Fourth Master was tricked by Fujin again.

Fourth Master was tricked by Fujin again.Fourth Master was tricked by Fujin again.

"Unbridled, you look at you, actually in the court openly accused the court officials.". The whole country is deeply indebted to you, and if those who are indebted are half and those who are not are also half, they will follow you. Last year, when the crown prince was in Texas, you rode to the middle gate of the crown prince, and this alone should put you to death. Kangxi exposed all the sins of Suoetu. Suo'etu heard that Kangxi actually wanted to execute him. He immediately stopped kowtowing and said in tears, "These are slaves who are in a hurry and have lost their temper. They must be cautious in their words and deeds in the future, but the emperor..". You said the slave instigated the prince. This time, I have been in the capital, the prince in the Great Wall, and how to instigate him? "Through your adopted daughter Heshelismin, under the guise of a letter from home, you actually instigated Yinhe to plot a rebellion!" When Kangxi finished, he threw the letter he had intercepted in advance in front of Suoetu. "You know best what he wrote!" Even if he is not in the capital, but as long as he gives the order, the Ministry of Punishment will begin to investigate. Those letters, after interception, ordered people to imitate them and send them again. And that true,Pallet rack upright, fell into the hands of Kangxi. In order not to frighten the snake, there is enough evidence. Soetu looked at the envelope in front of him with a flash of panic in his eyes. Suddenly, he understood everything. It seems As early as when the prince corresponded with him. The emperor has already made plans. To understand this, he seems to be able to guess that his own end will be very miserable. When Suo'etu didn't have time to look through the letter, he burst into tears and said, "Your Majesty, the slave has no intention of rebellion. It's just that the prince is the crown prince,pipe cantilever rack, and the slave wants to think about the future of the Qing Dynasty.". Over the years, even if I have no merit, I have worked hard. Has the emperor forgotten my efforts over the years? "I'm fine. You're thinking about the future. You think too highly of yourself." Kangxi frowned imperceptibly. "When you were a Grand Maester," he said coldly, "you were dismissed because of your greed. Later, you were employed by me again, but you didn't know and didn't miss my favor. A dog knows the kindness of its master, and it is useless for a man like you to be especially kind. Then he glanced at the guards in the Hall of Supreme Harmony and said in a deep voice, "Somebody, take Suo'etu to the clan mansion and put him to death immediately!" "No!"! No, Your Majesty! Do you want to treat your slaves the same way you treated Oboi? Suo'etu's head was broken and bleeding, and his red official hat fell to the ground, but he still questioned Kangxi forcefully. His words sounded like a question. But in fact, he was reminding Kangxi of his contributions in Kangxi's youth. Chapter 545 of the main text even hit his ass when it became popular. When Kangxi ascended the throne at the age of eight, Narrow aisle rack ,radio shuttle racking, it was his idea to make Oboi and help Kangxi overthrow Oboi. Later, he followed Kangxi on his personal expedition to Galdan and abolished the Three Feudatories. But Suo'etu was good at the beginning, but after that, he was too conservative and did not have much credit. He belonged to the type of high opening and low going. After Kangxi listened to Suo'etu's question, his eyes turned slightly and he seemed to recall the past. He remembered that when Oboi was captured, Oboi did not resist. He just lifted the material of his official clothes and, like Suo'etu, questioned him about "why he killed the heroes of the Qing Dynasty". Let him see the scars he left all over his body for the sake of the Qing Dynasty. And those scars of different depths represent the medals of Oboi's life. At that moment, he was in a trance about whether Oboi should not be executed. But he had to punish Oboi for being so arrogant and domineering that even he and the empress Dowager did not care. Even his ass is still hit when he is on fire. He also used his power to form a clique for personal gain, and disobeyed the ministers. Oboi pretended to obey the imperial edict and killed whoever he wanted. This is no longer a matter of merit, and it has completely reached the point of covering up the sky. All kinds of crimes, no matter which one, are the crimes of the nine clans. At that time, Kangxi, even a teenager, was the emperor of the Qing Dynasty. In the first few years after he ascended the throne, Oboi assisted him in government affairs. But when he was a teenager, he didn't want to be instructed any more, and he was very eager to go on a personal expedition. If he indulges a hero who disobeys himself in this way, he will not be able to gain a foothold in the court at all, or to establish his prestige. Therefore, even if Oboi was a hero, he had to punish him. In the end, he looked at the scars on Oboi's body. After all, he did not execute Oboi, but was imprisoned in prison. But a few months later, the prison was dark and damp, and Oboi's old wounds recurred and he died in prison. Kangxi's helplessness to Oboi was like his helplessness to Suoetu and the prince now. Even if they used to be a good, one is the founding hero, one is the most beloved prince, it has to be disposed of. Just because they touched his inverse scales and despised the imperial power! Moreover, in his mind, at least at the last moment, Oboi was loyal and never had the intention of rebellion. It only threatened the imperial power, despised the imperial power, and acted wildly. It hindered his arbitrariness when he was young. But the content of Suo'etu's letter is to rebel with the prince. It was a crime on top of a crime to talk about Oboi in front of him now. He was already an independent emperor, and he was no longer the young boy of that year. Soetu knew all the shortcomings of his youth and rubbed salt in his wounds. Thinking of this, Kangxi planned to let Suoetu die clearly. His eyes were as sharp as they had ever been, and his voice was as loud as thunder. The earth of the Hall of Supreme Harmony trembled. A dog like you deserves to be mentioned in the same breath with Oboi. Oboi has made great military exploits, but you have plotted to rebel for your own selfish desires, and you have taught Yin to be the first sinner of this Dynasty! "If I don't do it first, you must do it first, and I am familiar with it." The translation of this is: You don't deserve to be compared with Aobaibi. You are the first sinner in the court. I have thought it over carefully. It is useless for you to say more. If I don't strike first, will I wait for you to rebel. When Suo'etu heard this, his sophisticated and sinister eyes suddenly lost their luster. The whole person also stayed in place,Narrow aisle rack, unable to say a word. He knew that by now, it was useless to say more, which would only make Kangxi disgusted. It's better to be interesting. Maybe he can be restored to his original post like a pearl.


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