Weiyang Ups and Downs (Complete)

"The general did not know that since the concubine had been blessed by the emperor,

"The general did not know that since the concubine had been blessed by the emperor, the elder sister had been unhappy. The concubine went to the Weiyang Palace every day to kneel down to atone for her sins, but she still could not get the elder sister's forgiveness. The elder sister hated the concubine for robbing the emperor, and even more hated that some ministers in the court had recommended her to be the crown prince.". In fact, the prince is the same situation, if not blocked the way of Liu Qi, sister how can the killer? Brocade ink is still crying, the son is still lying in bed, the doctor shook his head and said that the child's body is weak, may not be able to live for a long time, but brocade ink does not depend on, the child was born hard, still in the stomach was almost strangled, although that is to survive, but if now do not give him the best, how to compensate for their guilt? Do you deserve to be a mother? Liu Xi, Xier, were you also cleared because you were in the way? Du Zhan narrowed his eyes when he heard this. The reins clenched in his hand made the horse neigh. The swollen Xi'er was so small that he was only seven years old, but he was tortured like this. At the thought of this, Du Zhan's throat seemed to be strangled by something, tightly breathless. If Yi had lived to this day,micro gear motor, he would have married and had children. Brocade ink see du Zhan eyebrow has changed, and eager to climb two steps, "I think the general did not know, that year after blocking the Huns, why come back only got a job to teach the prince riding!" Du Zhan looked at her with a cool face. Du Zhan really didn't know this. He only knew that this chapter of Pinghou looked beautiful on the outside, but in fact it was overhead in the dark. But he refused to ask the emperor for an explanation. Now she mentioned it again, which naturally drew out his suspicion: "Why?" "I heard from the concubines that the emperor was going to make the general General Ping yuanda,Micro Gear Motor, but.." Brocade ink to speak and stop, eyes full of fear. Du Zhan looked back at her, "but the empress said it's okay, I also do some weighing in my heart!" "I heard that my sister wouldn't let the emperor seal it like this. She was afraid that the general would come to her again for the prince's affairs after he was so powerful!" Jin Mo flinched to say, although the voice is small, but Du Zhan shook. So, behind that bloody fight, everything is so ugly. Before the battle, she was used to killing the enemy, but after the battle, she was afraid of the enemy. What a cruel temptress! He has wasted so many years of forbearance. It turned out that it was all easily calculated by her. The more angry Du Zhan was, the more he laughed out loud. Brocade ink in the side to watch, some fear, afraid of their own unprepared to be hurt by him again. What a Dou Yi room! Your stratagem is so deep! Thinking of this, he groped out the Ganoderma lucidum jade pendant from his bosom, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, and under the flow of greenery, a sad smile appeared on his lips. Is this also her means? Use Lingxi to contain yourself? Is she paving the way for herself? It's a pity that the road is broken! Du Zhan threw the jade pendant on the ground with a snap. He kicked his eyes ferociously and said, "Don't say any more, madam. If there's any need for Du Zhan, I'll tell him. As long as he can deal with that temptress, I'll accompany him all the way!" Du Zhan's undulating chest gave Jin Mo the best answer. He was angry, and it was good to be angry! When I think things over, I will give the general an answer, but. Jin Mo looked back at the jade pendant on the ground and smiled. "It's just that the general's intention is clear to the concubines. The concubines swear that they will keep Lingxi safe when they are abolished." Du Zhan smiled coldly and said, "It's good that the empress remembers. I also want to ask the empress a question. Is the empress Lady Lian of Emperor Hui?" Brocade Mo paused for a moment, with an unnatural smile on his face. "Of course not. If so, how can you walk out of the Han Palace alive?" Du Zhan looked at the face of brocade ink, fixed to look at, a long time before laughing out. Under the dust, Du Zhan gazed at the woman in front of him. She was the queen, but she was also the one he had spent his whole life doubting. Last night's fighting has not yet slowed down the spirit, Du Zhan's eyes are still with hostility. He hated himself, hated why he suddenly raised a lot of reluctance at that time! Just the deepest thought in my heart is that she must be rescued from the sea of suffering, and at this time, Lingxi is being imprisoned in the Chen family, everything is for this woman. The gray morning light makes people dim and difficult to distinguish. What on earth are you thinking? In a trance, he even began to be at a loss. Her identity is unknown, she is a spy from the Han Palace, she just returned to the palace may be for the dying Lv Shi to pass on the information of the country, she is even the murderer who killed Xi'er. Too much, so much that slowly Du Zhan began to get angry, and the anger rose so quickly that he even had to suppress himself in order not to draw his sword and slay the woman again. Suddenly, she showed a smile, which, though cool, penetrated the misty mist. Without waiting for Du Zhan to speak, she had already turned around and walked in the same direction as before. The weak body of a crooked walk is with unprecedented fortitude. She had promised him that she would exchange Lingxi's life. However, Du Zhan's eyes involuntarily looked at her scarred feet, red and purple, was so terrible. Clenched his teeth, brandished his sword, cut off two pieces of blue cloth in front of him, raised his hand, Du Zhan stopped her, her cold, angry eyes, but let Du Zhan's heart suddenly move. Silently handed over the broken cloth, but it was the purest heart-just to make her less painful. She dropped dust tears, Du Zhan also saw, but can not do anything else, she,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, is his life difficult to trust people, from the first sight he knew, she is not simple! Strong wine is an intoxicating medicine. You can forget a lot of things after drinking it. Du Zhan knows this very well. ichgearmotor.com


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