts, Wei Lingxuan said with a smile, "There's no need to doubt life. I'm a fashion designer, and I often have social occasions. I need to bring out a commercial face.". How tired it is to use that face in private. How nice it is to be free, comfortable and indulgent. Manager Shen also has that feeling, and they have a common language. Me, too. I have to bring out the business fake smile in the workplace. After a long time, I almost get cramps. Fortunately, I don't have to socialize now. Two people each know the biggest details, due to the side of a Qin Yuxun in the words can not be too wanton, the meaning of the words brought out in outsiders sound a little inexplicable, a little reasonable, only the two of them know each other's true meaning. Qin Yuxun, who didn't understand, was still thinking: Shen Nian worked as a small game planner after returning to China, and now he works as an assistant beside Gu Chengyi. Gu Chengyi can't be willing to send his girlfriend out to socialize, so where does Shen Nian need a fake smile? He couldn't figure it out, and he didn't think much about it. Shen Nian is Gu Chengyi's girlfriend, not his, do not need to spend too much energy. Shen Nian and Wei Lingxuan eat while roasting, sometimes chatting, Qin Yuxun saw that they could not get into the atmosphere between them,Carrara Marble Slab, secretly scolded the woman's friendship, took over the barbecue work, so that they could chat happily. After a barbecue and a rest, he turned to the fruit orchard. In the orchard in October, there are bunches of big grapes, each of which is wrapped in purple peel, heavy and appetizing. Occasionally, when a few green grapes are mixed, there is a little sour and astringent hidden in the large area of sweetness,Marble Granite Price, just like a surprise gift from nature. Shen Nian used to go to the strawberry garden with his roommates and colleagues to pick strawberries, and went to the orange garden to pick oranges, which is no stranger. I've picked strawberries and oranges, and I've picked grapes for the first time. Wei Lingxuan: "I have picked strawberries and watermelons. Today is grapes. Next time we have a chance to pick Hami melons together." "Yes." Just imagine a large area of Hami melon, Shen Nian wants to eat. The grapes in the orchard can be picked and eaten on the spot after paying the entrance fee according to the number of people, and the grapes to be taken away have to be weighed separately. Shen Nian couldn't wait to cut off a bunch of purple to black grapes with scissors, picked the bottom one and peeled it to taste, "so sweet!" Most of the grapes sold in the market are sour over sweet, and there is some astringency near the grape skin, which leads Shen Nian to prefer raisins to grapes. It's really rare to be able to taste such delicious grapes. Not in the world of fiction, fruit is much more delicious than usual, right? This is too much! Wei Lingxuan began to cut a bunch, peeled several, "I quite like to eat grapes, but I can sweet and sour." "Is the acid resistance relatively high?" Shen Nian looked back and asked, grey marble slab ,White Marble Slabs, "Do you eat lemons?" Qin Yuxun: I'm eating. I'm eating. Wei Lingxuan: "Does it count to drink lemon slices soaked in water?" Lemonade doesn't count, does it? I occasionally soak it, but I add a lot of honey to cover the sour taste, and remove the lemon seeds to avoid too bitter. The problem is that in this way, the lemon slices soaked in water are cut one by one, which seriously reduces the appearance. Wei Ling Xuanguang was unable to accept the kind of picture described by Shen Nian, and he could not help rejoicing: "Fortunately, I have a relatively high acid tolerance, so I can add water and drink it directly." Hearing this, Shen Nian's mouth secreted too much saliva, which was sour. Slice the lemon and drink it directly in water. Are you the devil? "Ha ha ha ha." Wei Lingxuan laughed and continued to pick grapes and cut them. "Let's see who cut more?" "If you pick too much, you'll waste it if you can't finish it." Grapes are easy to go bad. If you don't eat them after cutting them, they won't last for a few days. Shen Nian thought of a good idea. "Why don't you try making your own wine?" "Good idea!" With the idea, Shen Nian and Wei Lingxuan started to pick good-looking grape scissors. I don't know if I think the wine made from good-looking grapes will taste better. Qin Yuxun watched the two men enthusiastically discuss how to make wine, how to choose grapes, how to choose containers, and wanted to remind them, "You make so much trouble, you might as well buy ready-made drinks directly.". ” From grapes to wine, it takes a period of fermentation, inexperienced people mess around, do not know the proportion and temperature, and the finished product is absolutely no one wants to try. Qin Yuxun decided to hide this matter, when the time comes to let Gu Chengyi to drink it. No matter how much wine there is in Gu Chengyi's wine cellar, does he dare not drink the wine brewed by his girlfriend? Heh. He thought very beautiful, Gu Chengyi, who was disturbed by several of his photos and videos, perceived the crisis and called the video from afar. Shen Nian connected, "why at this time?" The time difference between the two places is too long, usually the Italian side of Gu Chengyi after getting up to call or video, here is the afternoon. Today's timing is a full two hours early, is it insomnia? Gu Chengyi did not betray Qin Yuxun, "I miss you." Wei Lingxuan, who had eaten a mouthful of dog food, retreated silently, and the man on a business trip could not afford to be provoked. Shen Nian smiled, "miss me so much that I can't sleep?" "Yes." President Gu lied without blinking and repeated many times in the bottom of his heart: This is not a lie, this is the desire to survive! A man's mouth, a liar. Shen Nian smiled faintly, not saying whether he believed it or not, "I have to work later, don't I go to sleep for a while?" "Not long before dawn, chat with me for a while." Gu Chengyi looked at the spirit, really do not need to rest. I can't see that he is the result of working all night. Shen Nian hesitated to look at Wei Lingxuan, who waved his hand thoughtfully and said, "It doesn't matter. You can ignore me." Okay, what do you want to talk about? Just a few seconds of hesitation, Shen Nian did not immediately answer. However, Gu Chengyi, who was waiting for her to promise,Porcelain Marble Slabs, had secretly raised his vigilance. He had only been on a business trip to Italy for a few days, and his girlfriend's heart had a higher status than his? "Where are you now?" Someone is making up information quietly. Shen Nian didn't notice anything wrong. The background of the video was not a villa or any place familiar to Gu Chengyi. It was normal for him to ask. A farmhouse in the suburbs, a vineyard. "Did you go alone?"? It's so boring. You should wait for me to come back. 。 forustone.com


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