Phantom night

Kato wanted to investigate the matter seriously, but felt that his boss could not approve it.

Kato wanted to investigate the matter seriously, but felt that his boss could not approve it. Even if Xinhai Meidong is someone else, as long as it is not involved in the case, the criminal police can not participate in the investigation. Although the Huawu stench incident has not yet been resolved and the disappearance of my filial piety has not been clarified, it is impossible for my superiors to be interested in these two cases. It wasn't even clear to me whether the case could be filed. If my body can be found, it will be another matter, an investigation headquarters will be set up, a large number of police will be set up, and the information in Kato's hands will be valuable. Knowing that Shinkai Meidong used someone else's identity, the first thought that jumped out of Kato's mind was "finally understand the motive". At the beginning, he suspected that I had been killed, and that it must be Meidong who was manipulating me in the dark. The biggest headache was that he could not find a motive. However, if she is a fake, everything is logical. That's the picture! I had a photo of Meidong and her parents in my filial piety,inflatable air dancer, and I wanted to give it to her. It must be the real beauty in the picture. The impostor Mei Dong wants to meet with him-to be exact, my existence is a big problem. But there is one doubt that must be resolved. Mei Dong has an alibi. She had been waiting for me at the appointed place and finally waited for nothing. One more question, how was the body disposed of? It's hard for a woman to do. As a result, the inference of accomplice was drawn. Who might be the accomplice? Kato has no target yet. If the body is found and the investigators are mobilized, they will be able to publicly investigate the people around Meidong, but it is hard to say to what extent Kato alone can find out. To tell the truth,Inflatable indoor park, Kato didn't want to entrust the investigation about Mito Shinkai to others. Her past, her purpose, and the real face behind her, all of which he wanted to find out by himself, without being disturbed by anyone. The investigation continued, and the final confrontation would surely come. He did not want anyone else to be present at that time. Why do you have this idea? Is it out of conceit? Because you noticed a woman that no one else noticed, Mi-dong Shinai? Of course, there are such factors, but it is more than that. I may have a crush on that woman. Kato smiled at the report of no progress. 5 The scenery outside the window of the Shinkansen train keeps flowing backwards, but for Masaya, Inflatable water park factory ,inflatable amusement park, it's just an image in his eyes. All kinds of thoughts are interlaced together, in a state of chaos that can never be sorted out. Suddenly realizing that someone was talking to her, Ya turned her head hurriedly. Lai Jiang showed a wry smile. In a daze again. You've been acting weird since yesterday. "It's nothing. I'm a little upset when I think about what happened when I got back to Tokyo." "Didn't you say you were introduced to my brother's company?" "The work of processing jewelry?"? I can't do it. By the way, what did you say? "I mean, I asked you to accompany me to Kyoto, but in the end I got sick and let you take care of me." Don't worry, I haven't been to Kyoto for a long time, so I took this opportunity to have a look. Let's not talk about this. How do you feel? "It's all right. I had breakfast on time in the morning." Lai Jiang narrowed his eyes. Yesterday, Masaya stayed in Kyoto until late at night. He wanted to find someone who knew Mei Dong as much as possible, but the time was too short and there was no clue, so it was impossible to have any effect. When he returned to the hotel, he was exhausted, but worried that Lai Jiang was suspicious, he went to her room to have a look. Perhaps because of the medicine, Lai Jiang had been sleeping before he knocked on the door and even asked him where he had gone. Your sister-in-law.. Her name is Mei Dong. Are you going to continue to investigate her in the future? Last night you said you didn't want to investigate anymore. Lai Jiang tilted his head. I don't know. I wasn't well prepared this time, and I fell ill again at the critical moment, and I couldn't do anything. It may not be appropriate for me to say this, but I think you'd better not investigate. Is there anything wrong with your brother and sister at this stage? You should trust your brother's vision. The most important thing is. Ya adjusted her breathing and then said, "It's a pity to waste time on such things. You have your own life." Lai Jiang's original drooping eyelashes shook violently. She rolled her eyes at him and blinked. Thank you. That's very thoughtful of you. "Where?" Ya also shook his head and turned his eyes out of the window again. Now Masaya's mind is still full of pictures that Fukasawa showed him. The girl in the photo is not the same as Mei Dong, but she is the real Mei Dong of the new sea. From the morning of the earthquake, who was the woman who shared the hardships with me? Ya also still can't accept the fact that she is a fake. To Masaya, she is none other than Mi-dong Shinkai. Last night, he almost had a sleepless night, and his heart wavered many times. He wanted to call Mei Dong and ask her who she meant. His hand finally did not reach for the phone. Let's investigate it clearly. But it's just an excuse to convince myself. How would she react to her questioning? To tell the truth, he was afraid to know. The first time Yaya saw her was the morning of the earthquake, and then she learned her name in the shelter where the bodies were brought in one after another. She was interviewed by the police in front of her parents' bodies. Did she show the police anything to prove her identity? Ya also speculated that there was certainly no, at least no need to show it. The people who escaped from the unprecedented disaster would never be suspected if they did not bring their identity documents. The police did not ask Yaya to show similar documents. If you want to replace someone else's identity, it must be at that time. Ya also still clearly remembered Mei Dong's appearance at that time. With only the clothes he was wearing and no luggage, he was almost raped in the dark, holding his knees trembling with cold, and was later saved by him. She looked exactly like a victim of sudden misfortune, no different from the people around her. But even though she was shivering from the cold, she was not thinking about how to escape,inflatable floating water park, but about other things. She wanted to gamble, to use the disaster as someone else's name, and to become that person completely. Why would she do that? What are the benefits of becoming a new sea beauty? Could it be that they covet the property of the Shinkai couple? They should have no property. Is it insurance money.


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