Prehistoric jade

"Why, it turned out to be black jade. How surprising!" The jade light on the top

"Why, it turned out to be black jade. How surprising!" The jade light on the top of Dafeng Zhenren's head was bright and black in color, and the evil spirit on it was restrained. Mingyu saw his body at once. It was originally a piece of black jade. It's just a jade God, Zai De Yun Hua. How can it be transformed into such an evil person as a real person in the wind. No matter whether he is black jade or not, Mingyu sees that the real person of the wind shows the divine light of his life against the infinite green hills. As soon as the finger pointed to the golden light on the top of the head, it suddenly gave birth to an infinite immortal sound, and countless flowers gushed out of the air, but it smelled ten miles of incense and a hundred miles of wonderful sound. The golden light suddenly separated out a golden light and poured into the infinite green hill on the top of Dafeng Zhenren's head. With the help of the sun's divine light of Mingyu, the mountain could not help rising three points again. The mountain was even more green and golden, and the black jade light shrank straight into the clouds of Dafeng Zhenren Qingyun. Ha ha ha, I said you have an extraordinary family background, but the black jade is pregnant with a wind. No wonder you call yourself Dafeng Zhenren, and you have the black jade divine light to protect your body. When he wanted to take shape, he was brought into the body by the devils outside the country, and became this God is not God, the devil is not devil. Ming Yuhu's heart has a feeling, which reveals the root of the real person in the wind. Dafeng Zhenren was exposed by Mingyu, and his complexion changed greatly. Can see through his family background, it seems that Mingyu has a few points of understanding of his Taoism, this escape is even more hopeless. Some looked at Mingyu in despair, not by some frustration. Mingyu also understood this kind of Yin Taoism after understanding the Taoism of Xuanyin Zhenren. The Taixuan Yinyang Shenjian he refined also recorded all kinds of Taoism in the Xuanyin Vein. It is not surprising to see through the origin and incomplete Taoism of Dafeng Zhenren. But Dafeng Zhenren didn't know this. He was shocked by Mingyu's words and lost his spirit. He didn't fight to the death any more. Alas, this is the place where the Taoist friend fell today,interactive boards for classrooms, and I will not say much to the Taoist friend. Let the Taoist friends see the Sun Sutra of the Poor Way! Once again out of Taixuan Yin and Yang Shen Jian, into a streamer rushed to the wind real person, but also command the infinite green hills mercilessly smashed down. Boom. With a loud noise, the infinite green hill fell on the top of the wind, only to see three flowers annihilated, Qingyun dissipated, the smashed brain splashed, a generation of big Luo Jinxian unexpectedly fell into such a fate. The golden light of Mingyu fell onto the Taixuan Yin and Yang Shen Jian,electronic board for classroom, and the Shen Jian immediately rolled up to the meridian banner of Dafeng Zhenren. On this banner, there was the true spirit of Dafeng Zhenren. Of course, Mingyu wanted to destroy its form and spirit, and the brand of the true spirit would be broken, and there would be no afterlife. In a twinkling of an eye, the Taixuan Yin and Yang Shen Jian broke the ban on the Meridian Banner. Mingyu was connected with the Taixuan Yin and Yang Shen Jian. As for Dafeng Zhenren, all kinds of Taoism were packed into the Shen Jian. Breaking out of the wind, the sky suddenly brightened, and the resentment was turned into nothing by the sunshine. After Mingyu watched Dafeng Zhenren's practice of Taoism, he could not help feeling sorry for him. This great wind real person has said before, is a black jade pregnant by the Xun wind, has the black jade divine light to protect the body, is familiar with the Xun wind supernatural power, is also a rare good way, as long as one mind to understand, 65 inch smart board ,65 inch touch screen, lay the foundation, also not worse than him. Unfortunately, the bad thing is that he was conceived by the black jade, but not by the black jade. The base of the road is not pure. He was taken by the devils and fell into the left way. Now it's dead and gone. "" Is this Dharma also a wonderful method? "It's just a deduction, and it's transformed into Taixuan Yin and Yang Shen Jian, in order to increase its power." When Mingyu got this Dharma, he couldn't bear the excitement in his heart. This is the first complete Dharma he got. In the past, when he discussed Dharma with others, he only demonstrated his understanding of the Tao of Heaven, but the Dharma of this book was not true. With this Xun Feng Dao Fa, Ming Yu's Taixuan Yin Yang Shen Jian can be the word of God. As soon as he calculated, Ming Yujue was still some time away from Zhenyuanzi Kaifu, so he wanted to refine Xunfeng Taoism into Taixuan Yinyang Shenjian here first, and then he would not lag behind. Zhen yuanzi has been preparing for the establishment of the government since he was separated from the others two years ago. In order to make the congenital Linggen ginseng fruit tree survive, Zhenyuanzi spent a lot of thought. Finally, it was planted, every day for a moment, until the aura came out and the leaves were new and tender, and then it left the tree. With the earth book as the earth embryo, connecting the earth spirit vein, forming a mountain protection array, this earth book can form its own boundary. It is really a movable cave of heaven and earth, not weak in the world of thirty-six caves and seventy-two caves. As soon as everything was arranged, he waited for the auspicious day to officially open the mansion and become a great master. Mingyu fought with Dafeng Zhenren and got a part of Taoism, so he found a place to understand and wanted to be refined into Taixuan Yin and Yang Shen Jian. It was nine months after entering samadhi that the method of Xun Feng Dao was introduced by the primordial spirit of Dafeng Zhenren, and all of them were imprinted into the Divine Mirror. After Shen Jian got the Dharma, suddenly the blue light rose and rushed out a light of inspiration, on which numerous divine seals were added, and a slight blue light was scattered. These blue lights and divine seals were the complete Dharma of Xunfeng. Mingyu is so magical that every time he imprints a kind of Taoism, he will give birth to a kind of magical power. When he was refining, he used the Qi of Taiyin to interact with Xuanyin, and finally realized that a part of the Taiyin Sutra was refined into the magic weapon of enlightenment, which was supplemented by the Taiyang Sutra and became the basis of the divine mirror. Now there is Xun Feng Dao Fa, the power is afraid to increase a few points, so that Mingyu is very unhappy. After refining Shen Jian, Ming Yu was still slowly realizing the Dharma of Xun Feng, and only felt that it was mysterious and extraordinary. The real man of the wind walked into the left path and had a good Taoism. Just because of the invasion of the devils, he became specious and became four unlike. Mingyu just realized all kinds of magic of Xun Feng Dao Dharma, and suddenly a clear light flew over and fell into the palm of his hand. It is the time to separate with the town of yuan son, give each other jade amulet, it seems that the town of yuan son immortal mansion has become, waiting for everyone to watch the ceremony to open the mansion. Mingyu didn't expect that he would go to Huoyun Cave, but he got such a chance halfway, and the supernatural power of Taoism went further because of Xunfeng Taoism. I can't go to Huoyun Cave. It seems that I will go directly to Zhenyuanzi Daoyou Xianfu. But as it happens, Wuliang Qingshan still needs the help of Zhenyuanzi, and this time it will be completed together. Ming Yuyuanshen penetrated into the jade amulet and found the location of Zhenyuanzi Xianfu. When Zhenyuanzi opened his mansion this time, he invited quite a few fellow Taoists, such as Sanqing Taoists, Western Jieyin Zhunti Erdao,digital interactive whiteboard, Fuxi and Nuwa brothers and sisters, and even Wu Houtu, the ancestor of the sorcery clan. He also knew how Zhenyuanzi got to know Houtu.


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