A rogue son of heaven

Yixue in Lin Miao's side, also clearly felt the powerful momentum from Lin Miao,

Yixue in Lin Miao's side, also clearly felt the powerful momentum from Lin Miao, it is a kind of pressure, like the explosion of the hot air furnace, emitting a suffocating impact, her heart is a little shocked, Lin Miao's skill and his age is not proportional, and his martial arts do not match, although Lin Miao's martial arts are very good, but it seems that there are still many things lacking in the moves. When fighting with the enemy, Lin Miao often just makes up for the lack of moves with his skill. Of course, this alone is enough to make Lin Miao a terrible master, but if you really meet a peerless master or a large division level figure, it is difficult for Lin Miao to guarantee the advantage of skill, then the flaws in the moves are enough to become fatal. Yixue was a little surprised that she still thought about these problems at such a time. In the past, she seldom thought about other people's affairs. Whoosh.. As soon as Yixue broke through the blockade of several guards, she suddenly felt the sharp wind coming through the air behind her. She turned around hurriedly. The sharp wind passed by, but a scabbard whirled like a wind wheel, and another strong murderous spirit came from the rear. No need to look back, Yixue also knows that this is the attack of Kushan warriors, whose martial arts are not only strange, but also extremely difficult to deal with. Ding.. Yixue back to the sword,Inflatable outdoor park, just by feeling, he accurately intercepted the full moon scimitar, but the full moon scimitar crossed a strange arc on the edge of the sword, still to attack behind Yixue. Pleasant snow was taken aback, she now understand why Lin Miao would say your frost warrior is not easy to mess with, it is because your frost warrior's blade monster, martial arts moves are all from the actual combat experience summed up the most lethal, the most treacherous moves,Inflatable indoor park, this is also your frost country can rule the roost in the plateau, rule the roost in one of the reasons outside the country, even the Huns are afraid of your frost knight. Whether it is a horse battle or a foot battle, this machete can shoot the enemy freely, and its lethality is more threatening in hand-to-hand combat and pursuit. In fact, the full moon scimitar is a weapon evolved from the plains. In the accumulated struggle with wolves, nomads and hunters on the grasslands have constantly improved their weapons to make them more lethal and dexterous. The full moon scimitar is one of the best weapons to deal with wolves on the grasslands. In the kingdom of Guishuang, this kind of weapon is widely used, which also makes the martial arts about the full moon scimitar develop very fast in the kingdom of Guishuang, and a group of great masters emerge. The full moon scimitar was extremely slippery, so it was not cut off by the evil sword. Careful Lin Miao shouted in a low voice, and the flying scabbard whirled back and crashed into Yixue's back. Yixue, of course, did not feel this, although she was slightly shocked by the strange attack of the Kushan Warrior, inflatable castle with slide ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, but her posture was so extraordinary that the attack could not really entangle her. Yixue, who had retreated, crashed into the crowd of the guards of the Swallow Building. You go first! Lin Miao's body crashed into the two Kushan warriors and whispered to Yixue. The two noble frost warriors suddenly saw the enemy in front of them suddenly disappeared, and the whirling scabbard shot at them. They were surprised, and at this time, Lin Miao and his knife had crashed like a meteorite. Boom.. The scabbard was broken, and the full moon scimitar of a Kushan warrior was shattered, and his body staggered back. They never expected that Lin Miao would have such overbearing power. But the strong bully's knife gas, also lets another expensive frost warrior fly back in horror. The second 52, 10 strokes of the enemy Top (the number of words in this chapter: 10950) Yi Xue also no longer stay, but quite appreciate this kind of attack to Lin Miao. She knew that the reason why Lin Miao forced the two Kushan warriors back in one move was not because his martial arts were better than his own, but because Lin Miao's martial arts were overbearing and he was familiar with the full moon machete. He knew that the advantage of the full moon machete could not be brought into play at all, so he could force the two Kushan warriors back in one move. But she was better than the dexterity and exquisite moves, but when she met the full moon machete that she had never touched before, the machete was more bizarre than her moves, so she was attacked in a hurry. Lin Miao also saw this point, so he would replace Yixue. Under a blow, Lin Miao never stayed, he did not want to be entangled by these people, that is not a good thing, and the noise here will attract the attention of others, more than a moment of delay will be more dangerous. Lin Miao retreated, but the two noble frost warriors suddenly stopped and stood with their swords in their arms, and the attack of the guards of the Swallow Tower seemed to stop all of a sudden. Commander! The two Kushan warriors saluted respectfully. Lin Miao also stopped, he had to stop, Yixue's body stood beside him. On their retreat stood five men, three feet away from them. It was the coach of Yanzilou, Tie Yi, and Jade Face Lang Jun, but the other three were the last thing Lin Miao wanted to see at the moment, the eighth section of Kushan warrior Qiu Jiugu, the sixth section of Khan Moqiner, and another Kushan warrior. Powerful Qi almost completely blocked every inch of Lin Miao's retreat, so Lin Miao and Yixue had to stop. You're here at last! Qiu Jiugu's expression was calm in the water, his tone was not slow, and he gazed at Lin Miao leisurely and steadily. Are you waiting for me? Lin Miao asked in surprise. I heard you beat Khan Moqir? Qiu Jiugu's tone was still calm, as if it contained no emotion. Khan Moqir's expression also appears extremely calm, as if everything is expected in general. Lin Miao, however, was shocked. He did not understand how Qiu Jiugu could see his identity through his transfiguration. Now his face and the day were two different people, but Qiu Jiugu recognized him at a glance. This really puzzled him, but he still smiled indifferently and said, "I think you have mistaken me for someone else!" "Ha ha ha." Qiu Jiugu laughed in a low voice and said confidently, "There is no enemy in the world who can hide from my eyes. Although you have changed your face, you can't hide your momentum, and you can't change your eyes.". People's body, one of the greatest characteristics is the eyes, no matter how your face changes, can not change the mood in your eyes,inflatable water slide, the art of transfiguration can only deceive some useless mediocrity! Lin Miao in the heart dark Rin, Han Moqiner really did not say wrong, this Qiu Jiugu is indeed a very terrible opponent. So it seems that Khan Moqinerdang also knows his identity. joyshineinflatables.com


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