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In the middle of what she had said, Ding Laoba laughed and said, "Big boss, it's like this."

In the middle of what she had said, Ding Laoba laughed and said, "Big boss, it's like this." I His mother is really embarrassed to say, I am a person who is not good at words! He talked for a long time, but it was in vain. He really talked more than tea. "You can say it slowly," said Lan Feng indifferently. She also smiled with relief, meaning not to be too nervous! Ding Laoba looked at the person beside the generous table. He touched Mao's mouth and said foolishly, "It's like this!"! Gui Lianliang they saved the life of the young Lord, that is a very good generation of Zhi, but my men also in order to save the young Lord and people have fought for their lives, but also killed and wounded people. So So He's really bad enough to go on! "Ding Laoba," said Lan Feng in a daze, "this kind of thing has to have a basis. You can't talk about it." "It's absolutely true," said Ding Laoba. "If the master doesn't believe it, he'll slaughter the sheep when he sees the young master." "Tell me how you rescued the young master," said Lan Feng. "That's what happened to Dai Zhi," said Ding Laoba. He also learned from Gui Lianliang and cleared his throat first. Then he said slowly, "Didn't the big boss burn down my Eight Treasures Stronghold?" Seeing Lan Feng nodding his head, he added,347 stainless steel, "That's the right thing to do. So far, my people don't hate you. The good thing is that there are a few of my men who have made a living on the water. They can sail!" Lan Feng is very patient to listen, the expression on the face is very peaceful! Gui Lianliang also listened attentively, because their "Funiu Seven Evil Spirits" were really bleeding in order to save the young Lord Yin Jiulang. Would Ding Laoba? He thought Lao Ba was making up a story, but he was jealous because he saw that Lan Feng had rewarded them with a lot of silver! The two of them, Ma Huizi and Monk Sun, were also listening attentively. Ma Huizi's heart was very upset. He was angry? Think that the big master is a woman,x56 line pipe, you these newly incorporated, are using their brains to deceive others! Ma Huizi made up his mind to wait for one day to see the young master and ask him clearly. If there is such a thing, it's all right. If not, I, Ma Huizi, can spare you bastards! Sun Monk and Ma Huizi's idea is the same, he is just secretly biting his big teeth! "Black Panther" Ding Laoba answered, "I took my brothers to the big boat and was assigned to hide in the river north of the Yellow River ferry. In the middle of the night, a girl who was stuck in water suddenly jumped on my big boat. As soon as she came up, she told us to sail quickly!" One side of Gui Lianliang was stunned for a moment, thinking in his heart-good! I said there was a girl, and he said there was a girl. The white thief doesn't change a word! Ding Laoba first looked at everyone's face and then said, "Can you guess why I heard her screaming?" Lan Feng is still listening attentively! All the people thought that Ding Laoba was farting! Lan Feng thought that his words had credibility, because by counting the days, x70 line pipe ,316ti stainless steel, they were one day apart. Ding Laoba clapped his hands and said, "The girl said that if we weren't members of the Old Dragon Gang, we'd better sail quickly." He breathed a sigh of relief and then went on to say, "I was very angry at that time. I shouted at the top of my voice and said," We are not the Old Dragon Gang. We are the ships of the Tsing Yi Society! " The more Ding Laoba spoke, the more excited he became. He almost splashed his mouth and said, "The girl immediately said that there was a boat on the river. There was a poisonous woman on the boat. She used ecstasy to kidnap the young master Yin Jiulang!" "When I heard that, I thought the girl was joking, but there was a boat on the river, and there was an old woman standing on the boat, surrounded by a few children." "What a coincidence?" Asked Gui Lianliang in surprise. Ding Laoba laughed and said, "When you, Lao Gui, reported to the master, I thought it was a coincidence. No coincidence, no book." Smiling, he added, "The girl came to me. She looked very anxious. After I heard that the young master was on the fast boat, I immediately woke up the sleeping people and forced them to sail up!"! Rubbing his hands, he looked at Lan Feng and said, "The girl told my men to prepare more bamboo poles, so that when the children gathered around them, they would fall into the water one by one. So we set sail to catch up with them. The big boss is smart enough. The girl knows how to set sail, and soon she caught up with the big boat in front of her." "Is that girl sailing?" Blue Wind exclaimed. "That girl is first class at the helm," said Ding Laoba. Lan Feng gritted her teeth and said, "She.." It must be! No one understood what she said, and of course no one dared to ask more questions. Lan Feng asks urgently again: "What happened to the department later?" Ding Laoba said, "The two boats collided with each other. Let's get to work at once. As expected, those children came over with thin knives, but they were swept into the river by my men with bamboo poles. Ha.." Smiling, he added, "The dog-raisers of the Old Dragon Gang also came up with swords, but they were the opponents of my good brothers who didn't want to die. They died and fled. There were only two men left fighting on the big ship!" "Those two?" Gui Lian-liang asked. Ding Laoba said, "It was the girl who did it with the poisonous woman. At that time, we all gathered around to cheer for the girl. It seemed that the woman had changed her knife skills. She took out a silk belt and shook it violently. God was afraid!" "The silk ribbon is poisonous," said Gui Lianliang. "Yes, I poisoned some of my brothers on the spot, but the girl was so steady that she forced the old woman to scream. Suddenly, the poisonous woman shook out a knife and killed the girl. How could she roar in the fierce fight?" A sound.. What's the sound of rice? Lan Feng could not help asking, but she listened very carefully! Ding Laoba thought for a moment and then said with a sudden smile, "That's right. The girl screamed, 'Don't go back to the island to slaughter the sheep.'" — Juexue is'! ". As soon as they touched hands, the poisonous woman fled into the water! Lan Feng suddenly stood up! Her movements are frightening! Is that what she said? Ding Laoba was also taken aback. "Not bad," he said. "What happened next?" Asked Lan Feng. "Later," said Ding Laoba,x60 line pipe, "the girl also ran into the river, but she bounced up from the water again." "But for what rice?" Asked Lan Feng. "The surface of the water is grey-green," said Ding Laoba. The water is poisonous! 。 lksteelpipe.com


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