Doomsday super merchants

For this big guy, the people who live in this sea area, no one is unmoved. Especially people like Xu Zihua who have a lot of fuel.

For this big guy, the people who live in this sea area, no one is unmoved. Especially people like Xu Zihua who have a lot of fuel. But also eager, hoping to rely on their inexhaustible use of fuel, so that this big guy across the sea. If the missile system on the destroyer can be activated, who can compete in this sea area? Only now, "looking at the turning tanker and the missile rack aimed at the oil well, the whole person broke out in a cold sweat.". And in Shuimulian's eyes, on the whole island, only the Ninth Master had ever touched the destroyer, and the reason why he was able to start the destroyer was all taught by the Ninth Master. But the Ninth Master had no way to activate the missile system on the destroyer. The naval gun could have been used at the beginning, but there was no supply. An empty shell has long been squandered, resulting in the destroyer becoming an empty shelf. But now the destroyer's missile system has been activated, at this critical time, to save the disadvantage back, how not to make them excited? Shui Mu-lien is not a fool either. As soon as she figured out some of her joints, she immediately shouted in a crisp voice, "Xu Zihua.". If you don't want to die, get all your men out of my way. "Fill us up with fuel before the pipes are put away," she said. Or I'll have your entire well turned into a giant ball of fire. The naked threat made Xu Zihua angry, but helpless. Today's situation is indeed very unfavorable to oneself. Not to mention whether what Shuimulian said is true or not, but after all,Inflatable bouncer, it can threaten the root of its own survival. Of course, an oil well can withstand a missile and not fall, can be hit by a missile, the oil well is still useful, just a pile of steel installed in the sea. If we attack the tanker directly, the fuel of half of the ship will be enough to send anyone here to hell. Xu Zihua is clear about the existence of large tankers. Once it explodes, they can't run away. But is it worth fighting to the death for a little fuel? I don't have much. It's just too much fuel. What's more, it's never too late for a gentleman to take revenge. So what if we let them go? To be able to become the overlord of one side,Jumping castle with slide, we should have the courage, and we still need it. With a big wave of his hand, he shouted, "Fill up their oil depot and let them go.". He turned his head and disappeared on the edge of the tanker with a livid face. The sound of fuel flowing came from the pipeline. After filling the destroyer's oil depot, it was taken back. Wait until the destroyer is a few nautical miles away from the well. Everyone cheered crazily, and this time it was full of fuel, enough for the destroyer to use for a while. For Zhou yuan, who came out of the fire control room, everyone was full of awe. In their eyes, Zhou yuanqiang, who was thin and not strong, was already in the same position as the Ninth Master, even more than the Ninth Master. You, how did you do that? There was a faint blush on Shuimulian's face, which should be the reason why she was too excited. She never thought that things would take such a turn for the better, Inflatable water park on lake ,large inflatable water slide, and everything was done by Zhou yuanqiang, whom she despised. Do not know why, she suddenly appeared, in fact, this man, very durable. Taste carefully, he seems to have a convincing temperament? As usual, Zhou yuanqiang slowly returned to the conning tower and said, "You are familiar with it.". Can't you do it? Guo Aimei, like an excited little girl, said, "I have long disliked this Xu Zihua.". Boss, why don't we give the oil well "she made a downward gesture, and with a smile on her face, you would never think that her words just now would send hundreds of people to hell.". Shui Mulian was also a little moved and looked at Zhou yuanqiang. Destroy the well? Zhou yuanqiang shook his head. Can't they see the importance of this oil well? Ships sailing in this sea. It all depends on fuel, which is why Xu Zihua can enjoy the fruits of other people's labor here. If I had had an oil well, I would have been the overlord in this sea. In fact, the importance of oil wells does not need to be explained by Zhou yuanqiang. Shuimulian they can also think of, but they have just been shocked by the anti-ship missile. Before being stimulated by Xu Zihua's language, he would raise such a head. As long as they think about it calmly, they won't think so. If everyone had wanted to destroy the well, it would have been lost long ago. Back on Water Curtain Island. Like a hero returning home in triumph. Everyone holds their chests high. Sweeping away the previous frustration. Knowing that enough fuel had been changed this time, all the people on the island were boiling up, and people rushed to tell each other, as if they were celebrating the New Year. Only Zhou yuanqiang looked at all this coldly. In the past, when he was in the Chamber of Commerce, he would feel excited and proud of people, but the Chamber of Commerce has witnessed too many exciting scenes, and has long been numb. Now seeing their simple scene, Zhou yuanqiang will only face it with a smile. Not all the fuel on the destroyer is really used by the destroyer, but half of it will be used by the fishing boat, which will increase the fishing efficiency several times. In fact, the success of this time, everyone is inexplicable, but at the critical moment, Zhou yuanqiang was able to control the missile system, or was regarded as a credit. At the dinner that night, it was very rich, almost everything you can eat in the island. They were all sent up. It was a busy night, early in the morning. Everyone fell into a deep sleep. Zhou yuanqiang's treatment today has no one to monitor. So after confirming that everyone had rested, he returned to modern Somalia. While it was late in Somalia, Zhou yuanqiang asked people to record a series of operations and passwords of the destroyer's fire control system. When we returned to the island of the end of the world, a bright moon hung high in the sky, and the sky was full of stars. The sky of the end of the world is restored to the past, the sky is blue and the moon is bright. "The sky is full of shining stars.". This kind of starry sky is invisible in modern times. People always say that when you have a circle, you always miss your hometown more. Now Zhou yuanqiang finally experienced this kind of thinking, no matter how, Qingyuan City is his hometown in the end of the world. Count the time by yourself. Also left nearly two weeks,Inflatable mechanical bull, although the time is not long, but lonely no one can tell the journey, every minute is long. It's time to go back. 。


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