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"Well, well said." Shi Yunbiao took one look at Chen Mohan, nodded,

"Well, well said." Shi Yunbiao took one look at Chen Mohan, nodded, and suddenly shouted: "Captain Zhao!" Zhao, the squadron leader not far away, answered. It's okay for Zhao to throw him a hundred times. If he can hold on, he will be a platoon leader of your squadron. Recruits and veterans who are not convinced will be bundled up and sent to the brigade headquarters for disposal by Vice Captain Mo. When Shi Yunbiao finished speaking, he turned around and walked away without looking back. Behind the white dog snow traceless slightly a stupefied, also jumped up, followed Shi Yunbiao, around the back and forth to run. Four Han Qiuyun eats less flesh than Chen Mohan, but it is another kind of discomfort. After the outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japan, Liu Hanying's regiment was ordered to retreat after a brief battle, and raised the banner of the Anti-Japanese Independent Brigade in Aotu Mountain. At this time, the main force of the Japanese army moved southward, leaving only a small number of troops to occupy cities and towns, and the self-defense force was still insufficient, and the "mopping-up" was even more inadequate. In addition, a group of local and foreign anti-Japanese troops gathered at the foot of the concave and convex mountains, and Yang Tinghui's detachment continued to attack, attacking Cao Temple today and Gudian tomorrow, with a hammer in the east and a stick in the west, so that "Taijun" was out of his mind that he really had no time to take care of Liu Hanying, who was temporarily living in a corner. Liu Han-ying, after all, is a tall and straight officer of the National Army from the Whampoa Military Academy. Although he has the undeserved reputation of a commissioner of the Aotu Mountain Special Administrative Office, in this eventful year, the Commissioner's Office is just an amateur Yamen. Liu Han-ying is full of defense issues. I fought a few battles with the Japanese and suffered some losses. I still have a lingering fear. Every time I think about it, I still feel a little jittery. On the one hand, he raised funds to establish various military organizations, and on the other hand, he surveyed all the passes and fortresses at the northern foot of the Aotu Mountains, deployed troops, built fortifications and fortified defensive positions. In Liu Hanying's gradually improved organizational system, there is also a special team, namely the "Field Women's Service Team"-after being pardoned by Liu Hanying, Han Qiuyun became a member of the Field Women's Service Team. The field women's service team is naturally not as harsh as the training of the 79th brigade, especially without cold-faced figures such as one-eyed Shi Yunbiao. There was only one female captain of the team, named Gao Qiujiang, a native of Zhangde Prefecture in the Central Plains. He was in his twenties and was a formally trained officer of the National Army. Compared with the male officers of the national army, Gao Qiujiang's dress is even more beautiful. He wears a boat-shaped military cap, a crimson yellow military uniform, a cowhide belt, and a small pistol wrapped in red silk at his waist. He walks as light as a swallow, and when he speaks, Inflatable dry slide , he looks very heroic and elegant. Legend has it that Gao Qiujiang was the cousin of Moganshan, the deputy captain of the 79th Battalion. When he was still studying at the Zhangdefu Girls' High School, he fell in love with his cousin, who was tall and bold. So after the Sino-Japanese War, he left home and ran to the foot of Tojo Mountain. Needless to say, it is an important motive force for young girls to pursue their first love dream. Unexpectedly, by this time Moganshan had already tied the knot with Yu Fengxue, the younger sister of a colleague surnamed Yu, and his deep feelings could not be torn apart. Gao Qiujiang had no choice but to retreat with tears in his eyes. With a pair of crying red eyes, he signed up for the "special cadre training class" of Jiang Wenzhao's group army. After graduation, he became a lieutenant and adjutant in the political training department of the general headquarters of the group army. From then on, he changed his gentle and elegant style and became increasingly moody. At the time of the fall of Liaocheng, Gao Qiujiang, who had been promoted to captain, happened to be on business in Liu Hanying's 246 regiment and was ordered to take part in commanding the battle on the spot. After the troops were scattered, she had no choice but to withdraw into Aotu Mountain with Liu Hanying's regiment, and in the days that followed, she became a daring leader of Liu Hanying's subordinates in Aotu Mountain. Shortly after entering the women's service team, Han Qiuyun was warned that Captain Gao Qiujiang was not an ordinary person. Although she was handsome, she was impatient and barbaric. Even Liu Hanying dared to scold her. Legend has it that she once shot her orderly with a pistol because the orderly was watching her take a shower. After getting dressed, she called the orderly over and asked him if she was good-looking. The orderly was so frightened that he knelt down and asked Captain Gao for forgiveness. Gao Qiujiang sneered and said that it was not a big mistake for a man to want to see a woman. But I didn't feel comfortable looking at you. I wanted to spare you, but my revolver refused. Without saying a word, he knocked off four toes of the orderly with his gun. There is also an instructor surnamed Qi in the field women's service team, who used to be the medical officer of the regiment's ambulance team. The 246th Regiment was organized into an independent brigade, and the ambulance team was upgraded and expanded into a hospital. However, due to the shortage of technical strength, the hospital presented a situation of thin horses, long hair and big shelves. In order to gain a firm foothold in Aotu Mountain, Liu Han-ying went around collecting talented people, and did not know where to invite a foreign God, surgeon George Feng, so he destroyed the job of Qi's medical officer. In the words of Doctor Qi, George Feng is a bastard. George Feng's ancestors were big businessmen in Southeast Asia. In his grandfather's generation, he married a lady who was a diplomat of the British government, that is, George Feng's grandmother. In this way, George Feng had a quarter of his English blood. When the Battle of Songhu broke out in the 21st year of the Republic of China, George Feng's family moved to England and later settled in Canada. George Feng finished medical university in Canada, and it was not until the beginning of the full-scale war of resistance that he returned to China to serve at the request of his grandfather and father. Although he is a surgeon, he is not a layman in medicine. Once the medical officer Qi did not know how to prescribe a wrong prescription, so that George Feng found out, and scolded the medical officer Qi. Qi medical officer is a captain medical officer, and also drink foreign ink, not willing to suffer this humiliation? In turn, he scolded George Feng. George Feng did not utter a word, showing the magnanimity of a learned man, but did not know how things spread to Liu Hanying's ears, Qi medical officer muddleheaded on the bedding,Inflatable meltdown, condescended to the field women's service team as a medical instructor. Fall to this step field, Qi just know George Feng this half foreign not native animal is not an ordinary animal, really can not afford to provoke him.


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