The big devil

"Well, you can talk for a while. I'm going to deal with the transfer of the family immediately

"Well, you can talk for a while. I'm going to deal with the transfer of the family immediately and try to transfer the family's power to Brett City in a short time.". Oh, you may need to trouble a good son-in-law at that time. After all, you are the Lord of Bretl City, and your power can also make us leave the Cassie Empire safely and quickly. Without waiting for Sophie to organize the language, Suro dropped the weight bomb again. That's nature, that's nature. Han Shuo smiled very modestly and was happy to get a paladin for no reason. As for what would happen later, Han Shuo didn't care for the time being. Anyway, he cheated the paladin Suro to Bretel City first. Once the Suro family arrived in Bretel City, even if the facts were exposed, Han Shuo believed that it was not easy for them to leave. Suro seemed to be very satisfied with Han Shuo, walked up to Han Shuo with a smile, patted Han Shuo on the shoulder, nodded, as if he had put down a big stone in his heart, and walked out with a lot of ease than when he came. It seemed that he was really going to arrange to leave the Cassie Empire. Sophie was going to stop Suro for a good explanation, but was stopped by Han Shuo's desperate wink. When Suro walked away, Sophie immediately put her hands on her hips and stared round like a little hen who was going to fight. She said angrily, "Brian,large inflatable water slide, you bastard, what do you mean by doing this?" Spreading out his hands, Han Shuo said with a smile, "I'm also thinking about you and your family. If I don't say so, will your father go to Breton City so smoothly?" Han Shuo looks like I'm all for you, and he looks innocent. Sophie, who had planned to ask Han Shuo for punishment,Inflatable dry slide, suddenly froze when she heard Han Shuo say so. Sophie was also a wise man. She just thought about it and knew that what Han Shuo said was quite reasonable. However, when Sophie remembered that Han Shuo used this kind of thing as an excuse to persuade her father, she looked at Han Shuo's smiling appearance and always felt angry. She still rushed to Han Shuo angrily and shouted: "You can't make fun of this kind of thing. I have to teach you a lesson!" Volume V Chapter 506 the power of the little skeleton. Sophie which is Han Shuo's opponent, she rushed over angrily, Han Shuo just looked at her with a smile, did not fight back, with the chest to bear Sophie's hammer, with a smile and a few cries of pain. Sophie's tender little hand hammered on the body, Han Shuo not only did not feel any pain, but felt very comfortable. Although Sophie bared her teeth and brandished her claws to rush over, she was still very measured when she really started, and naturally there would be no damage to Han Shuo's strength to the point of perversion. Hit half ring, Sophie finally found herself doing all the useless work, looking at Han Shuo that hateful face, Inflatable outdoor park ,inflatable floating water park, there is fire also do not know how to send, just mercilessly stare at Han Shuo a few eyes. All right, all right! Han Shuo comforted him and said with a smile, "I am also reassuring your father. Only in this way can he go to Bretl City without scruple. When he arrives at Bretl City, you can communicate with him well. At that time, even if he complains, nothing will happen." Sophie and Han Shuo played for a while, and their worries were released. After thinking about it, they could not help saying, "There are still some people in our family. It is still difficult for them to go to Brett City unconsciously.". Fortunately, the Cassie Empire is in a mess these days because of you. My father has absolute authority in the family because he is a paladin. With a little more time, there should be no trouble. "Well, you'd better move your men as soon as possible while Braque has no time to take care of you these days.". I will communicate with the people on my side, and there should be no problem. Han Shuodao. By the way, what happened that day? Why did the Temple of Ice and Snow suddenly issue an order to the Goddess of Ice and Snow to summon all the bishops from all regions of the Cassie Empire to return to the Ice Peak of the Snow Land? Sophie frowned, thinking of the unusual temple of ice and snow these days, and asked Han Shuodao. The death of the ice God Cory must have been suppressed by the temple of ice and snow, otherwise it would have an immeasurable impact on the temple of ice and snow and the Cassie Empire. The reason why Tiana issued the order of the goddess of ice and snow and summoned the bishops of various regions to the main peak of the snow region was obviously to concentrate her strength. Nothing. I guess it's to deal with us. Han Shuo answered casually. Anyway. Sophie is a citizen of the Cassie Empire, and she should have some affection for the Temple of Ice and Snow. If she knew that Han Shuo had driven Cory, one of the supreme leaders of the Temple of Ice and Snow, to death. I don't know what to think! "Oh.". That's right. Sophie looked at Han Shuo with a complicated expression and suddenly sighed, "I am from the Cassie Empire. If I leave like this, I may never come back. Well, anyway, I still hope you don't hurt the ordinary people of the Cassie Empire." Don't worry, I won't attack ordinary people. Uh. I arranged to leave the Cassie Empire today. The next time we meet, if nothing else, we should be in Breton City. Han Shuo looked at Sophie and opened his mouth. Are you leaving today? So soon? When Sophie heard Han Shuo say this, she suddenly felt a little reluctant to give up, and her tone was a little low. Yeah, but before I leave, I'll make some arrangements. With my orders, it will be easier for your family to leave the Cassie Empire. In addition. Recently, the city of Breton and the seven principalities are at war, and I also look at the movement over there. Han Shuodao. Parting is always a little sad, in order to prevent Sophie's mood from continuing to be depressed, Han Shuo grinned and said, "Well, I'll leave first. It's estimated that before long, we can meet in Brett City.". Well, say hello to your father for me. Say that our city of Breton will open its gates to welcome you. Don't wait for Sofido to say anything. Han Shuo left smartly, under Sophie's gaze. Into a light shadow quickly disappeared. After leaving from Sophie here, Han Shuo came to the Cassie Empire dark curtain stronghold,Inflatable indoor park, and communicated with the person in charge of the dark curtain here, through them first sent their message to the dark curtain stronghold of Bretel City, and told them to contact Suro to help the Suro family go to Bretel City.


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